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Are Flowfushi Products Worth Buying?

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog but i'm back with another Japanese Beauty Review and this time would any of it fall under my #arisacertified list? Read on to find out! 
Think everyone would assume this brand's name as "Moteliner" by default but actually it's Flowfushi lol, how many of you already knew that? 
So here we are today to check out which of the Flowfushi products are worth your hard earned cash!
No joke as they don't exactly come cheap but some of us gotta sacrifice for the greater good right lol.

UZU (Moteliner)

Remember this photo i posted a while back on my instagram?

This eyeliner brand has been quite popular with foreigners over the past few years, also fondly known as “Moteliner” until early 2019, Flowshi rebranded it to “UZU”and along with its signature Flowfushi (dark colors+ gold designs package which looks rather premium) has been replaced with more youthful(?) simplified and bright coloured packaging made of untreated paper material (feels abit like solid pulp/ the egg carton packaging), maybe they are going eco friendly(?). To be honest Moteliner is catchier and easier to remember lol and we are not sure if they are going to rebrand their other products as well, which I sincerely hope they don’t because their signature packaging design for all their products gives it the right kind of brand connection, like upon one look you know this mascara, cushion, eyeliner is from “Flowfushi”. 

My speculation is that it could be because of their target market which leans more towards young adults and their mature premium look make it rather intimidating for them to pick up (looks like those 3000-5000yen make up range) despite it being rather affordable- less than 2000 yen. So this new brightly coloured packaging could be an effort to attract the younger age group. Still looks tacky to me lol, kinda put off by the design, material and colour coordination; every image of “Moteliner” has been stripped clean. So if Moteliner is on your shopping list for your upcoming Japan trip, make sure to search “UZU” instead, seriously the packaging colours are really bright making it hard to miss it haha. 


So now my thoughts on this eyeliner, previously I reviewed Love Liner and now that I have a base to compare it with, I hope it can give you guys a clearer picture!

Moteliner is long lasting & doesn’t smudge, exactly as claimed by the brand but when it comes to precision it doesn’t have the ability to draw lines as fine as Love Liner despite the brush tips looking almost the same when being compared side by side (probably it's the type of brush fibre used). For top lining, to me it’s okay but I can’t use it to fill in my bottom lashes without it looking thick & fake so that’s a bummer.

UZU (Moteliner) definitely has more range of colours to offer, a total of 14 in fact but after giving it a swatch test at the store, the unconventional colours may look pretty but doesn’t really live up to the brand’s standards of being “smudge proof or long lasting”; with just one wipe (not even using water or tissue) the swatch test came right off my skin. A real MEH situation.

So I’ll just stick to the usual black, browns & grey for now.

This eyeliner got a slightly lower rating from me compared to Love Liner (not a bias comparison) is because of its brush tip precision, other than that it’s good.


I can’t say for their older range of Mascaras as I brought the recent ones which costed so much more (almost 2000yen! Siao price for drug store make up lol) but it claimed to be the “solution” for length & volume which are the 2 things I always look for when buying a mascara. Bit the bullet and bought it, but no regrets because it works better than my silly panda smudging Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which is around the same price as well in Sephora. 

Many mascara claim to be smudge proof but when it comes to removal, that’s another story. Some are so difficult to remove without making your whole entire eye area look as if you got into a fight with a kangaroo and also unintentionally contributing to the loss of your lashes. Stubborn AF mascara, I’ve even come across ones that claim to be easy to be removed by warm water and guess what? It does come off during shower but it gave me horrid leftover smudge marks underneath my eyes that are so hard to remove completely, causing my face towel to be stained with leftover mascara.

I was actually this close on just giving up on mascaras altogether because it’s hard to find one that is perfect ever since the discontinuation of my holy grail Fairy Drop Mascara until I saw the new range of Flowfushi’s Mote Mascaras being rolled out at every drug store.

It separates & elongates my lashes perfectly, this goes directly into my #arisacertified list!

