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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Yokohama Family Friendly Guide- PART 2

Those red stuff ain't flower petals, it's fishes by the way lol

Welcome back to the 2nd part of my blogpost! Hope you guys enjoyed the previous entry and now time to take note of the other half of my 3 days 2 nights itinerary in Yokohama.
Traveling with children can be a feat especially when you also have adults in the group because different points of interests but in Yokohama city, it was proven otherwise because an adult such as myself do enjoy these activities and it isn't strenuous as well.
I know many travelers like to cramp in as much as possible in a single trip, but when it comes to Japan, the most i would recommend doing in a day is 3-4 places max including the traveling time from one place to another.

No point rushing all over and tiring yourself out during a holiday because you are just gonna go back home even more tired compared to before the trip lol.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

The bridge leading into the aquarium 

Next morning we took a cab to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, it was roughly a 25 mins ride from Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. You can also take the train from Sakuragicho station (walking distance from the hotel) with 1 exchange in between, but that would take almost an hour to reach. If you are traveling with kids and elderly people or large group, best to get QUEEN HIRE sightseeing cab! Seriously spacious, fits up to 9 people and they even provide free private WiFi onboard!

 Our friendly driver-san!

The best part of the cab for me was the charging port beside each seat lol, apparently my phone charger wasn’t working the night before so I woke up to 10% battery juice, a total panic for me as I needed to work & take pictures during the trip; luckily I could charge abit in the cab while getting from location to another.

Ticket that covers all 4 areas of Sea Paradise, unfortunately we didn't have time to cover all areas

Okay OOT again lol back to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, think this is the best spot for me out of my entire Yokohama trip because it such a beautiful aquarium with so many sea creatures & animals! Located near the sea (if you come early enough, you can catch the sunrise) it has a connecting theme park next to the aquarium too. Compared to the aquarium next to my place in Kyoto, this one easily won liao no need to even debate lol.

Complete penguin guide lol

Wasn't kidding about their round belly size

If only i could hug you guys!!

It’s thanks to this place, I could finally see a real life polar bear, walrus (it’s humongous!) and other animals that I never thought would get to see with my very own eyes. It’s such a surreal experience being surrounded with them like I was walking on the ocean bed with the ocean above me. And I can’t get over how fat & round their penguins are haha, the penguins I usually see are pretty slim but I guess they are well fed & content here. Majority of them are literally floating on the water surface instead of swimming, reminds me of balloons. Never knew it was even possible for a penguin to be that fat lol.

If you check the schedule they have some performance lined up at the open arena, make sure to catch that and trust me you won’t regret it!

The Arena

First time seeing a Beluga Whale (シロイルカ), and they are so playful!

Yep, that's a walrus doing a "arama/ alamak" pose lol

Theme park next to the aquarium, would be fun to play especially during summer

The aquarium is actually popular for their semi outdoor all you can eat seafood BBQ buffet within 90mins, but because it was too cold we skipped that and tried one of the indoor cafeterias. Food was decent, portion was definitely generous though I requested for half portion rice.

You guys should try the deep fried Aji (Japanese horse mackerel) lunch set, it’s super yummy paired with tartar sauce.

So huge!

Spotted outside one of the souvenir stores, so cute!!
#ArisaTips: Don't spend all your money in one shop, there are a few souvenir stores around the aquarium grounds. Take your time to check out all the variety before splurging. 

Yokohama Sankeien Garden (横浜 三溪園)

Pinjam these 2 leng luis as models for my photo lol

If you come to Japan and garden visiting isn’t part of your itinerary, you have committed a serious crime here. Just kidding!! But no seriously.

Japan is known to have the most beautiful gardens in the world (to me at least but I’m pretty sure other Japan lovers would vouch the same) as each of them are carefully designed with such empathy. Just taking a stroll here will somehow give you a sense of inner peace and thankfulness; it also provides a break from the usual hustle bustle of our city lives.

What makes Yokohama Sankeien Garden different from other gardens in Japan? It’s not listed as one of the top 3 most beautiful garden but the history of it first begun shows the beauty in humanity, it started with a wealthy & generous silk trader named Tomitaro Hara.

He created this garden to share about the historic importance of Kyoto & Kamakura, it includes having actual relics brought over and displayed till today. The garden was opened to public in 1906, destroyed and restored after world war 2. So what you see today has been around henceforth, and as a Kyoto local it definitely feels like home around here lol.

#ArisaTips: So if you don’t have time to drop by Kyoto during your visit, the next closest thing you can do to experience it is by visiting Sankeien Garden!

