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Love Liner Liquid & Pencil Eyeliner Review | Highly Recommended

Seriously can't stress enough on how awesome this eyeliner brand is! I've always avoided eyeliners that are priced 1,200 yen and above because i thought my current (now ex lol) liquid eyeliners from Kiss Me (usually 1000 yen only), BCL & Dolly wink were good enough that i didn't see the need to continue searching for another holy grail.. until i noticed that the quality in BCL especially dropped alot, it wasn't as waterproof as it used to be and i got quite a number of followers and friends on Instagram sharing with me similar experiences.

Another friend of mine recommended Moteliner by Flowfushi, which has recently gone under rebranding and it's now called Uzu Eye. 
The pricing is definitely slightly higher than my usual eyeliner budget but she swears by it so i got a burgundy one last year to try and i quite like how the color outcome was deep because normal colored eyeliners are usually quite disappointing (Japan ones) but in terms of duration wise wasn't as long as i expected especially on days i tear alot (damn dusts & contacts) despite being marketed as "waterproof" & "lasts forever".  It could possibly be because colored eyeliner's pigments generally can't beat the default black that obviously stains & lasts longer.

It was the same time i bought my first Love Liner from Donki while i was away on a work trip lol. They were having a buy 2 for the price of 1 promo, hard to resist something like that but here i am today collecting every limited edition color or collaboration released by the brand despite reminding myself that my current eyeliner doesn't need replacing just yet haha.
I'm really surprised at how long Love Liner liquid eyeliner lasts, my my first eyeliner took almost close to 6 months to finish, that is seriously freakishly long because my average liquid eyeliner would be dried out by the time it hits 2-3 months old!

Worthy of It's Cosme Award Title

This brand is considered one of the top most popular eyeliner brands in Japan, next to obviously Uzu eye (Moteliner), and you guys know how iffy i am when it comes to those "cosme stickers" because those title can be easily bought but after using it, i can easily see why this brand earned its title as a best selling favourite. It's actually rather sad that not many people know about this eyeliner because most foreign blogs/ influencers usually features only Uzu Eye (Moteliner), but there are actually a heck load of brands to pick up from the local drug store that would be worth your money too. Right now i'm at the comfortable stage of sticking to Love liner (currently at my 2nd already lol) to experiment on other brands haha, another one i can recommend that's long lasting is from Muji (yes, the minimalist furniture lifestyle store) but i'll save that for another blog post just to keep things neat. 

Focusing back on Love Liner, first of all their liquid eyeliners that has a reflective and sturdy body that makes it look so aesthetically pleasing. Like Rose Gold body? Yes please hun! 
No cheap plastic look expect for their gel pencil eyeliner series which i'll share more details about that below.

Perfect Grip Size

The diameter size of the pen isn't too thick nor too slim, in fact i find it just right that you can control your drawing wing flick in a heartbeat and i ain't exaggerating on its fluidity. I've used a few kinds of eyeliners, those with thick, slim, slanted, you name it and all of them were so hard to control. Every application on just trying to "perfect" the wing always ends up with you looking like you got punched so i'll stick to eyeliners that are shaped like actual sized pens that you'll enjoy using. 

 In Baby Brown
You guys can see what i mean about my lower lashes being "botak" that i need to draw them out or else it would look weird lol

In Limited edition purple

Easy to "Wing It"

It's brush tip (0.1mm) is one of the finest i've ever seen and Amen to that because the thinner the brush the easier it is to go from a natural daily wing to an edgy one with just abit of filling in. And i've even shared on my stories before that the tip is so fine (yes she is) that you can draw false bottom eyelashes. Not kidding, like seriously! 
I have really sparse bottom lashes at some areas, okay maybe sparse is too kind to describe it; it's technically "botak", it's even more obvious when i coat it with mascara and the only way to make them look "complete" is i wear those bottom falsies which is rather troublesome & time consuming. 
So using the liquid eyeliner, i managed to fill them it without them looking fake; works like a charm as always and the brown makes a very convincing color for the bottom lashes compared to black as it doesn't look too harsh on your eyes.

Waterproof, smudge-proof and everything proof

From Top: Dark Brown, Purple (no longer available in market), Baby brown & Ash Brown (pencil)

For the record i like to rub my eyes alot especially the sides because it constantly gets itchy from either dust or my contact lens being dry. I can't exactly rub my entire eyes with my fist (you get what i mean) because i got my lids done remember (DST)? But the rubbing at the edges would often affect my eyeliner & eyeshadow, however whenever i'm using my Love liner liquid eyeliner i won't have a problems with my eyeliner fading because it's that strong, even with tears it's still intact while normal ones would have at least faded abit. Could maybe label it as industrial strength at this rate lol.
You can even test it on your hand and put it under running water while you try to rub it off, it ain't gonna budge unless you use your usual make up removers. 

