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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Lil Penguin | 8th Month

See that guilty face lol

The girl who can't wait to grow up, she's really hitting way ahead of her milestones at this rate that we have to tell her to slow down & chill yo lol. She still hasn't fully understood the concept of "i'll be back soon", so every toilet or water break will result of brawling her eyes out in less than 2 seconds. Not sure how she does it, from a smiling happy baby to making an ugly crying face with just a snap of your fingers and i read that this separation anxiety will only go away around 3 years old, some takes longer lol. 

Lil penguin turned 8 months a couple weeks ago and as usual i'm taking my own sweet time to update her progress entry and as i'm typing this out right now, i feel as if my memory of her growth seems rather foggy....Yabaii!!😂

Crawling Pro

Not exactly sure from when she started crawling all over the house but her speed seems to be increasing every single day, it's even faster when she's ugly crying and trying to find me haha. I feel so bad for laughing at that sight instead of immediately picking her up but trust me it's hilarious to see your baby crying yet so determined at the same time to find you (from a can't crawl baby to suddenly a pro! The motivation magic of chasing mom). It's hard to leave her alone even for 1 second, because boy..she crawls so fast that in a split second i swear she teleport-ed herself across the room!

Should probably ship her off to my Magician buddy to train as an apprentice lol. 

half the time she falls of the bed in the morning (thank goodness it's not really that high), because she likes to crawling all over us (who are obviously still sleeping) just to reach the edge of the bed and each time when she finally manages to get off it doesn't always land on her feet (still trying till today). At this rate who needs alarm when your stubborn screaming baby is enough *face palm*. 
Her timing is super accurate, trust me; putting her in the middle of us doesn't work and i can't imagine if it was a cot; She would have climbed out instead!! Most of the time now we just sleep on the floor for her safety sake. Budak ni..Ish!

Now my back hurts..
Like alot..
Please send a masseuse over to my house ASAP!

Also that reminds me, i need to buy those baby barrier gates to secure around the house now or else she's gonna go rolling down the stairs or in the kitchen pulling out my cupboard stuff!

Crawled to her papa for attention lol, can tell she's a full Japanese baby because she auto "seiza" (sit with knees folded underneath)

Acrobat Nursing Baby

Yes..the day has finally came when my baby nurses while trying to do stunts...i now finally understood my other nursing friends "eyerolls" lol. Like why can't you just sit still while drinking from oppai budak?? Not stop moving here and there (siap slap & kick me also have), there's even body rotation and that means your oppai is being pulled along in a rotated motion, imagine the pain we are in! 
That's without teeth, thank God she still hasn't sprouted any at the moment (despite the constant itchy gums) and one of the main reasons why i'm still letting her nurse though my initial plan was to stop once she turned 8 months (obviously failed). Previously she takes about 5-10 mins to nurse, now it takes longer because she wants to train for the circus lol, apa ni sia.

How you mamas deal with such an acrobatic baby? I tried finding all sorts of comfortable position for myself so i can let her nurse freestyle but it always end up with me feeling pain & uncomfortable all over. Yes, i have even tried lying down flat, she'll sit on my face while nursing (worst case she poops & farts in the process. Literally "O" to the "M" to the "G"  torture smell combo). 

Still Breast is best anyone? Lol.


Speaking of teeth, lil penguin is quite a pro when it comes to eating and it's only by using her gums to crush all those solid foods we are giving her! It's actually abit scary because when we tried cleaning her gums and tongue with a wet gauze, she'll lock her mouth with our finger in it and i swear it felt as if my finger could break off from that force T_T
Still think your baby is helpless? I don't think so lol.

Her favourite baby senbei

We found out her favorite foods are pumpkin, sweet potato, baby corn, any kind of fish and sweet fruits like peaches and apples. She hates her carrots unless they have been finely crushes inside her meals but it's getting better after constantly offering it to her.

Not going to share my pancakes!

BLW was one of the best decisions ever because it's so easy to go out with her, as long there are steam boiled foods, we just rinse off the sauce  & oil with hot water and she's ready to eat it. She loves to grab food and feed herself, and thank goodness for baby senbei (crackers) the kinds that melt in your mouth , think in Malaysia we call the "Rusks?" They are tasteless but good sport for the babies because they get to grip and eat it, giving them a sense of accomplishment that they can self feed haha; it also keeps their hunger pangs at bay until you find a dining spot!
For lil penguin's case her mouth forever itchy, she needs to munch on something and it has to be FOOD because we tried toys and she threw a fit (Baby's version of "How Dare You!") 😑

I tried giving her toys, this was before she threw the penguin away 

Baby Udon we got from BabyRUs, it's more smaller and easier for the baby to digest. All we did is use baby dashi (basically non seasoned dried fish powder), daikon (raddish), carrots & wakame (seaweed) together with the baby udon. She likes the fishy soup alot lol.

