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Lil Penguin | 10th Month

One of her favourite things to do now, "rearrange" the dvd drawers

Another back date entry, this was also the month I’ve decided to fully stop Hoikuen completely and take care of her by myself again. Boy it was stressful I kid you not (no pun intended here), it was a constant battle with her, trying to figure out what she wants and needs around the clock. Trying to lose your cool at this point seems almost impossible because whatever you do never seem to be right, every day is a reset and every night I feel like I’ve failed to be the mother #lilpenguin deserves.

This month was the month lil penguin taught me a valuable motherhood lesson.

Poor lil penguin

It all started after she had to spend another 1 whole week in hospital AGAIN (1st week of August), it was less than 2.5 weeks after she got discharged from her previous sickness. This was right after we sent her back to Hoikuen and let's face it; We can't keep paying for both hospital stay & hoikuen bills at the same time, the cost is getting too ridiculous! I know that it's supposed to be good for her to "build immunity" but really? Having constantly to be hospitalized is way overboard especially when she is less than 1 years old. Totally regretting my decision to enroll her into hoikuen too early :-/   
How i wish we had in house help so whenever when both of us have to go to work there is someone to at least take care of her at home. Guess this is one of the scarifices most moms have to make to ensure the safety of their babies.

She did a great job by being brave

Food Drama

I know I’ve said it many times before in my previous entries but I’ll say it again and again if I have to; Stay at home moms are amazing, their mental capacity & patience is probably close to infinity. It’s not easy growing decent little humans yo.

Also having to deal with the fact that I have to prepare 3 meals a day for her (and snacks in between) while she is at home with me. Initially I wanted to home cook everything, giving her only the freshest and best food available but there are more days when #lilpenguin would throw all those foods on the ground before any of it touches her mouth (tell me who wouldn’t be pissed?) until it came to a point where I realised, why am I doing this to myself?

It was a wakeup call because without realising I was being unrealistic in this journey, it’s not lil penguin’s fault. So much for telling myself “be the lazy & balanced mom” but still ended up so uptight about every single damn thing. 

She’s a baby, the concept of food is still an exploration game to her; A discovery of tastes and textures so why bother will all those fancy efforts. As long she gets fed daily (whether she eats or not it’s up to her), drinks 5-6 bottles milk then she’s all good. Also Japan has tons of kick ass ready made baby food which looks and tastes exactly the same thing I make at home, just minus the hassle of cooking & cleaning up later. Seriously a godsent item especially on days I need a break from the stove. Will share some of my favourite baby food brands in another entry, so keep a look out for it!

Separation Anxiety Begins

Glued to me at all times

It’s also normal for her to be clingy because ALL babies are, I used to get so annoyed because I couldn’t do anything in peace. I was constantly dealing with a wailing baby even though she was next to me when I wash plates, bath, poop or even reply a text. She insists only to be held because being next to me is not comforting enough. Guess this was what everyone meant when a baby goes through a separation anxiety stage which usually peaks between 10-18 months old. Lord please help my sanity, Amen. I love hugs and snuggles, trust me I do but I do need a break sometimes too, it’s not only physically exhausting dealing with a wailing baby 24/7, it affects us all mentally.

This particular month I spent more time doing nothing except carrying her around the house. She even sleeps ON me, no joke sia.

It got slightly abit better towards the end of the month and I’m internally rejoicing but I know this episode will be back sooner or later, so enjoy it while it lasts.

So when you meet a mom friend and she tells you “all’s good”, she is just phrasing it nicely; because in reality every one of us goes through a tough period with our kids. To avoid questions and being judged by outsiders, we’ll just say “nahhhh…everything is FINE”. Or in rare cases they got lucky and had an easy chill baby lol.

Motoring Skills

She finally developed an interest on the educational toys we bought for her, like those stacking cups and hoops. She struggles to stack them upwards but we could see she has no problem stacking them inwards especially when you give her 3 cups. Any more than 3 she’ll get so confused, and she looks so cute when she is frustrated haha. For the hoops she only knows how to remove them from the pole, hasn’t figure out how to put them back in though we demonstrated it to her a couple of times.

Small steps penguin!

Her crawling got faster and faster each day, that I swear if you put a long white bloody oversized shirt on her and a long ass mess wig; she would easily fit in the role of Sadako haha. 

Her papa likes to do this, it's actually kinda freaky lol

Her penguin toy sits first 

We could tell she isn’t ready to walk yet but she would constantly prep herself up next to us with her arms up signalling for us to hold her hands and guide her as she tries to walk. It’s cute but I was more worried that doing this may hinder her hips/legs growth or something because she isn’t fully ready to walk yet. I’ve even heard from some friends that their babies just miraculously got up and walk on their own one day haha! It was such a shocking sight because they were caught off guard.

New Hand Signs

This month I tried teaching her a new hand sign, these kind of things need to have consistent practice before she actually does it. Was teaching her to tell me when she is full or felt she had enough of her meal, instead of the usual slapping the bowl or spoon away. It’s really not easy teaching a baby but they do pick up things fast, still not planning to toilet train her yet because diapers are convenient for us at this point especially when traveling.

Family Outings

We knew she would be much more bored being stuck at home after her final hospital discharge and going cold turkey on Hoikuen so we did some small family outings like heading to NIFREL Aquarium at Expocity Osaka. Seriously didn’t know this place existed until the danna suggested for us to visit, it’s slightly way out from main Osaka city and it takes an hour to get there from Kyoto station. You’ll seriously need to spend a whole day here because they literally have EVERYTHING you need under one roof. There’s even LALAPORT, one of my favourite family friendly mall in Japan (visited Fujisawa branch before!) we weren’t planning to stay the whole day so we were kinda underpacked but thanks to LALAPORT we managed to restock our baby supplies (diapers, milk, snacks & food) because it has AKACHAN HANPO (baby store) there. Bless LALAPORT seriously! Even their baby changing rooms supply clean hot water to make milk. 

Lil penguin enjoys aquarium visits, she loves seeing all the colours and movements and at NIFREL they even have mammals on display like a white tiger. At least this visit was considered an “educational” one because she got to see so many animals lol. Definitely a place we would come back again together next time since we only covered a small section of EXPOCITY

We also brought her to Shirahige Jinja in Shiga Prefecture and Miyazu city, northern Kyoto. It’s surprisingly easy to travel with lil penguin because she hardly fusses unless she’s hungry or sleepy but at home she bullies me like there is no tomorrow *roll eyes*. We thought she might have problems adapting to new environments but apparently no, she adapts pretty fast. Just need to make a mental note to bring extra packets of baby senbei because she loves her food a little too much lol. 

Hope she stays this adventurous so we can go on more trips together!
Her next entry (11th month) will be up within the next few days because her birthday is coming up like next week and i'm way behind schedule on the postings haha, became too lazy to update already.

 One of her favourite past time is to stare outside our window just observing the people passing by daily, sometimes wave at them too lol. 

Yours Truly,

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