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Lil Penguin | 3rd Month

Really late entry, but luckily I took notes down on her progress in my phone so I don’t have to dig my scrambled memory for it lol, yes I learned from my previous entries. Though I’ve missed 1 week of her 3rd month progress as I was traveling around Kansai for work, I’m still glad I’ve managed to capture the rest of it. It isn’t easy juggling between work and wanting to be there for your child’s milestones but some sacrifices are needed.

Babies really do grow overnight, in a couple of hours to be exact. Went to bath and next thing you know she learnt how to squeal and her finds her ribs ticklish when previously there was no response from that part. That’s fast progress lol. 

Lil penguin celebrated her first Christmas & new year on earth, that alone is a milestone already! 
Recently she shows more interests in songs and learned how to mimic a person’s singing, because we tried to sing to her the Winnie the pooh bear theme song (TV was promoting the movie) and lo! She could repeat after us in her own baby language and definitely pronounced the “pooh” part distinctively except her “p” got drowned with her “oooos”. Tune is on point alright. 

Result of singing during a letdown, get sprayed all over lol

She even tried to sing while waiting for a let-down to kill time. Yes I have a singing baby, my heart can’t take her cute singing!! 

Started reading her with these bilingual colorful flash cards we got from a random bookstore in Tokyo

We started talking to her more frequently whenever she’s awake and the words that comes out of our mouth seem to intrigue her a lot, could see the various types of facial expressions she makes while trying to decipher our “alien language”. She did try to pronounce certain words (unfortunately mama & papa wasn’t part of it *sad*) and so far the clearest was "hello" because we kept repeating it like broken parrots lol

On the dot of her 3rd month she actually slept 8hours straight without her usual night feeds. I know it's abit too early to celebrate yet but it feels like heaven that we finally (me in particular, guy’s nipples are useless) get a good night's sleep lol

That Mohawk of hers seems to be growing non stop, ain't no gravity can stop it now 

Motoring Skills

Her motoring skills definitely improve by leaps and bounds starting with her neck support, she’s able to hold it up without our guidance. Slightly wobbly like your car dashboard’s bobble head figure on an average road ride but she’s definitely getting a hang of it! 

She loves her tummy time though her bobble head movements can look rather frightening that we always think it could drop off her shoulders any minute (babies are seriously scary at this early stage) but she insists on pushing on with whatever she’s doing; ignoring our worried cries. Stubborn sia! 

Lol she did this subconsciously

Started mimicking hand movements or at least try to, like trying to coordinate her fingers and hands together to grip things. It’s funny to just see how much effort she takes to move her hands around while staring really hard at them till her eyebrow scrunches. You aren’t Jean Grey my dear, haha don’t expect to move things around with your mind. 

Her favorite item to grab is the mini size penguin that the danna bought for her Christmas present. Of all the entire penguin plushies we got for her, she settled for that while the rest gets dumped into her cot making it look like a mass penguin grave. 

Thumb sucking over pacifier any day

And what she grabs, goes in her mouth that is why I get so angry when people touches her hands or face (my baby in general) because you never know what kind of bacteria they are carrying unknowingly. Seriously guys, you can admire babies but be mindful because their immune system has yet to be fully established, by being careless you are risking them to all sorts of sickness which can lead to potential death. Babies are cute, we all know that but keep your hands to yourself or carry some hand sanitizer with you if you are going to be nearby one. 

She also showed interests in sitting up towards the end of 3rd month

Sensory Skills

Lil penguin now have a clearer understanding and expressing of emotions such as being upset whenever the Danna teases her by pretending to take my oppai from her and she'll show an upset face and break into tears lol. She knows it's hers, super smart baby and in all honesty we seriously didn’t expect that kind of reaction to come out of a 3 month old baby. It’s too fast!!

On good days (rare like unicorns) she’ll bless us with her cheeky smiles 
I'm guessing her eyesight has gotten better as well as she is turns her head whenever one of us is walking around the house, the scariest part is when she stares at the window when there's nothing there lol. Please don't do that Eva, both mama & papa very chicken ler especially in the middle of the night.

What drives me insane most during this stage is her sucking and pulling out in between to fuss and cry. Offered her both oppai but it’s still the same reaction, there is no winning in this kind of situation and nothing can be done to calm the baby down. Like every effort is futile at this point and for a mom it does drive you up the wall some days. Maybe my flow is too slow for her, wouldn't know because I can't see what's inside, as a result I resorted to giving formula just to make sure she's hydrated and content instead of crying her lungs out. She cries like the world has ended and ends up having a chesty cough and chokes in between her wails, looks super painful but I can’t do much.

What I learned this month is that “oppai doesn’t solve everything”. For those who told me it does, I’m convinced otherwise.

This fussing period goes on for almost a week during certain hours of the day, so I have to drop everything and focus on just bouncing her in my arms. It’s so tiring and other mom friends told me that 4th month tantrums are the worst; I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Thank god some days I can just leave her with the danna while I shut down to recuperate, it really isn’t easy trying to keep up with their growth spurts but we gotta soldier on. Times like this how I wish I wasn’t working because it gets quite stressful when you have to deal with sleepless nights and work deadlines.

Also someone just passed her 100th days milestone on earth! So, now I have to prepare myself for her 4th month milestones and tantrums, God please bless me with the patience.

That’s all for her 3rd month updates, seems everything has been ticked off the checklist!

Next stop will be her first trip to Malaysia!
That's just 1 week worth of HER clothes

Yours Truly,

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