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Japan's Autumn Weather Travel Tips

Don't we all learn new things every single day! 😓

2 years ago during my first trip to Tokyo (was a Japan virgin btw lol) i was greeted with a decent cooling weather and occasional light showers which wasn't something that bothered me except when i was transferring from one homestay to another, it's annoying to lug around heavy luggages when it's raining because it requires extra effort to stay dry while holding an umbrella, using your phone map to navigate and drag your bag behind. Worst if you have kids with you (harness would be very useful at this point).

This year i was roughly expecting a similar weather but you know mother nature, predictions are never exactly accurate to begin with.
Instead i was greeted with a downpour that lasted for not just a whole day but a couple of days in a row until i left Japan. From the weather prediction app it seems that it's gonna be a gloomy autumn this year if this keeps up and with the temperature dropping further, i won't be surprised if it starts to snow early again like last year (kinda beautiful by the way!).

Rain in Japan is totally different from what we usually have in Malaysia, theirs seems to go on forever without an end meanwhile ours is just a couple hours of heavy downpour and it's done lol. Strange indeed.

So for those of you guys who kept asking me how the weather in Tokyo, here's a heads up for you on what to bring along so you won't get caught by surprise.
Some of the tips might be pretty obvious to those of you who have 4 seasons in your country, but for people like me who has 365 days of summer here, it's a real "i wished i knew this earlier" face-palm moment.

1. Foldable Umbrellas

It's better to get small foldable ones as you can just slip them in your bag instead of carrying around the usual long transparent ones which you can't even bring out of the country and the thought of discarding a new umbrella seems rather wasteful. If possible prepare your own ones, or head to the nearest shop (everywhere sells them) to get a mini foldable one like i did. It may cost abit more but think of it as a decent investment and for convenience sake of course lol.

2. Raincoats

If you are going to wear pretty clothes in Japan then be prepared with a raincoat because an umbrella alone isn't gonna be much help especially when the wind starts blowing. Think the most annoying weather combination is having rain and strong winds together.

3. Windbreaker/ Coats/ Jackets

It gets really chilly even during the day as the temperature ranges around 18-15 degrees at the moment and during the night it drops further especially when it rains.

4. Oil/ rich cream base moisturizers/ lip balms/ Eye drops

Yep the air is rather dry at the moment so if you are from a warmer country like me who uses the LIGHTEST kind of gel moisturizers then time to invest in a good rich one because your face is gonna crack and flake like mad making putting on make up a real b*tch. I highly recommend WASOKAREI & MAMA BUTTER
Oh and make sure to layer on the lip balm as well, or easier way you can just get a jar of Vaseline to use all over.
I also noticed that my eyes tends to get more irritated than usual, due to the dry air our contact lenses tends to dry up as well but nothing some eye drops can't fix.

The only time i get to wear my boots, in Japan lol

5. Wear Boots/ Shoe covers

If possible wear boots, not only they look stylish but it also helps prevents your socks/ leggings being soaked by the rain. Noticed that difference when i was wearing my loafers and boots, having soggy leggings throughout the day isn't pleasant. All squishy and gross siaa.
If your boots are uncomfortable, this is Japan just head to Daiso or 3 Coin store to get your comfy sole inserts, problem solved.

6. Don't wear MAXI DRESSES

Seriously, it's like one of my biggest regrets throughout this whole trip lol, yea it looks great but not worth getting muddy and wet ends. Bleh.

7.  Don't wear big hats

It might seem like a great idea to keep your head dry from the rain but when the wind blows, bid adieu to your hats because it's going to fly away. If you really insists on wearing them then make sure you have them secured down with bobby pins.
Most people would just wear beanies to keep their head warm.

Yep so here are some of my tips for autumn, hope this helps you guys to pack wiser and be better prepared than i was lol.
Will be updating my blog soon on my stay in Kichijoji and How i lost my passport, so make sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss out on my new entry!

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  1. The rain here is just few moments yeah but more frequent.. I wondered the rain chill over there is a lot more greater hmm..


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