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SUDIO NIVA REVIEW + Discount code


Something that I’ve been meaning to get for quite some time now and it was only a matter of time before I click the checkout button on my order. When I first came across these earphone’s brand on some of my friend’s Instagram postings, I was drawn to how simple and clean the design was.

Minimalism is definitely an ongoing trend now, whether it applies to fashion, home making, etc.

Comes with a microUSB charger wire, additional silicon plugs & Charger/ storage container

SUDIO Sweden is a Swedish lifestyle brand that designs premium earphones with studio quality sound and has been quite the hype on media lately. NIVA model is Sudio’s first ever truly wireless collection

Lil penguin recently learned how to grab hold of things, and as a baby she has yet to control her strength (don’t underestimate her size); she goes from pulling my hair and the danna’s to everything within her reach which includes dangling earrings and my earphone wires.

I like to watch my shows, hear music while I nurse or do my work and when I’m outside I can’t just blast them out like how I do at home so earphones are considered important to me whenever I pack my bag.

One thing I dislike about the normal kind of earphones is the long wires that no matter what sort of magic “wire organizer” stuff you get; the wires will forever end up tangled once it goes in your bag/ pouch. Though I’m a super patient person who can sit for hours to remove stitches off delicate fabrics, one thing that makes me flip table immediately is having to untangle wires.

It’s also a good opportunity for me to get back into my workout routine after slacking for a year, don’t have to worry about the pesky wires getting in my way whenever I go for a run or do high intense cardio. Kena so many times, my hands or elbows get caught in between the wires and end up yanking my earphones off my ears and dropping my phone. Ouch my ears & phone.

So I’m glad that I got these pair of pastel pink NIVA truly wireless earphones! 

They are basically little pods, as small as my chocolates!

Looking back, it actually took me quite a while to decide on the colour because white was elegant and sleek while pastel pink as sweet and the exact pink shade reminds me of sakura flowers! SUDIO product goes well with any look so regardless of your style, it will compliment your look like a fashion accessory (a functional one as well).

Claim to last 3.5hours of play time, and it’s store box is also its charging port so you can recharge your earphones anytime and anywhere on the go. The charging storage box allows up to 4 additional full charges making it a total of 17.5 battery life before you start searching for a plug point!

I also did notice that the earphones are actually magnetic which ensures you store the right & left earphones in its proper pod, I found out by accident because I was wondering how come it couldn’t fit in; then I realised I put the right earphone into the left pod, hence the magnet rejected it lol. 

The total size of it fits right on your palm like a compact powder and it’s very light so it doesn’t add much weight to your bag! Though I personally feel the cover of the NIVA casing is rather flimsy and the magnet’s strength is rather mediocre, the earphones however are well made & sturdy.

Coming to the sound quality, it’s super impressive; the bass and overall sound system is so clear that it feels like I’m watching my shows/ hearing my music in HD Speakers just like in the cinema. I’m really wondering how can something so small produce sounds that can easily beat your expensive large speakers. It really gives more depth to sounds you are hearing, reminds me how much I love music and am now able to listen to it everywhere I go.

Can’t wait to take these on my travels! 

Also make sure to not put your volume too loud when you first connect it to your devices, it’s loud enough even at the lowest volume lol. If I were to play directly from my phone or laptop I would need to put it at the highest in order to hear it properly, shows such vast difference.

The manual inside is straight forward; teaches you how to pair it, connect it to your devices (very easy), how to charge and store it. 

This definitely makes a wonderful gift for your love ones, especially since Valentine’s is coming up too! Why not get a meaningful yet useful gift rather than your usual bouquet of flowers and chocolates; you can even get a matching set for yourself as Sudio NIVA comes in 4 colours!
  • White 
  • Black 
  • Paste Pink 
Here is also a special treat for my readers, thanks to Sudio for being so generous to provide a discount code so that you guys can save too! Just key in my code “ARISACHOW” to get 15% off your orders on their website: www.sudio.com 

And in conjunction of Valentine’s day 2019, they are having an exclusive promotion; each purchase comes with a FREE Gift Package and there is additional 10% discount for purchases of two (2) or more earphones! That’s a total of 25% off your orders!* 

* Sudio provides FREE Delivery worldwide (yes, Malaysia & Japan is included as well).

Gifting Ideas! 
Girls definitely love make up & some nice accessories 

Yours Truly,

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