Their packaging is really genius I tell you! It has a “Volume & Length” rating on the top of the packaging so customers can easily pick a mascara that suits their needs. One of my pet peeves about beauty product packaging is when they put vague descriptions like “has lengthening effect”, err…on the scale of 1-10, I NEED TO KNOW LIKE STAT! It sucks having to gamble on every single tube because all of them claim to have “lengthening & volume” effect, which barely even shows when applied on.

The Mote mascara (Impact series- DRAMATIC) is easy to apply on thanks to its slightly curved wand which coats all of your lashes from front to back effortlessly with fine fibres. Doesn’t clump and give you those spider legs regardless how many amount you coat on, for easier understanding- It’s buildable (length & volume).

For overall length & volume performance, I would rate it at 7.5 instead of 9 (still better performance compared OTHER mascaras i know, stupid too faced better than sex mascara) like they claim on the packaging or maybe my darn short Asian eyelashes are to blame instead of the mascara lol.

Doesn’t give any panda eyes after sweating the whole day, easy to remove with warm water without leaving any stubborn leftover mascara stains under my eye and best part I don’t need a special eye makeup remover.

Warning: If you are the kind of person that cries 24/7 then this mascara isn’t for you because your warm tears is going to end up melting the fibre coating away lol.

Saisei Facemask

Okay I think we have all concluded that Flowfushi’s products aren’t exactly the cheapest in the market by now, their Saisei facemask is no different. For a pack of 2 it costs about 700yen + when an average mask you can get in Japan market is less than 200 yen a piece (cheapest is like 100yen), reasoning being this is a premium and concentrated mask that is only meant to be used TWICE a week instead of those cheap daily mask sheets. Which makes sense because if you use a 100 yen sheet mask every day it would already cost the same as the Saisei mask and you don’t need to apply it on everyday lol. 

Saisei facemask range comes in 3 types made for specific targeted areas such as eyes, lips and faceline and yes I bought all 3 just to try it out of curiosity.

Well first things first, it’s a very rich mask so the serum (Contains 50 billion lactic acid bacteria in every mask sheet) might not suit every skin type and I personally think it’s targeted more for mature skin. I had a couple of acne breakouts after using it, and it’s still slowly recovering. You do get an instant hydration and glow after using their masks though, your skin becomes so dewy that even my fine lines around the eye area became somewhat not so visible and it’s easy to put on make up the next day. 

So if you really want to use it I would suggest for you to wipe off the excess serum properly with your lotion/ toner on a cotton pad instead of letting it sit overnight like I did which resulted in clogged pores. For other days of wiping off the serum after masking there wasn’t any more acne cases, so yea don’t be lazy like me lol. 

I found the face mask material quality pretty solid, not the flimsy thin fabric kind so it doesn’t tear even if you are fumbling around to unfold this serum soaked sheet. You have no idea how many of those kind of sheets I’ve tore over the years (-_-ll) so annoying!

The fit of the mask is perfect for my small Asian face, the shape reminds me of my Saborino masks and it clings on to the skin very well giving you that “lift” feel. 
A mask I would get for a quick fix monthly especially if i can't get a facial but not before an important day because I wouldn’t want to risk an acne breakout the next morning lol.

Mask Ingredients:

Water, mineral oil, glycerin, diglycerin, garnet powder, Enterococcus faecalis, porphyridium curentum extract, hamamelis bark / leaf / branch extract, human oligopeptide-13, human oligopeptide-1, aloe vera leaf extract, yogurt solution (milk ), Tocopherol, bergamot fruit oil, berry oil, oil of bitter orange flower oil, orange peel oil, BG, DPG, cetanol, (acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, K hydroxide, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K , Pullulan, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, ethanol, polysorbate 60, sorbitan oleate, sucrose stearate, polyglyceryl myristate-10, perfume (natural essential oil), glyceryl caprylic acid, polyaminopropyl biguanide, xanthan gum

That's all for my beauty update on Flowfushi products, a definite ouchie on the wallet but at least the mascara is something worth repurchasing in the future, eyeliner is a maybe (cuz i love my Loveliner brand lol) and the masks; definitely no.

Yours Truly,

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