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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Pablo Uji Matcha Cheese Tart (New Release!)

I ain't no foodie blogger but anything Japan related you'll find it in my blog ;)

Everytime when i feel sad because i am missing the food in Japan (especially desserts), i'll try to curb my cravings by visiting the nearest local Japanese dessert store to get my fix but it can't be any random ones as i have very particular tastebuds. It's true when people say once you have tasted the real stuff, the same food served locally can't be tasted the same way anymore haha, sorta like your tastebuds "upgraded" while being in Japan XD

But so far Pablo Malaysia's tarts are almost on par with the ones served in Japan as their ingredients are directly imported from there, just assembled here. For those of you with extremely sharp tastebuds would notice the slight difference of the one served here but overall they still try to stay as true as possible to the original tarts. And thank you Pablo Malaysia for inviting us over to try out your newest released Uji Match Cheese Tart with shiratama and azuki filling which is a perfect traditional combination made in heaven!

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Also if you are new to this foreign cheesiness then please do head to my previous Pablo blogpost HERE.

Spot the Shiratama and azuki!

Not everyone can stomach azuki or matcha, but if you love both like me then definitely this would hit the spot especially when you are having those monthly food cravings that needs to be satisfied or else you'll just be hangry (hungry + angry) for the rest of the week lol.

Made from Uji Matcha which is Kyoto's specialty for the range of green teas offered throughout Japan, theirs can easily taste the slight hint of bitterness but complimented with the sweetness from the azuki beans within each bite of this cheesy goodness, and a cute little surprise that comes along with it is the randomly distributed shiratama (dango) within the tart itself, so slowly try to fish them out if you really want to eat the shiratama la :P
This Uji matcha flavor is considered a seasonal addition to the pablo cheesetart family but i am honestly not sure how long it would be around but i do hope it's long term so i can have them anytime since i live pretty darn near Pablo, One Utama haha! 

My review on their matcha range would probably leave you guys rather confused like my tongue but here's my insights anyways lol.

Giant Tart (RM49.90)
The creamy cheesy slight bitter tart is definitely a unique combination as you rarely get any cheese and green tea combination elsewhere but do take note that one bite is definitely enough to make your tongue feel overwhelmed from the taste lol but it gets better once you have adjusted to it and its rich taste is something you gotta go easy on and this is the first time i didn't go more than 1 slice because the default tart i can easily eat 2-3 slices without a problem. Somehow i personally feel the creamy filling of this tart seems thicker.

Soft Serve (RM11.90)
Perfect beyond any doubt, can never go wrong with this one! The sweetness is balanced and leaves a slight bitter aftertaste from the uji matcha flavoring.

Matcha With Shiratama Frute (RM15.90)
This is tad wee bit more sweet than the soft serve as both the base and the cream is already sweet on its own. You'll find some enjoyable green tea jelly bits at the bottom of the cup that would leave you wanting more! 

Sabrel Cheese Matcha (RM36.90- 9pcs)
I prefer the original cheese flavor sabrel over the matcha as i can't seem to digest this cookie combination lol, the taste of cheese is super faint so you'll find this cookie more of a bitter+sweet (from the matcha) smooth biscuit that melts in your mouth.

Matcha Soft serve and Matcha with shiratama frute served with azuki cream on top.

If you can't get enough of the matcha craziness, you can go crazy on their Sabrel (cookie), soft serves and frute ( but trust me when i say you'll get into a matcha overdose coma if you have all these 3 at once haha. Go easy on your match cravings k?

The official release date for this flavor starts on 11th January 2017, so you can mark it down on your calenders to grab the giant matcha tart! As all ingredients and products are imported from Japan, do expect limited quantities served daily. 
The default size tart (giant) is priced at RM49.90 and at the moment there's no news of this flavor being made into mini pablo tarts yet but there will be something big going on for Valentine's day so stalk my blog for updates! :)

My first time trying the chocolate one, the chocolate taste isn't that strong and it has more cream cheese taste compared to the chocolate. Ratio of cheese to chocolate is 8 : 2

That's all for my short update for this week, gotta hustle since tons of stuff piling up on my plate right now that needs to be cleared >.<
Writing this post just reminded me that i have yet to post about my travels to Kyoto from 2 years ago (damn how time flies), so do expect a long soppy travel post from me soon featuring typical tourist places like Inari Fushimi Taisha and also the horrible fight that caused a strain in my previous relationship. Thinking back about it, how childish and stupid we both were lel :-/

Disclaimer: Photos are taken with Canon EOSM10

Missing Japan Dearly,

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