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Kawaii Box | Smile in a Box

Sorry for the late update on this box review that was supposed to go up over the weekend, i know some of you were waiting for it after my last instagram update, as i caught a fever out of the blue and currently still recovering from it. Guess the haywired malaysian climate has finally got to me and i myself too have been really feeling under the weather for the past couple of days even after trying to shake the feeling off by hanging out with some friends to keep my mind distracted but it doesn't seem to work.
Probably i need a full long break away from social media specifically from my blog but i still got a couple of posts that i need to complete before going on hiatus.

At times like these some times receiving a box full of unicorn dreams does help brighten my gloomy day up abit, i'm not sure what's causing it because work is good, blog seems fine it's just me that's out of whack at the moment. If only Peter Pan's favourite line "think happy thoughts" actually works i would have done so and flew to neverland where i need not worry about growing old or paying bills the rest of my life. Sorry if this post sounds rather abit morbid than my usual posts, loosing my touch of trying to put on a facade whenever i am blogging but sooner or later you'll guys will know how much of a depressing person i am who's the total opposite of the pastel works she constantly creates just to escape reality for awhile even if it's just through photos.

No denying i miss Japan, call me a weeb or whatever but at least i have a goal and i am working towards it bit by bit and i do hope one day to be able to make that country my 2nd home (if it's possible) but for now i am content with what i have like when a new Japanese restaurant opens in KL or a cosmetic brand that i've been following for so long has finally started supplying at my nearest drug store. Littles things like these does make me excited so receiving this cute little box of dreams from Kawaiibox.com is no different.
Generally i am an easy person to please, just remember the smallest details about me and i'll love you for life already because i know it isn't easy to remember something about somebody especially when you barely know them but at least took the effort to go an extra mile.

Like receiving this box at my doorstep (actually had to make a trip to the post office because i wasn't in to receive it lol) i couldn't helped but to rip it open because i wanted to see what was in it. Totally felt like a child during christmas morning that day, something about Japanese pastel cute stuff just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, coming from a person whose style is definitely far from reaching unicorn land but i just can't help that feeling and it's a nice one.
There was a time when all these subscription boxes were a hype ranging mostly on cosmetics and skincare, some fashion ones but soon died down in 2013 because everyone ran out of ideas on how to keep surprising their subscribers monthly.

Would also like to give a special thank you shoutout to kawaii box for taking the effort to send me a new box after my last one got sent back without me realising because my local courier did not notify me about my parcel that was sitting in the post office for almost a month (just gave birth during that time). 

Let me introduce to you guys a little bit more about Kawaii Box, they are one of those unique surprise monthly subscription boxes from US but it's filled with variety of goodies from both Japan and Korea as the brand name "kawaii" itself already means "cute" in Japanese language and their concept and direction pretty much speaks for itself without needing any further explanations.
If you are familiar with the kawaii culture in Japan and followed it, then you would know how much all these pastel stuff are supposed to fit into the box, not too little and not too much, just enough to give you a recommended dose of "kawaii-ness".

My favourite item out of the whole box, sanrio's cinnamoroll in an easter egg costume lol.

It must be really challenging for them to be constantly brewing up new ideas every month and constantly sourcing for new cute products in the market to fit inside the box but it must be really satisfying for the kawaii box team to see our smiley faces and pretty photos on instagram/ facebook :)
Keep up the great work and continue to shower us with more cuteness in years to come kawaii box! 

After receiving April's easter box, i'm contemplating on whether i should just sign up for their yearly subscription boxes and based on their past boxes there seems to be quite a good variety of interesting goodies and themes to it too.
Just a little gift to myself as a monthly reminder that there's a gift from unicorn land waiting to arrive at my doorstep and keep me occupied for a couple of hours.

I've learned to never underestimate children's toys, it can be rather therapeutic actually after i have tested out Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY candy kit that came inside kawaii box and i finally understood why some mothers would spend money (not cheap stuff) buying these edible "dough like" candies to play with their kids.
That's how i spent my sick Sunday making my own imaginary bakery that i can never have, not in a million year because i can't bake for nuts and the last time i did it ended up with burnt cookies or unidentifiable muffins lol. 

 Took me 2 hours to make all these and 5 secs to throw everything inside my mouth and chew them up -_- lol

Inside kawaii box there's usually an average of 10 to 12 small items ranging from Japanese/ Korean snacks to trinkets, stationary and fashion accessories and for the price of $20.90 (if you take the 12 month plan). From a Malaysian's point of view regarding the price may be a bit steep as our currency against USD isn't something to compare in the first place as we have always been the weaker one but if you are looking at it from paying to get imported goods kinda perspective then it's something worth it and not everything found in this box can be gotten in Malaysia as well.
There's 4 types of subscription packages you can pick from, if you are not ready to commit 12 months, you can opt for their 3 or 6 months package first before upgrading.

Not very often you'll find stuff that's available in the states that actually ships to Malaysia unless through a proxy site which can be rather costly at times just for a single item.
They already include registered shipping in the price so you don't have to pay any additional costs for courier services but make sure to keep a look out by checking your tracking number on your local courier website during the 2 weeks after its been dispatched (you'll receive an email with the tracking number).

Something you can try if you are looking to experience different kinds of subscription boxes available in the market and it's suitable for both the young and old who enjoy cute things in life, just take note that some items may be too small for children below the age of 5 as it can pose as choking hazard unless opened with adult supervision.
That's my thoughts on this box of surprises, can't wait to see what they have in stored for next month :)

For every best review of the month, stand a chance to win a kawaii box worth $100so make sure to upload a review on your social media platforms with the hashtag #kawaiibox

To subscribe head over to www.kawaiibox.com



  1. omg the small stuff so cute <3

  2. so kawaii suit for girls. Good idea as gifts to loved ones.

  3. omg.....so cuteeeee..i like it

  4. I'd love to subscribe this box! The sanrio's cinnamoroll is just too adorable

  5. Wow the stuff that you got are really cute! OMG! I wish we have one here in Philippines.

    1. It's from US and they do ship internationally!

  6. Hi Arisa these items are soo kawaii indeed. My little sister will definitely bug me if she sees your post. She loves kawaii things too!

  7. the box is so cute. don't stop blogging leh! love reading your posts. you have been amazing, and I'm sure you will continue being awesome. :)

    1. Thank you GengQian, maybe I just need a break that's all.

  8. Oh dear, what great temptation it is for me as I love Japanese/Korean cute stuff as well. BUT I must not as I don't have the money to spare and already have way too many things in my room!

    1. You can always start cleaning up your room and donate things that you don't need or use :)

  9. Oh my temptation to subscribe is strong! But the price, wanna cry thinking how Myr is shitty against Usd. Erm, I'm visitng Japan in about 3 weeks time though for USJ so I'm on a shopping ban now. T.T

  10. Wow the stuff inside the box is so cute. This should be perfect as a gift too. My niecs would love this.

  11. oh wow.. this is just so cute... I would love this....I am such an overgrown kid at heart and adore all kawaii stuff

  12. The box definitely has a lot of kawaii stuff which is really hard to resist!! The mini desserts are way too cute to eat it no? haha

  13. I actually like the edible thinggy. haha. I remember purchasing a few boxes of it when i was in Japan.

  14. So kawaii! Is it like a suprise box which you subscribe and never know what you'll receive every months? I like suprises! Might consider to subscribe.

  15. OMG its everything in the box is cute and adorable. I love them all especially the Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY candy kit.


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