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Snack Box by ZenPop

When one falls in love with Japan it can be very hard for that feelings to actually mellow down though they say time changes things eventually, but as for me the more time goes by the yearning grows stronger each passing day lol. Sounds like a dangerous relationship situation here and i those who have yet to catch the " #iloveJapan " bug, we'll give a little warning that it will make you feel like you have yet your first high school crush all over again, giddy as it comes you'll definitely wish you don't have leave the country ever lol.

But all good things like our holidays will surely come to an end at some point (our Malaysian visiting VISA only allows us to stay for 90 days) and we'll try to bring home as much things we can to remind us of the good times spent there (usually end up looking like a hoarder at the cashier) lol.
However when it comes to food stuff especially snacks or emergency foods like ramen, let's face the fact that there are just too many flavors for one to try during their short stay in Japan and how many of those can you actually pack in your luggage.
Though I've visited this country a couple of times, there are still so many of them that i have yet to try and i'm not joking when i say abundant. They are constantly releasing new limited edition flavors every couple of months and many times i would miss them because it's only available for a certain period.

Call me silly but I somewhat can't stand the idea of troubling my friends over there to help me purchase stuff let alone, keep it or post it to Malaysia. I would be apologizing to the moon and back wei, even if they generously offer i would still feel really guilty about it.
As a result i would source for other ways to get my stuff just for the sake of convenience, it's rather a good motivation actually because it's much more satisfying to know that you handled everything on your own without troubling others :)

In my country though we have access to Japanese food and snacks, the variety here is still limited as there isn't much demand for it to make the supply cut hence they only bring in the usual bunch that sells and on some special occasions when we have seasonal Japanese fairs here, that's the only time we have access to limited edition foods from various prefectures. 

Since i found out about ZenpPop (it's from the same creators of ZenMarket), getting my office studio supply of Japanese snack has been a breeze now. I'm the type that loves a good variety, so that we don't get bored with the same thing (unfortunately our market here is boring) every month.
Couple of years ago, subscription boxes were such a hype when they were first introduced into the digital world before they died down because there was just too many providing similar services/ items and the downside of those kind of services is you'll need to commit. Ugh.

And what makes ZenPop stand out from the rest out there it's because they are NOT as subscription service, no commitments there and all their items are locally sourced in Japan as their main target is reach out to the rest of the world by introducing the awesome stuff that can only be found in Japan.

There's easily 12-15 items in each monthly themed box 

Been following them really closely for the past 2 months and noticed that they are slowly releasing new categories for those who are interested in other things rather than just food like beauty & stationary.

Their stationary set so cute, how i wish i selected this! 
Who doesn't love cats?

My first box that arrived from them was the sweet box because i have a serious sweet tooth issue (just kidding, it's the period talking lol) .
I personally think this service is pretty worth it for the price paid which is only RM124 inclusive of registered postage and the amount of items carefully selected and curated for us monthly, definitely won't be getting bored that easily anytime soon. Normally when i purchase "A"(singular) Japanese snack from the local store, it can easily cost me double or triple the price due to import and tax charges but .however by ordering through ZenPop, i easily saved quite alot.

Every box costs only RM124 (inclusive of shipping)

For those of you who are not a fan of snack and sweets can also try out their ramen box (my next target), there's so many kind of ramen flavor in one box, can stock up my Apocalypse stash liao.
Or you can even surprise your ramen lover friends by ordering and box and getting it sent to their home, they will definitely love you for it!

My 2nd box just arrived and it's filled with skincare and cosmetic, can't wait to share more with you guys (insta stories was just a teaser) as i'm really excited myself
It seems rather fun getting to plan, pick and prepare these boxes for you guys, it's like being a personal shopper in some way lol. 

Who knows, i might actually work on curating a special beauty box for all you beauty lovers out there featuring highly recommended Japanese brand picks by yours truly :-p 

New flavor that was released in August, never thought i'll be able to try it!!

These are really addictive!

As always i do hope you found this review rather useful regardless which part of the world you are at reading this because at the end of the day my aim is to share a piece of Japan with you guys. 
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  1. This is a pretty cute idea! And I love the photo with you and the dear! I would love to pet a dear someday. :)

  2. I visited Nara in winter, so I was able to see these deer in the snow! It was a beautiful experience indeed. Those Japanese snacks look very tempting to try, I wonder if they have this service in our country.

  3. I`ve tried some of the snacks in your box. Their stationery is really cute. I visited the website, it reminds me of subscription boxes.

    ❀ Grace ❀

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