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Best Sponge & Brush Cleanser from Breena Beauty

I'm sure by now most of you would have already know about Breena Beauty's Sponge & Brush cleanser that's been released in the market quite some time ago (last year) and it has been featured by countless of bloggers and influencers. I'm just one of the late ones to ride on the hype lol but better late than never am i right?
Technically i'm not exactly "late" because i remember doing a demo on my IG stories last year if you guys remembered it haha.

Let's talk about hygiene first, HOW OFTEN do you guys actually wash your make up sponge and brushes? Like seriously?
Most common answer i get for this question is like once in a blue moon, or when it's really dirty (God knows how many months later) or when they remember (pfft!).
By right not to sound like a germaphobic freak, you should wash your make up sponge after every usage and leave it to dry properly on a clean surface that has ventilation at the bottom (not your dressing table because the bottom part of the sponge can't dry completely thus creating a damp breeding ground for germs/ fungus) and for your brushes at least once a week even if your are too busy to wash it twice a week. 

The amount of make up products accumulated on the bristles combined with dead skin cells and dust, that sounds like a combo for skin allergy & pimple reaction! Trust me that you wouldn't want to even look at your brushes under the microscope at this rate because you might just burn everything to the grown lol. 

So whenever someone complains and say that their skin is misbehaving and they wear make up frequently, aside from getting the right skincare; they might want to check on their make up brushes & sponge hygiene as well. 

It's sometimes the most insignificant things that matters most.    

Prior to Breena Beauty's cleanser, i was using Daiso's sponge & brush cleanser because hey it's cheap (100 yen a bottle) and it gets the job done decently (doesn't remove stains 100%) and i sometime use my make up remover to get the stubborn stains out but that method is rather costly because make up remover is meant to be used sparingly not soaking your brushes or sponges. The daiso cleanser is quite diluted so you'll need to use alot more and that resulted me restocking up more frequently as well.

Some might say that a bottle of Breena Beauty's Sponge & Brush cleanser for RM15 might be abit expensive but to me it's actually decently priced because a bottle of wash can last me about 2 months thanks to its potent formulation, you only need to use a small amount for each wash to completely cleanse your brushes & sponges! I found that it also easily removes foundation, concealer stains without needing any prior soaking, just apply the cleanser on the stained spot and use a ribbed rubber mat for gentle scrubbing motion.
I personally wouldn't recommend for those home DIY cleansers (face wash+ coconut/ olive oil + make up remover) as this combination may leave your brush bristles feeling oily & sticky if not done properly & it's much more expensive as well, not sure how people say it's more cost effective unless your face wash & make up remover is a cheapo one lol. 

Just get Breena Beauty's cleanser, it's lesser the cost and much more more effective, plus it also leaves my brush bristles super soft and smooth like they are brand new all over again (Not kidding!). I've been using my Breena Beauty make up brushes since 2017 and up till today (June 2019) it is still in very good condition despite the washes and daily usage.  My Breena Beauty Blending Pearl is an affordable dupe of Beauty blender (can be found in Sephora), been restocking on this for 2 years now and i change my sponge every 4-6 months. With proper care, your sponges will stay in good shape, providing optimal performance for longer periods and best part when i cut it open before throwing away there isn't any mold growth in them (middle part), that is why it is important to cleanse it daily & dry them out properly! 

When it comes to affordable & good quality make up tools, i would highly recommend Breena Beauty. A local brand but with international quality standards :)

To purchase you can check out their website: www.breenabeauty.com & Store Locator

Yours Truly,

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