Haven't experienced any panda eyes from this brand so far despite sweating (oily lids) and i hope it always stays that way!

This was after washing & some rubbing under running water, only the purple budged. 

#ArisaBeautyTip: I noticed that regardless of eyeliner brands in Japan, the unconventional colored ones tend to be not so long lasting compared to the usual conventional colors (black, brown, grey). It might be pigmented & pretty, but don't get your hopes too high on it's long lasting-ness. Guess they aren't really up to date with the right formulation unlike western brands. 

Contains Moisturizing Ingredients

Like seriously, when have you come across an eyeliner that markets itself as a moisturizing product?
The eyeliner is meant to keep your lids moisturized while being in use, which is a good extra benefit because we constantly remove the necessary moisture barrier on our lids when we remove our make up daily and one can actually feel the "tightness" around their eyelids if it's too dry.
  • Apple fruit culture cell extract
  • Microhyaluronic acid FCH (hyaluronic acid Na)
  • Panthenol
  • Entifolia rose flower extract
  • semburi extract

Available in 5 colors

Love Liner has a few staple colors aside from occasional collaborations where they release pretty cool and funky colors (i have pink, blue & purple as well lol, now i sound like a hoarder).
  • True Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Baby Brown
  • Burgundy Brown
  • Grege Brown (looks grey-ish)

This eyeliner brand basically ticked off all the checkboxes known to every eyeliner user. It's design looks premium, long lasting in terms of performance and ink quantity (where on earth can you find an eyeliner that lasts almost 6 months even after using it almost daily??), waterproof, smudge proof, pigmented, etc. Definitely worth it's price, i would swear this over all my sephora purchases because somehow western cosmetic formulations doesn't seem to suit my eyelids (always get panda eyes & its annoying).

Love Liner Pencil Eyeliner

Moving on to the pencil series which i personally feel it's more of a gel pencil rather than your average pencil eyeliner due to its smooth waxy texture when glides on the lids. The pencil is more for a natural finishing if you aren't looking for defined wings or sharp colors, trust me i tried drawing wings with it but didn't really "pop".  Suitable for those daily look or a quick fix when you are rushing in the morning to focus on drawing your usual wing but still need your eyeliner so that you don't look so tired. The pigment isn't as strong as the liquid but it works great if you are going for those smokey eyes kind of look with your entire eye lined out without looking overkill (some of us just look like panda with harsh eyeliner lines). Using an eyeliner brush, it helps you to blend in the lines; creating that "natural smokey eye effect" which you can even rock at work and won't get questioned by your boss if you are going clubbing later lol.

Using Ash brown

In terms of waterproof, it only holds if you don't rub your eyes (we aren't supposed to rub anyway, rubbing creates prematures wrinkles around the eye area), i've tried dabbing it with a tissue when i teared, and the eyeliner still stayed put. It definitely removes easier with mild make up removers compared to the liquid eyeliner, so if you are using those reusable makeup remover cloth pads (just need water kind), it comes off easily!

One thing for sure this pencil eyeliner doesn't give me panda eyes as well, guess it's the waxy like texture that makes it less likely to smudge and run when it comes into contact with water, sweat or sebum.

I have both the liquid and pencil eyeliner because my eye make up depends on my mood ;)
Sometimes i rather have it plain and simple, while other days a little playful or dramatic and i can create those looks with both eyeliners combined. Anything is possible with makeup!

Available in 3 colors

Love liner price may be as same as Moteliner, but for more brush precision (liquid eyeliner) i would definitely pick Love liner over Moteliner. I need to draw my lower lashes lol, that is my utmost priority when it comes to doing my eye make up. To Malaysians the price of 1600+ yen (without tax) may seem abit expensive but it is definitely worth it compared to you buying a 1000+ yen eyeliner every 2 months (you can do the basic maths here).

Love Liner can be found in most drug stores & tax free stores throughout Japan. Some special collaborations are limited to specific beauty stores like PLAZA, IT'S DEMO, etc.  

Hope you guys found this review useful for your Japan shopping trip!

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post or anything, products are bought and tested by me and i'm sharing based on my own personal experience.

Yours Truly,

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