Tea Ceremony 

You can also enjoy tea ceremony and learn how to make your own matcha from Tea masters who have perfected the art of tea making as they trained for decades! Such dedication and patience, I really need to be like Japanese people more; stay super focus on a particular skill until they are god like level.

Wagashi eaten before drinking matcha to balance out the taste

Before drinking one must appreciate the beauty of the matcha bowl that its being served in

Learning how to make my own matcha

Full details about the garden can be found on their website: https://www.sankeien.or.jp/en-about/ (English)

Royal Wing Dinner Cruise

Okay, despite it being a sort of romantic cruise, i think kids will also love because it's something different for them.

Here’s a tip for you guys out there looking to plan a memorable proposal or getaway while in Japan with your special one or even a wedding (they have wedding packages available)! It includes a beautiful view of Yokohama bay + sunset + city light up + super affordable.

Wedding Hall

Buffet area 

The Chinese food buffet was prepared by a highest skilled Chinese cuisine chef, and it’s one of the best and almost close to the authentic Chinese food taste I had in Japan. Really should bring the danna here one day for our anniversary because he loves Chinese food and with him being such a big eater, buffet style is definitely his type lol.

 Good variety of Chinese dishes

I’m not kidding when I said it's affordable, because this costs less than RM300 (7650 yen++) per adult (1hr 50 mins boat cruise + buffet style dinner), even in KL all those course dinner up in KLCC probably cost the same or more & food so small portion because “fine dining” lol!

Catching the sunset

Yokohama Bay Bridge

Plus, I’ve already mentioned at the start of this post (part 1) that Yokohama has the best harbor city view ever so dinner session with majestic view, what more can you ask for? Sure your girl will say “YES” on the spot if you pop the question with this kind of romantic atmosphere but I will not be held responsible if she rejects la lol.

The Royal Wing is the ONLY Entertainment Restaurant Ship in whole of Japan, that makes her extra special and she is ports at Osanbashi Pier which is the oldest historical pier in Yokohama.

Royal Wing has several cruise sessions throughout the day bit I would highly recommend the 5pm session so you can catch the sun set over the horizon & watch the whole harbor light up like it’s Christmas!

So tempted to do the titanic pose on the top deck of this cruise but need to find my “Jack” first haha, paiseh later people think I’m crazy foreigner or something lol.

#ArisaTips: Also if you are the type who easily gets sick from boat rides best to take some motion sickness medication to prevent or lessen it so that it doesn’t spoil your fun :)

Full details on Royal Wing: https://www.royalwing.co.jp/img/pdf/english.pdf

Best Place to Stay in Yokohama?

Finally, we arrive at the last part of this super long blogpost apologies for it being lengthy haha, if it isn’t long it’s definitely not Arisa’s usual style liao. 

Usual questions are "where is the best place to stay, easily accessible, nearby public transportation and local attractions..etc?"
Night view from my room

I would say Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, it’s in the same building as Yokohama landmark tower offering a good view of the harbor from their hotel rooms (52nd – 67th floor) & restaurant located on the 70th floor.
Make sure to request for the room facing the Ferris wheel, the night view from the window is mesmerizing.

The nearest station to it is Sakuragicho station (JR & Subway line), and the whole walkway from the hotel to the station is sheltered and has travelators so even if you have large luggages, moving from one end to another is a breeze.

Rooms are spacious, comfortable, clean, hotel WiFi is fast that I could get my work done & upload photos without interruption. You can also get to experience the Japan’s fastest lift in this building!
Not kidding about the speed, it was so fast that i had my ears popping every time i'm in it lol and for someone like me who dreads waiting for lifts (especially in tall buildings because they take forever to come & go) i barely needed to wait 5 mins before 1 lift appears.
Noticed the building arch?

From the outside its notable exterior design, the lower part of the building resembles Nijo castle’s foundation and the top of the tower a “Tori” gate.
It’s truly a wonderful experience staying in Japan’s 2nd tallest building!

I really like how Yokohama city makes history learning FUN, if they had an exam think I would easily have aced it in a heartbeat lol. Conclusion of this trip I still have not visited the cup noodle museum despite it being walking distance from the hotel I stayed at haha, oh well this gives me more reasons to come back again.

Would like to say thank you to our wonderful tour guides + translator from Kanagawa SGG Club (KSGG) for bringing us around and sharing with us the beauty of Yokohama.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post on Yokohama city!
Check out my PART 1 post if you have not read it yet.

Yours Truly,

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