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Breastfeeding friendly malls in Klang Valley

We need breastfeeding rooms more than ever since many mothers are now choosing to breastfeed their child compared to many years ago. We are much more educated on the benefits of  breastfeeding, easier access to lactation consultants and seminars thanks to the power of social media but however breastfeeding in public has proven to be a challenge worldwide because of a percentage of close minded people who take offence to a baby drinking from a mother's breast.
They find it "offensive" and the most we can do is to wear our breastfeeding capes during each feed, but i do hope one day we are able to freely feed our children anytime anywhere like how we adults eat openly as well and why shouldn't babies be treated the same way.

Due to my previous work nature i spend alot of time in malls all around klang valley so that's how i went about surveying.
It's nice to see that some malls are putting in more effort to provide designated rooms for a mother to feed her baby privately especially when the child refuses to be covered by a cloth and logically if i ask you to wear a cloth over your head while you eat, you too would find it hot and uncomfortable beneath it.
Previously there were only a handful of shopping malls that have these facilities in Klang Valley, but in other countries like Japan it's pretty common, you can even find mall baby strollers provided in places like Isetan and ToysRus.

But who knows in a couple more years we'll have these as well but the breastfeeding room is a good start, and for now i'll just compile a list so that mothers can easily look up this post next time when they need to find a BF room in a mall.
You'll be surprised how not many know about it and it's often re-asked in the mom groups by various mothers (old & new who joins the group).
Though the photos aren't nicely and professionally taken because all i had with me was my phone but as long you guys understand the picture, that's good enough ba. Also it's hard to take photos without getting any weird stares by passer-bys lol though the feeding rooms are unoccupied.

1. Paradigm Mall
This one is relatively new as i have not seen this before that but it's rather hidden next to the female toilet at LG floor where Tesco is (near Kwik cut & MBG).

2. The Curve (Kid's area)
Located next to Mothercare this room can get quite crowded during weekends, so that's why i haven't managed to take a photo of the inside facilities yet.

  • There is another one located behind TGIF which has more cubicles and a tv room/ waiting area for kids and fathers. There's also a booth where a lady security guard sits. (info by Xaviera Cheryl Riji)
*photos to be updated soon

3. One Utama Shopping Mall

They have both in Old wing (towards Aeon area) and new wing BF rooms are near the toilets facing towards the oval. Somehow the ones in the old wing is slightly more bigger than the ones in the new wing and apparently One world hotel (next door) doesn't have a breastfeeding room within their vicinity, so the nearest is to use the one in One utama old ing.
Isn't exactly the cleanest BF rooms around but at least there is some privacy but honestly it's not enough especially when there are so many mothers who needs to use it for various reasons like changing diapers, breastfeed or pump.
Whenever someone uses it and locks the door, you are left with no choice but to hunt for another one
New Wing

Old Wing

- UPDATED (23/5)-

Under One Utama's roof there are also a few other places that provides nursing areas like:

a) Aeon Level 2 - Children's dept (cubicle with power source)
b) Isetan Level 2- Children's dept (cubicle with no power source)
c) Parkson Level 1 - Children's dept (cubicle with power source)- New Wing

Info credit to: Jia Shin & Tracy Chan

4. IKEA (Ikano power center)

They have a very cheerful looking room that's comfortable and clean

5. Jaya One

One of my favorite BF mall, even when i was pregnant i would go inside here to rest abit first before heading out again. At least they have a few nappy changing stations for mothers to change at the same time without having to queue and it's even dad friendly.

6. Atria Shopping Gallery

One of the newest malls around that has made itself a mom & baby friendly place with the provided breastfeeding rooms near each toilet and even a baby lounge area for parents who needs to tend to their children's other "business"

A spacious room on the 3rd floor

Breastfeeding rooms near the toilets

7. Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

Not the best but better than nothing, as this is located inside the women's toilet.

Another kid friendly mall with tons of baby/ mother stores and there's even an indoor playroom area for older children that's attached to a cafe. It's just that the breastfeeding room is located on the 1st floor, couldn't find any on the UG & G floor (please do correct me if i am wrong).

