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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Enchanted Siblings Turns 2 !

Every month we celebrate someone else's birthday and last month it was none other than Enchanted Sibling's 2nd birthday! How time flies, i still remember when they first started up back in 2015, offering a wide range of dreamy pastel gel colors and designs that made every girl wished their nails were painted that way. And i was definitely one of them though pastel isn't exactly my kind of style, that shows how attractive their designs are that it can make a person change their mind just like that lol.

A brand created by the CHAN siblings who are passionate about art and beauty decided to establish Enchanted Siblings and just 6 months into the business they have earned their title as a No.1 Nail service in Malaysia.

I've seen many of my friends using their services and personally i've been stalking Enchanted Sibling's social media platforms too, so i do get to see their updates all the time. 
Yes, i'm just trying to poison myself even more at this rate because now i want to do all their designs lol. So you can imagine my joy when i received an invitation to join them on their birthday celebration for this year as i've missed the previous one due to work and i was too tired from the pregnancy :(

I promised myself that this year, die..die i must attend liao and i'm so glad i did because i finally got to visit their fairy tale themed outlets in Sri Petaling (Erelise -pastel home themed) and Publika (Lunaria Palace- pink heaven palace themed)!

Ignore my forever tired looking face lol
Focus on the pretty dessert bar, even i don't have the heart to eat it T_T

Their adorable unicorn themed dessert bar made by Jez_boutique_cakes

Enchanted sibling is more than just you average nail salon because aside from the usual nail painting services they specialize in specific categories like gel and SWAROVSKI elements. In fact their salon is certified by SWAROVSKI as an authentication proof that the crystals they used for their works are genuine and not fakes, not every salon has this certificate, so you definitely can tell that you are paying for real quality products. Imagine having all those bling bling crystals on you nails yo~
There's even express gel services for those who would like a quick fix before heading off to an event, i honestly prefer gel because it lasts longer and it dries way faster than normal nail polishes. 

Aside from nail enhancement services, Enchanted Sibling also provide Korean embroidery services for those who would like to fill in their eyebrows or fix their hairline area. 
 Natural results and fast solution for one to regain back confidence, as you guys know how important it is to have on point eyebrows as it makes a whole lot of difference in a person's features. 
Might consider getting mine done someday just to minimized my make up duration lol.

NAIL Services 
  • 1000+ original Japan/Korea designs by Enchanted Siblings
  • Japanese Express Gel Extension
  • Bridal Nail Expert in Malaysia

Korea Embroidery
  • Microfeathering
  • Micropigmentation

And guess what? I finally got my nails done at Enchanted Siblings!!
Since i'll be back in Japan for some projects, thought of getting my nails done so they look presentable than my usual wrinkly dull looking fingers. I'm a fan of manicures and pedicures, just that i barely have time to actually sit down and get them done and i can't do normal nail polish manicures as i learnt that my nails are naturally extra oily on its own so polishes tends to peel off rather easily.

So my current alternative is doing it with gel, that way it lasts long enough for me till my next visit lol. My nails are definitely weird man but i'm glad that my gel is currently holding on very well and it's been roughly 3 weeks already despite all the housework i'm doing!
If you have oily nail problems like mine, i would highly recommend you guys to do gel instead.

Picking a design is definitely a feat with Enchanted Siblings because they offer such a wide variety of designs, each set has its own signature Swarovski design embedded in it and i wanted something natural that could easily match all my outfits so i picked one with dried flowers and a nude/ pink base. Quite muted compared to their usual bright pastel tones but it does give me the fall vibe which i was looking for so thank you Enchanted Siblings for customizing this design arrangement for me :)

For prices it varies from design to design so it's best for you girls to check them out and get a quote.

2 weeks old + nails and mine grows pretty fast too, how i wish my hair grows that fast lol

Loving this very much!

Publika Branch:
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you are interested to pick up manicure art, you guys can contact them as well as they have nail courses and they are suppliers for Swarovski crystals!
That brings us to their PinkBizu brand which makes beautiful Swarovski crystals bracelets that you can customize according to your preference or if you can't decide on a theme they have tons of ready made ones you can select from.

Follow their instagram here for updated designs : @PinkBizu

How do you guys like my customized Swarovski bracelet from PinkBizu 💓
I picked the color theme and they helped me assemble it during the workshop! I really like making stuff, it's always much more special to be wearing something you have made compared to getting ready made ones :) 

The crystal is so shiny!
All my favorite colors in a row

Handmade candle by VIP_handmade

Thank you VIP_handmade for the specially curated gift!


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  1. The unicorn cake is pretty. But your manicure more attractive. Nice manicure done by Enchanted Siblings. Soft and sweet color that suit your fair fingers.


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