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5 different ways to use Sleek Baby Bottle, Nipple & Accessories cleanser

Our mission is to provide the best for our little ones!

Making the Most Out of your Sleek Baby Bottle, Nipple & Accessories cleanser.
As a mom we always try to find the best and safest solution (affordable as well if possible) for our young ones, and we are definitely resourceful no doubt! I found out there are so many ways to use my current baby bottle cleanser, making life so much more convenient and reducing the amount of extra soaps at home + chemical label reading lol (I’m sure you moms get me on this).

It’s like one cleanser rules it all (not LOTR) but this is a mom edition haha

A little introduction on this baby bottle cleanser first, I’m sure you guys remember seeing this brand in my previous post, I stated that I wanted to try this out as soon as my recent bottle wash has finished. So here I am today with a new baby bottle wash that I have no regrets getting because it performs really well and serves me in so many different ways.

Sleek Baby Bottle, Nipple & Accessories cleanser is a concentrated Food Grade cleanser formulated to remove stubborn oily milk stains while being gentle on the skin (paraben free) knowing how often we mom & dads have to wash our baby bottles on a daily basis. It has been dermatologically (anti irritation) tested and its antibacterial property (ingredient: Willow Bark Extract) is proven effective in combating common bacteria such as E-coli (cause of severe abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhoea and vomiting), Staphylococcus aureus (skin infections, pneumonia, heart valve infections, and bone infections) & pseudomonas aeruginosa (nosocomial infections).

I’ve did some reading and research myself, it is indeed true that Willow Bark Extract is a strong anti-bacterial ingredient. That’s why it’s always important to read the ingredient label at the back! J

Attached below is a snippet of the test results done by a research team

For those who don’t know what “inoculated” means, it is basically “vaccinated- produced immunity against”

Research source: 

Sorry for sounding so scientific all of a sudden lol, this simplified explanation is needed for better understanding on the product, it also makes me wonder now why didn’t I continue studying in this field and went the total polar opposite field instead (arts). Instead of researching on beauty products, here I am researching on baby related products instead haha; funny how life takes us all on a different route!

1. Wash Baby Bottles & teats

This one is very obvious because that’s what this cleanser is meant for anyway lol, I like the fact that it’s concentrated formulation requires me to use minimal amount during each wash; allowing me to stretch my usage up to 2 months instead of my usual 1 month restock.

Really not kidding, you only need a small amount during each wash and never ever use those hard spiky bottle brushes at it might create fine scratches within the bottle which not only damages but also increases the chances of trapping bacteria in between that’s hard to reach. Always use a normal long soft sponge, and with Sleek baby’s bottle cleanser you wouldn’t need to scrub so hard; yet the oily milk residue would come off effortlessly. 

2. Wash Vegetables to get rid of pesticides & dirt

I did a voting poll and demonstration about this on my IG stories last week, quite a number of you guys are mind blown especially after seeing the effects of a broccoli being properly cleansed lol. 50% just rinse their vegetables before cooking while the other 50% do soak their vegetables before rinse & cook. However, rinsing it in water alone doesn’t really do much except maybe remove the dirt/soil residues, if you use a veggie wash it helps to remove stubborn chemicals like pesticides or even the waxy layer often put on vegetables & fruits to make them look more attractive a.k.a “fresh”, even bugs hiding in between your vegetable will float up! 

So that is why soaking your vegetables in veggie wash is necessary, and I didn’t need to purchase a specific veggie wash because my Sleek Baby bottle cleanser is 100% safe to be used on vegetables as well (food grade) + it’s super effective!

Since lil penguin has started her solids, and living in the city not every vegetable available is organic so we make do with what we have in the market & cleanse it as best as we can.

3. Wash Toys

With lil penguin biting every single toy in sight daily, thing it has become a routine for me to wash it almost every night. I’m pretty sure other moms can relate to this as well, even if it’s not daily we still need to give these toys a good soak & rinse at least 2-3 times a week to kill the germs accumulated! My only hope she doesn’t start burying them in my vegetable garden and later bring it back into the house asking me to wash it for her (dear lord lol) on purpose.

This was taken a few seconds before she threw her toy to the ground lol

I wash these plastic toys the same way as my milk bottles, just put in a small amount (let’s say a table spoon size) in a bowl of water and let the toys soak for 5-10 mins before rinsing & wiping them dry with a clean dishtowel.

4. Surface disinfectant 

Think you guys would know how scared I was over the past couple of weeks after lil penguin coming down with a horrible viral flu that we (the parents) also contracted it one after another. My biggest guess she picked it up from nursery school as we don’t know how often they actually disinfect their toys that has been slobbered by countless of kids carrying the bacteria and viruses. Imagine how worried I was flying back 5000km upon hearing she was suddenly hospitalized a day after I left for Malaysia, just as we thought her fever finally broke.

So I had to clean the entire house & disinfect it to prevent us from contracting it again, as my Sleek Baby bottle cleanser is anti-bacterial, got abit creative by diluting it with water ( ratio: 10%- cleanser/ 90% -water) and storing it in a spray bottle, making my very own safe surface disinfectant spray. So I don’t have to purposely buy those strong chemical sprays to use around the house. I sometimes store it in a small perfume bottle so I can use it outside as my own portable disinfectant spray. We definitely need it for surfaces of dining tables & baby chairs because our little ones have no chill when it comes to exploring things with their tiny hands (which ALWAYS ends back in their mouth). Just a couple of squirts on any surface, and wipe down with a clean wet tissue!

5. Blowing Bubbles

Always wanted to introduce bubbles to lil penguin, and so happened while she was admitted in the hospital I saw their konbini selling these normal bubble blowing toys but it was rated for 4 years old & above, also the soapy liquid is probably not recommended for babies (they are worried chemical reaction on skin & accidental consumption) so we got abit creative by mixing our own soapy liquid with the Sleek baby bottle cleanser to use with the bubble blowing stick, the bubbles came out successfully!!

Lil penguin enjoyed it so much, it definitely cheered her up from her boring hospital room. She kept waving and laughing for more bubbles to be blown until she dozed off from exhaustion lol, so for mamas worried about using your commercial dish washing soap for bubble time play; you can always opt to use your Sleek Baby bottle cleanser for it as it is 100% more safe and gentle on your little one’s skin. Just make sure they do not consume it directly, such playtime must always be supervised! 

Our favorite past time now, playing with bubbles.

That’s already 5 different ways on how you can use your Sleek Baby bottle wash, phew..didn’t expect to come up with so many ideas lol. Who knows if I do come out with more hacks in the future, I’ll definitely update this post. Hope you moms & dads found this post about Sleek Baby Bottle, Nipple & Accessories cleanser useful!

You can purchase their products on LAZADA and do LIKE their official Facebook page for the latest updates

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