9. Sunway Pyramid - UPDATED (24/5)-
Recently upgraded baby room that is now much more spacious and clean
Contributed by Selene Ng  & Jessie Wong

10. Starling mall, Damansara Uptown - UPDATED (24/5)-

Located next to Skechers (G floor) There are 2 BF rooms and diaper changing area.
Baby friendly soap, sanitizer n lotion also provided courtesy of Pureen.
Info contributed by Adrina Choy & Aden

11. Bangsar Village (more details to be updated)

12. The Gardens Mall  (more details to be updated)  - UPDATED (24/5)-
Inside Gardens, Isetan (kids floor)  there is a cozy large area for breastfeeding and diaper changing in
Info contributed by Ann Chin

13. Subang Parade - UPDATED (24/5)-

Has 2 BF rooms, one located next to the surau & another inside Parkson (both top floor)
Info contributed by Eida

KLIA2 (old LCCT)
I was kinda pissed back then that i couldn't find any nearby breastfeeding room in KLIA or there was but it was far to walk to especially with a hungry fussy baby at hand but i am glad that KLIA2 is at least well equipped with one.

Also a word of advice to all mothers who are using these rooms, it's a public space meant for everyone so please clean up after yourself, it's really disappointing to see used smelly diapers not discarded properly into the bin provided or sink filled with used tissue paper.
Though it's the cleaner's job to keep it clean but as a civilized adult (we don't want our children to learn the bad habits from us no?) though it's disgusting having to deal with pooped diapers, and it never gets easier no matter how many times we do it so please spare other mothers the stench of your baby's soiled diapers by properly wrapping and throwing it in the bin. If it's full there's always the women toilet bin next door, don't ever put it on top of the bin lids.

It would be great if the malls can provide the feeding room with step lid bins (like the ones found in hospitals) rather than open mouth ones or those we have to use our hands to push in order to minimize bacteria exposure/ transfer. It's a trash bin in a small enclosed room we are talking about.
If you are part of the mall management team, please do take this into consideration and behalf of all mothers we are thankful and grateful for these kind of small thoughtful changes.

Some of the places above are open to fathers who are doing their parent responsibilities of changing their child's diapers or taking turns to feed so it's best for other mothers to respect that as well instead of making a riot over men in the breastfeeding rooms. Of course at the same time, if a mother who needs to bare her breast to feed her child, it's best for fathers to quickly excuse themselves so that they can have their privacy.
These are public spaces so it's best for us to learn how to compromise rather than discriminate the other gender who so happens to be a parent just like the rest of us and in need of the facilities as well. If you want to make it your entitlement to hog the breastfeeding rooms, i would suggest you save that behaviour for home and think of others first :)

Note: This blogpost is to be updated from time to time, so if you have any info that you would like to contribute to this blogpost please feel free to email me the pictures and details (location) at arisa1443@gmail.com, will post it here and credit back to you.



  1. There's a few more you can add in. Bangsar Village, Isetan and Jusco provides baby room as well.

  2. 1 utama has one in highstreet 2nd floor, really clean and has 4 individual bf room, which gives mum the privacy to bf. Also has a tv in the front for toddlers and dads to hang out. I don't have pic but will email you if I remember to take.

  3. Sure thing and thank you so much Cassie, will check it out this weekend! :)

  4. Sunway Pyramid has one next to Skechers. Can't remember which floor, but it's the side where all the sports shops are. There are 2 bf rooms and diaper changing area. Baby friendly soap, sanitizer n lotion also provided courtesy of Pureen.

    1. Great to hear that thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. Subang parade has two i.e near the surau and inside parkson. Both located on the top floor.

  6. Can I ask is there any breastfeeding room at Jaya Shopping Center, Section 14? TIA.

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  9. Hi. I am coming up with an apps for nursing moms. Appreciate if I could use your info & photos here. Will definitely credit to you. ;)


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