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Bye Blackheads, I won't miss you & MYCYBERSALE Alert

Not sure why lately my skin has been plagued by tons of pesky blackheads, and if you wondering why i try out so many types of skincare brands and never just stick to one it’s because my skin condition changes its mind like how a woman changed clothes. Yep, guess that’s one way to describe my skin type in a more specific manner than just saying its “combination blah blah”.
I blame women hormones because every week we go through some roller coaster hormonal changes (before/ after periods/ ovulation/ etc). Try being a woman wei, not easy sia and it’s not like we want to but it’s considered as taking care of ourselves or else when things blow out of proportion (cluster/ acne attacks), who else is to blame but ourselves kan?

Coming from me who’s really a lazy person when it comes to skincare routines, just recently only i started being more diligent because age is catching up and so are the fine lines.
I have skincare sets for days when my skin is behaving well, another one when it’s suddenly super oily, and one more for breakout fest (period week). But i don’t have one specifically for my current stubborn blackhead/ whitehead problems, it’s mostly stuck deep inside, not just the surface and if it’s not treated they’ll become pimples or acne.

Have so many of them lately that even my usual spa foam can’t help liao.

Guess this is what happens when your skin is frequently exposed to pollutants, everything gets clogged.

My friend previously recommended to me B.liv for blackheads because it works well for her, it helps by removing blackheads and shrinking the pore size to reduce chances of dirt clogging it next time and i did try out their face masks (absolute matte mask) which i kinda like and wanted to get the full size bottle but it was over my budget kind of situation *cry*.

Just recently during on my usual website stalking i noticed that all B.liv products are being sold up to 70% off, it was my chance to get their other products to try out too and really no regrets!

Found it suitable for my sensitive indecisive skin type (new term lol), and definitely after that one masking session my pores were noticeably smaller so make up on my face looks like it’s been airbrushed on!
Blessed sweet creation, i also don’t know what sorcery is this la, but whatever works i’m getting it. Now i understand why so many people swear by B.liv products, i too am convinced myself.

There are flash deal items going as low as RM10, comes with FREE SHIPPING (min purchase of RM60) & FREE GIFTS in conjunction of Malaysia’s annual biggest ecommerce sale- MYCYBERSALE is now back bigger than the year before and offering so much of attractive discounts ongoing from the 9th to the 13th of October, only 5 days to shop!

Really too good to be true liao, so don’t say that i didn’t share ah and please mark in down in your calenders with multiple alarms lol.

Head over to their website to shop today : www.bliv.com (70% off discounts yo!)

Every year i’ll purposely restrain myself from shopping online until the month of October because that’s when MYCYBERSALE begins, great time to shop and try out products i’ve been eyeing so long like the this B.liv set. Not being cheapskate, just being a smart shopper lol.

So much for saving for my year end trip but probably i should take this opportunity to do Christmas shopping for my family and friends as well, at least less one headache on what to get them in December because by that time people tend to raise their prices due to festive season lol.


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  1. Hahaha!Thank God i found someone who is lazy at skincare routine's because i am also a really lazy person when it comes to skincare routine's.All girls have this blackheads problem.Thanks for sharing about this product!


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