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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tansan Magic Sparkling MoistCharge Review

Barely getting enough rest is definitely one of the main factors for breakouts and slow healing that's one of the reasons why people always stress that one must get enough rest in order to properly recover but trust me as a mom there's no such thing as "enough rest" in fact that word seems so SCARED right now lol.
So don't be shocked when i greet you with massive breakouts, huge eyebags and bloodshot eyes in events pfftt..it's a normal sight for me liao.
My breakouts was actually quite manageable throughout my pregnancy which i am quite lucky as i heard some had a 360 degree breakouts from being clear skin their entire life and all those changed overnight due to the hormonal changes in the body @_@ 

Mine adapted well to the changes, but it did left some scars and my skin was looking rather dull right after i gave birth because i totally skipped my entire skincare regime as my well being has been pushed secondary already, baby comes first but i needed a solution for my skin problem or else it would be difficult for me to hide all those flaws :(

Flawless base makes it easier to put on make up and you can avoid wearing thick foundations too!
So far been using only BB cushions and only use my foundation for photoshoots.

So i decided to give Tansan Magic's latest moisturizer a try and the results have been quite promising so far!
Those of you who follow me on my blog/ Facebook or Instagram would know i am a big fan of this Japanese multipurpose beauty brand called Tansan Magic and from my own experience it's been really good so far and for someone like me who have sensitive skin (if wrong product can immediately breakout) it didn't give me any problems. It's like my holy grail for skin and haircare right now, though the price might be slightly above average (imported stuff ma, also currency conversion) but the visible results makes it worthwhile!

Photos taken without filter within the span of 10-14 days weeks.
Much more smooth and less dull.

Tansan Magic is more well known for their spa foam as that's their no.1 bestseller which i also can't live without especially when my scalp and face needs a deep cleanse, i'll just put this on for 5-10 minutes and immediately feel so refreshed. Glad to know they are expanding their product line offering more to customers with different needs.
For the Sparkling MoistCharge it's not like you average moisturizer as it does not come in liquid form, it's like a fizzy spray that absorbs into your skin almost immediately so right after you press it unto your palm, make sure to quickly apply it on your face before your hands complete absorb it lol. You can check out their video how to properly use the product for optimal usage, it has English & Japanese subtitles on it so no worries!

If you guys would like to purchase any of Tansan Magic products you may do so by dropping them a PM on their Facebook page.
They provide courier services throughout West and East Malaysia.
And specially for my faithful followers and readers, when you quote my name "ARISA", you are entitled for 10% off your purchase (one time use only).

For more details about Tansan Magic, follow them on their Facebook: Tansan Magic Japan- Malaysia


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  1. The review sounds wonderful! I love the photo and post, You look amazing as always!


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