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Bare Nuhcessities Review

It's a new year and this is my 1st blog entry of the year! Yay!!
Here is something for you moms (and dads) out there is you are looking at this brand at your nearest pharmacy shelves wondering if you should pick it up or not. It is very normal for us to doubt any new baby brands out there because we want to make sure our baby gets the best and risking them is out of the questions especially when there are so many sketchy self proclaimed brands popping out like mushrooms after a rain shower these days. One can never be too careful.

This is actually a product i received a couple of months back before i delivered lil penguin, so i couldn't use it on her till recently lol. It was actually introduced to me by a friend of mine (who's also the founder & a mom as well) of this brand, she gave quite an impressive in depth explanation about the brand, how it was founded, their main aim is to provide an effective natural solution for children (adults too!) out there with sensitive skin. I know the word "all natural" has constantly been used to bait unsuspecting desperate parents who would do anything to ease their children's discomforts. 

As a mother myself i know how excruciating it can be just watching your child wail the house down despite all efforts. Usually if it's skin related like rashes, a brief trip to the paed you'll be sent home with some medicated creams which usually contains steroids. We all know that it may be a quick and effective solution but like laxative, it's one of those things that should be used sparingly or only when needed as last resort. I'm no doctor and i'm not dismissing medication solutions, if needed for extreme cases please seek advice from a professional. Do not, i repeat do not attempt to self medicated especially on a child/ baby. 

Bare Nuhcessities is actually a home grown brand (proudly made in Malaysia!) and alot of thought and research has been put into creating their products ensuring it's 100% safe for babies and children by achieving an EWG Green label. A product that goes back to basics eliminating all those unnecessary chemicals (that even a chemistry student like me can't recall their fancy names) and transparent with what is being used in each bottle/ tube that's been put on the shelf. 

Just because it's a local brand doesn't mean the quality is "bad" or not up to "global standards" like those international brands we are often brainwashed with. To be honest, the packaging design alone is already quiet impressive. One would never suspect it's made in Malaysia lol because somehow our packaging always tend to look "tacky" (don't blame the designers, they are just following orders lol) but for Bare Nuhcessities 's it's well done; simple yet attractive and has all the necessary information stated clearly at the back of the box such as ingredients, introduction, website & expiry period once opened (this logo is very important and tons of brands often failed to state it).

By the way i need to make a disclaimer that this review entry is meant to be my own personal thoughts about the products and how it has performed for my baby's & my skin in general, not selling on their behalf or anything. I believe if a product is good, then it's definitely worth sharing so other may benefit from this review. 

Before using on lil penguin, i'll usually test out the products on myself as i myself have sensitive skin and it shows right away if something doesn't agree with me (rashes will break out or my skin will dry out) lol and pretty much that condition passed on to my daughter as well. It isn't too serious, just minor irritation to certain chemicals especially those that contains SLS.

We have just recently finished our Pigeon baby wash so it was a good opportunity to try out Bare Nuhcessities's Bare Bubbly Baby Wash which surprisingly foamy though doesn't contain SLS! It didn't really irritate my eyes even when i accidentally rubbed my eyes while bathing lil penguin lol, smells great and doesn't leave the skin dry at all despite feeling squeaky clean from all the oily milk vomits. That's a plus point, removing stinky and oily puke smells!

Itch free skin = happy baby

Followed by a session of massaging using Bare Balancing Baby Lotion, this has got to be my all time favorite product next to their Bare Barrier Baby Balm
Previously there was a period when Eva's skin started drying out pretty bad from the cold weather (autumn transitioning to winter) and she kept scratching the bumpy rashes on her face non stop till it bleeds. Could clearly see she was irritated and grumpy from it until i used the lotion on her face as well (usually body only). Overnight (i'm not exaggerating) there was a significant improvement on her skin condition and i continue applying it twice a day for 3 days straight before the rashes cleared off completely!

There was once an incident when she was pooping frequently after every feed and it caused rashes around her bum and the mild cream the doctor gave us wasn't showing any results so we made sure after wiping her butt clean and dry using Bare Natural Dry Wipes (can be used wet or dry!), apply on a layer of lotion and balm before putting on her diapers. 
Sure enough there was improvement and it healed faster too.

Bare Natural Dry Wipes is eco friendly as well!

This lotion works well on my dry hands as well, it absorbs quite fast and doesn't leave the skin feeling oily nor sticky. Seriously one of the most effective lotions I've ever used on Eva and myself, it's high moisturizing content allows the skin to repair itself at a rapid speed. 
Same concept like our normal facial creams, we look younger & healthier when our skin is well hydrated because our skin cells regenerate faster. 
Would highly recommend to have a bottle of this at home for the family, if only they made this at a larger size because at the rate both of us is using, 230ml barely lasts us 1.5 months lol.  
I'm definitely the culprit here because i'm using more than her :-P
Really need to stock up more on this lotion!

As for their Bare Calming Oat Soak, we use this in our family bath tub so all of us can soak together and enjoy silky smooth skin after the session! In Japan it's common for the whole family to soak together and usually for us adults alone we'll use normal bath salts/ bath bombs but with the baby it's not really suitable so this calming oat soak makes a very good alternative. For a normal baby bathtub only one sachet is sufficient, if you are planning to soak in a bigger tub with your baby then best to dump in 2-3 sachets!

Another useful item to have around if you have kids and planning to go out are their Bare Natural Travel Wipes , compressed wipes that doesn't take up much space & weight in your bag. You'll be surprise how much weight and storage space a packet of normal large wet wipes takes up in your bag and not to mention bulky too.
All you need to do is soak it in water (if no sink in sight you can use mineral water, we moms always carry one in our bags lol) and watch it expand into a huge sheet that can be used to wipe hands, face, body, butt, utensils, table, etc. The material is soft yet sturdy enough though it's soaked through so it doesn't tear apart so easily while wiping and not abrasive on the skin.

Looks like a tablet, make sure to be careful when storing so kids won't pop them into their mouth & choke

Add in some water and watch it expand

It's quite a decent size, this is folded into half

The packet of 50 compressed wipes comes with a storage container that reminds me of those smarties candy tube lol, so nostalgic. I saw some moms posting that it keeps kids occupied on trips as well seeing such a small tablet expand into a large wipe with a few drops of water, pretty neat trick! Can try next time when lil penguin is older, just hope she doesn't start trying to expand all 50 tablets at once though; sounds like a recipe for disaster lol.

I use this to wipe her drool when she sleeps lol

You can check out their website for more details: www.barenuhcessities.com
Available online and at selected Watsons pharmacy & baby stores around Malaysia.

Hope this review is helpful!

Yours Truly,

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