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Umai Crate Review | Japanese Ramen Subscription Box by Japan Crate

I know alot of you guys crave for Japanese food after your holiday trip to Japan, and i don't blame you because i was once in that position lol; it was also one of my determination factor to work harder so i could go back to Japan and enjoy all its delicious food again. Traveling every year isn't easy, takes alot of planning and budget too but what if there was a way to enjoy authentic Japanese food from the comfort of your own home, at the same time being budget friendly?

Some might say it's impossible because their country's local grocery store might not carry some of the ingredients required to make Japanese dishes, totally understandable because i used to hoard back Japanese groceries in my suitcase all the way back to Malaysia lol.  I'm pretty sure quite a handful of you would do the same as well haha, because half the items isn't sold or even if it does it literally costs you an arm and a leg.

As you guys know that google stalks you 24/7, it studies your interests and suggests related ads that might potentially catch your attention and that is how i first found out about Japan Crate Subscription services. Google stalks me well enough, duh! My entire browser history is everything about Japan only lol. I've tried a few other similar subscription boxes in the past but they were stuff like kawaii collectable items, beauty products or snacks but never a box of instant noodles because believe it or not i've not eaten instant noodles for the past 6 years until i moved to Japan lol. Even with my frequent trips to Japan previously, seeing the whole aisle of instant cup noodles at the konbini; i somehow never had the urge to try them out because i'm worried about gaining weight from all the unhealthy foods XD

Trust me i totally regretted not doing so earlier, because every cup noodle i eat now is mindblowing! 
Like how can something instant taste this good? 
Duh, because it's Japan lol. 

So i feel for those of you who miss these delicious cup noodles, but don't worry! Today i'll be introducing to you guys Umai Crate because i personally feel it's actually a great idea for those who missing it dearly or curious to have a taste of Japan instant noodles. 

Despite me already living in Japan and having easy access to all these instant noodles, i found Umai crate is quite well curated in a sense they have different monthly themes (could be ramen, udon, soba or soumen) and flavours so you won't get repeats. Inside this $30 box you'll get up to 8-10 quality cup noodles along with ingredients to make your own noodles from a scratch, a recipe card for ideas and last but not least a guide containing English translations & instructions so you don't have to crack your head especially if you can't read Japanese.  

"Umai means good/ splendid in Japanese" 

In my July Umai Crate carries the theme of "UDON", to my surprise it even contains prefecture specialty items (not available elsewhere except in that particular prefecture that produces & sells it) like this Cold Udon from Gunma Prefecture. 

This Udon pack is from Gunma Prefecture

The packaging was rather different from the usual packs at the konbini or grocery store, and flipping to the back that's how i found it wasn't from around here lol. Rather interesting actually, now i'm curious to know how do they source for such unique items while being based in Tokyo haha. 

It is a good concept and isn't too pricey as well ($30 + free delivery worldwide); by the way, you can try out their 1 off orders before committing to their value saving packages (3, 6, 9 months) like what i did so if you feel that you aren't satisfied with the current box then you can cancel anytime before they charge you for the following month.

So if you are more of a noodle person instead of rice, then this subscription box is for you!
More details can be found on their website: https://japancrate.com/

I'm actually kinda interested to try out their other boxes too, seriously love these kind of  subscription concept because when it arrives; it feels like a monthly "Christmas Gift" lol. Gifts aren't limited to birthday month & December only yo!

Yours Truly,

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