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IKEA | Atelier [CNY edition]

Ever wondered how i actually do my work in my studio before and after a baby around? Guess not, as i am rather ashamed to even snap a photo of this messy junkyard i call my "atelier" lol, so don't expect it to look like George's atelier from Paradise Kiss XD

Probably one day when i can afford a place with actual rooms to separate my bedroom, work station and lil parasite's room la. For now it's making do with what i have which is 450sft of space.
How did you find my previous makeover for lil parasite's place? Got tons of positive response from my readers on facebook and was wondering if i should start offering freelance budget room makeover services haha! XD
Before you guys ask, no it's still not open for CNY visiting because i paiseh about my place not living up to expectations lel. lemme tweak abit more first k? For now you can at least you can "virtually visit" it here on my blog lol.

You'll be served delicious plump and sweet mandarin oranges but no angpaos :P
Only kids get's em (angpao).

Not open for visitation doesn't mean i don't have to make it look "ong" lol, first time in my entire life i am actually decorating it for CNY! Someone please light up the fireworks and fake claps from sitcoms haha, totally a milestone since my own family also don't decorate the house at all except for Christmas. Taking some small stuff like this beautiful  cherry blossom plate to serve my oranges, trying to test my (konon) "artistic" skills on their limited edition angapos (but failed) and hey it still looks festive in a way la :P
There's actually more stuff from the LYCKSALIG collection which i am tempted to buy them all but gotta control myself to not get too many tableware stuff since i am the only person using it as lil parasite has a couple more years before she'll be able to eat out of a ceramic bowl.

This clean photo is a lieeee, once i start the machine, hell breaks loose (cloth remnants everywhere) lol but let's enjoy this short span of cleanliness shall we?
Oh in case you are wondering where i got the wall deco from, it's actually tissue from the LYCKSALIG collection  :)

Finally i get to have a proper workplace of my own with an actual table (check out LINMON series, it's budget friendly) and chair instead of the floor lol, really needed this because my backache is getting really bad from the time of giving birth and the constant bending strain. Thank you guys (you know who you are)!
I love rearranging stuff, seeing how i can make my life easier and more efficient but at the same time making it budget friendly too. Personally it took alot of planning in terms of layout and budgeting to make my entire studio into a more livable environment for both the baby and i lol. Something that neither of us can outgrow but recycle its usage for years to come.

Yes, i caved in to getting this ALGOT series, but gotta say this investment is well worth it as i can store my entire fabric collection + my clothes.

FÖRVAR jar to store my sharp variety of scissors

Never did i see myself becoming a "practical" home decor at all but when you are a mom, getting the place neat as possible at the same time baby proofing it can come as a challenge as looks vs practicality. Gotta stay in between as looks doesn't always mean optimized functionality, i do wish for my studio to looks like one of those instagram worthy homes but despite the amount of stuff cleared out and arrangement made, gotta accept the fact that my place will always look cramped with stuff lel. I swear that i've donated like 4-5 boxes of stuff to charity, threw another 4-5 boxes (large ones) away but still end up looking like i have tons of stuff. Can someone share with me Mary poppin's magic to stuff everything out of sight in a magical bag please lol, im serious here!

TADAAAA~ My humble tiny Atelier (corner)

Wasn't kidding when i said i did hoard alot of fabrics ._.
Need to stop buying and start using them! Will probably upgrade this section in the future.
Try to spot how many IKEA items you can find in this photo lol, list them out on the comment section and you'll get an IKEA prize from me :)

But i did try my best to ensure that none of my working tools are at a toddler's reach (lil parasite started crawling dy, god please help me!) as a fashion designer, it's a common sight to see all my scissors, fabric all over the floor which pose as an immediate hazard to babies, one can poke while the other can suffocate if get tangled in accidentally. Thinking of all the potential risks just leaves me with one solution- boxing everything up and put them on shelves where lil parasite can't reach until she's about 150-200cm tall lol.

