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Types of Disposable Breastpads in Japan

This entries is for all the breastfeeding moms out there, whether you are staying or traveling to Japan and in need of disposable breast pads before you soak up your bras. I use to call these the "pantyliner" of our oppai lol, not to make fun of it but that's how they work to keep our inner garments dry! It also saves us tons of potential embarrassing episodes like us wetting ourselves whenever our baby naps passed their feeding time or hearing SOMEONE else's baby cry (No kidding) and for people like me who is always on the go, these disposable pads allow me to express discreetly in emergency situations like when my oppai is solid rock hard (just marmet into the pads as they absorb well, later just change to new ones in the toilet). 

There are actually more brands aside from just Pigeon brand but this is definitely the first brand you'll see at the mama's section in Babies "R" Us or any other baby & mom store in Japan as Pigeon is one of the top leading brands in Japan's children & maternity market.

You know naturally when one picks up a packet of ANYTHING from the market shelf, the first thing we would look at is, how many pieces it contains/ overall weight and then divide it with its price to see whether it's worth purchasing. Especially when you are going to be using it everyday, so its best to keep costs as low as possible. Most would say "why not just use a reusable breast pad instead", simple i prefer disposables because it's convenient especially with my on the go lifestyle. If i'm home all the time doing laundry everyday then yes i would consider getting reusable ones. 
Same concept of how we use disposable diapers when we go out/ travel instead of the usual napkins because where on earth are you going to wash & dry them on time?

So with that, let's head into the topic "types of breastpads" Pigeon have to offer us:-

Pigeon Fit Up Breastfeeding Pad (126pc)

The first breastpad i bought after i gave birth last year lol.

Apparently voted as most popular breastpad among moms in Japan, because of it's value for money and economical placement. Containing 126pcs (sometimes with extra pieces when there is a promo) for usually 700-800 yen, roughly about the same price as the Premium Care range but more quantity. Fit Up pads are thin (in my opinion) so doesn't add on bulk to your padded bras, think of it as your super slim range of panty liners. Because of that it doesn't absorb as much and feels kinda "damp" instead of dry like it claims and in 1 day i would need to change my breastpads at least once or else the stink of sweat and milk can be quite a horrendous combo. 

Using this at home is fine, but for travel i try not to use this series out especially when i know i need to express into them.

What puzzles me most about this "economical pack" is that all of their pads are INDIVIDUALLY packed, not sure how does that save costs for the manufacturer using extra plastic packaging rather packing it as 1 lol. So yea i'll constantly need to count 2 pcs as a pair whenever i have to pack for a trip and sometimes i accidentally miscounted too. 
The adhesive and shape doesn't hold too well especially after multiple feedings in a day so it can be mushed up quite badly that you'll need to change ASAP. 

It's definitely a very basic breastpad, so don't expect much out of it except to prevent accidental leaks :)  

Pigeon Breastfeeding Premium Care Pad (102 pcs)

This range is slightly more expensive and lesser in quantity compared to the usual breastpad, its name alone already says "premium". I found this range more comfortable and has thicker cotton padding that absorbs more milk without the mushy wet feeling & lesser smell accumulated especially when you are sweating alot in that region. 
The pads are packaged as A PAIR so you'll just need to grab 1 packet instead of counting piece by piece making sure you have enough pairs whenever you travel (also less bulkier).

This pad is also more suitable for those with raw sensitive oppai (especially during the 1st month & when the teeth comes in) as the pad's design is made dented specially in the middle while the surrounding outer layer is slightly raised so that raw part receives less friction when you put your bra & clothes on. The cotton inserts used for it feels like real marshmallows, super soft on the skin!

The pad shape & adhesive still retains despite being folded with every feeding session which is good because other pads usually gets mushed up so badly that you have to toss it out knowing that your effort of trying to "unmushed" it is futile, the whole pad is going to tear anyway. 
I can use this pad the whole day comfortably without needing to change until my next shower session.

For things we use on a daily basis, i personally think it's best to invest on a better quality item so that you have more assurance and comfort for you can get about your day like normal.
Never stinge on it unless it's just a temporary solution or the only available option during urgent situations!
You can get these breastpads at the drug store, Babies "R" Us, Akachan Hanpo and other Mom & babystores available throughout Japan, if you are online shopper you can easily find it on Amazon Japan too.

Hope you mamas found this entry useful, will be covering Japanese Baby diapers & wet wipes next!

Yours Truly,

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