We found out one of the best ways to minimized the mess if to get them those bibs that collects fallen foods at the bottom so you don't have to pick them out from their clothes or just give them 1 piece at a time so that they don't get too overwhelmed and start making a mess. For some days when you don't want to deal with the mess cleaning especially while you are traveling, thank goodness Japan has those ready packed porridge that you can just pop open and feed your baby. It's only filled with 100% real food, non processed and isn't filled with salt/ sugars. It's considered to be a convenient / emergency stash (after all Japan is prone to earthquakes) for babies which you can easily get from baby stores priced at 200yen+ a box (2 feeds).

Instant porridge packs


First time sitting on a market trolley lol, she was so excited

Well i did try to somewhat teach her some common hand signals to communicate better since she can't talk yet and guess which did she picked up the fastest?

"Bye Bye"---Waving

It started off a little weird because she was just putting her hand up and twisting her wrist, wasn't sure she was doing the Pageant Queen wave or a Maiko dance lol. She got better after a couple of practices and it helped that other people waved back at her as well, now she thinks "Hi, Bye, No" are the same haha!
She's a pro at waving her hands now and sometimes get too excited that she slaps my face while waving and thinks it's funny. Like hello lil missy, where are your manners 😤 


So far she seems to be adapting in Hoikuen quite well, enjoys morning walks the most by falling asleep lol and we started stretching the time longer! So it's full day in Hoikuen now, and i'm totally enjoying the peace & quiet while i work from home and do housework of course lol, can scream "FREEDOMMMMMMMMM!!" while imagining i'm running through the forest with winds against my hair just like Pocahantas in Colors of the Wind MV. Downside is she comes back with the sniffles, it's like a never ending cycle of drippy nose boogers and dry chesty coughs, to the sensei it's apparently normal and not harmful (great for immune system) because obviously they aren't the ones having to deal with a grouchy nose blocked baby struggling to sleep at night. Yipee. 

My only concern is her milk intake because it seems to be getting lesser and lesser that some days she only drinks 60ml in total from 9am-5.30pm but still eats like normal. Girl, you no dehydrated ka?
She has already allowed the sensei to feed her milk after almost 3 weeks of milk strike but somehow trying to avoid the feeds if possible. At home she nurses non stop to the point my oppai can't catch up, it's like literally stuck to my oppai from 6pm to next morning; At this rate i'm substituting almost 50% of her feeds because i'm just so exhausted.

Still not really liking this Hoikuen because they treat the Gaijin mom (me) like i'm stupid, when i could perfectly understand what they are saying, so rude! 😤 well as long lil penguin likes them i guess i have no reason to switch to a new hoikuen. 

Easy Travel Buddy

Yes we finally brought her to Tokyo and it was her very first shinkansen ride too! Well, she has already sat the plane before (twice) for a 7 hr journey overseas, i guess the bullet train ride was nothing for her haha. I wanted to bring her to Sanrio Puroland as a warm up before bringing her to Tokyo Disneyland for her 1st birthday so that she doesn't get too overwhelmed and it seems that she was doing just fine!

Could see that she was abit clueless on what's going on with all the colorful lights & music but nonetheless her eyes were glued to the performances. But i think she enjoyed herself more at Teamlab Planets more because she wasn't strap to the stroller, we let her crawl (more like struggle lol) around abit (*cough* alot) especially in that huge beanbag area where we couldn't move at all and she couldn't stop scream laughing all the way because she wasn't able to move from one place to another without sinking haha.

That night she KO like a log, mom's plan to exhaust baby out worked!! YES!!!!
Brought her to visit Uncle Max! Go learn Welsh from him k XD

Then after Tokyo, i brought her to Fujisawa to visit Jean & Ma-kun; can tell she really loves waking up in new places, she adapts like really well lol. The danna says that lil penguin is just like mama, likes to travel because butt too itchy can't sit still. I'll take that as a compliment!😏
At least i have my travel buddy in the making so i don't have to travel alone liao, also i heard kids learn more when they are outside rather than home & school :-P

That's about it for lil penguin's 8th month progress log, now let me rest abit before i have to recall everything that has happened for her upcoming 9th month progress. It's really heavy stuff because it involves lots of panicking & regression stage, the me now is totally sleep deprived so i can't really think straight anymore. 

Signing Out, 
A sleepy Mama

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