Think right now my house consists of 70% SKUBB boxes as my storage solution because the size fit is just perfect on my new , everything out of sight and i don't have to use those moving boxes to store my stuff in anymore. Easier to access to the tools i need too instead of having to open up boxes after boxes just to look for 1 item and not forgetting how affordable it is, 3 boxes for only RM39.90 :D
They do have the longer one but my shelf is short on the width part or else i would have taken that too, probably those with deep cupboards or shelves would find this useful.

Using HEJNE shelves to keep everything off the floor

Labeling them also helps alot too!
For stuff like papers, documents, magazines, i prefer to store them in PAPPIS as i can easily send the entire box for recycling once it's full and filtered through, plastic bags are rather sacred these days due to the new no plastic bag rule but take it from this perspective that using boxes is also a great way to be environment friendly as it either can be reuse or recycled, bonus is that your paper storage section doesn't look like a garbage pile (plastic bags somewhat make everything look like trash lol).

Hope you guys found this post interesting and useful on how i hide/ arrange my home, if it weren't for the shelves and boxes, it would still look like this dumpster (you can watch the video here).

KAMRATLIG makes a very good curtain holder to my ALVINE SPETS lol

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by IKEA, however creative content is made by arisachow.com



  1. Gotcha! Back for your post on your workstation =D Looks simple and minimalise, importantly it keeps the touch of your lil parasite too!! Lemme guess, is there 4 Ikea Items in your workstation? Hopes I can get right!

  2. that was fast! you are so close, count again babe :) slightly abit more

  3. wow...i love your deco!!! Look so nice!!

  4. Six items? The tissue decor from lycksalig, the Linmon table and chair, Two algot drawers and the forvar jar for your scissors! The round jar is a tough one to spot :p I use the same jar to keep my cookies air tight too!

    1. Ooh make that seven! Just spotted the magnetic spice rack storage thingy behind your sewing machine :)

    2. And the black storage box at the bottom of your table. 😂 Kept having to zoom in and out to make sure I haven't missed anything hahaha! Great decor wished my table was this neat :(

    3. Sorry for the spam! So excited! 8 items in total including the skubb box :)

  5. I love all the stuff from IKEA, everytime i go there sure back with lots of shopping.

  6. The tissue decor from lycksalig, the linnmon table, adde chair, algot drawers, the forvar jar, skubb box.... 6 I think... hehehe...

  7. Your workplace is so inspiring! If I had a space like that I think I'd be able to be productive for hours, lost in my little world.. haha

  8. Melissa & Miera: wow you girls are sure sharp! LOL have to do a lucky draw already at this point

    Eris: i wish i could be as productive as i want to be but can't with a baby around now.

  9. I recognise 6 IKEA stuff at your workstation too! Lol. I'm jealous la, my workplace flooded with paperwork, no matter what sure spread out so I can see what is what. Then the stationeries, confirm some go missing, either I misplace or people borrow without asking. Half irritated to tie them down like the ones at some shops. Lol.

  10. Haha, i can understand that frustration all too well since my table was like that once! But this year i am trying to be more organized so i don't fantoi over my own carelessness but we'll see how long this lasts la XD

  11. Love how you make your things so organised and tidy dear.

  12. I love your creative way of putting your things in order. Ikea furnitures did helps a lot.

  13. I wish we have IKEA here in Manila. I've heard that they have many organizing wares and I cant wait to grab it. Your working area looks cute, especially those fabric racks.

  14. Beautiful setup of things! I loved the arrangement and the CNY feel it has.

  15. That is such a nice Creative corner for the work that you do! I love IKEA for their storage ideas and I definitely need to get started on my spring cleaning!

  16. Love your work station, clean and neat, time to do my own spring cleaning liao :)

  17. 8? I really admire you la...should give me some tips how to keep clean and tidy.

  18. I have never shopped at IKEA before honestly. But then it's a real good place to explore especially for storage cases hehe

  19. I have been shopping at IKEA like no tomorrow as of late and I know how long it takes to get everything so organized too. You did a splendid job- thumbs up!

  20. Love the post! I think there are 10 items ;)


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