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Mon Cheri Instant Pore Refiner & Petale CC Cover Review

How long has it been since i last wrote about make up reviews, think the last entry was back in October 2016 for Maybelline? As you guys know how i pride myself in giving proper detailed reviews, no shortcuts since people google to find out about product reviews everyday before making a purchase and having half baked reviews and bloggers spamming their posts full of selfies with no actual content gets on everyone's nerves (click bait sial).

After being approached by Mon Cheri Essentials to try out their newest (ok, not so new la) pore refiner base and CC cover cushion which i was curious to try out from the very beginning after seeing the launch photos, i immediately took up this opportunity so i can try them out and share my thoughts on these products.

Was it worth the rave by some notable bloggers?

I've heard of this brand before prior to being contacted but i only knew them for carrying skincare and that was 2 years ago if i'm not mistaken so i was rather surprise when both cosmetic products was introduced to me. Guess they are slowly branching out to explore other areas of beauty aside from just skin care.

Here is a brief introduction on Mon Cheri Essentials, it's a brand from France dedicated to share their love for skincare as they strongly believe that beauty is more than skin deep and the ultimate way for one to shine is by having confidence with their own bare skin.

That's true actually, for people who dare to go out bare faced definitely have more confidence than those who slap on a 10 inch layer of make up that makes them look like an unrecognizable cake.
Make up is used to enhance your looks and not modify it to look like someone else on a daily basis, also it's not good for your skin to suffocate that way.
I learned that the lesser make up you wear (natural style), the more attractive you'll look because people can see your actual features instead of a mask.

Full size of 30ml

Moving on to the products, it's been a long while since i last used a make up base because all those BB cushions in the market these days claimed to have make up base in them and SPF as well, so it's marketed as an all in one product for convenience sake and people like me do actually fall for that lol because anything to make life easier (like shorter make up time).
I did noticed that despite those "inclusive base" claims the cushion can never seems to be able to last as long as our good ol' foundation which i only reserve now for cosplay make up since i feel it's too thick for me to use on a daily basis.
And the last primer i bought and used from Dior (good stuff but expensive) was finishing as well so i am glad Mon Cheri's primer came just in time for me to experiment on.

Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner is a new product in  Mon Cheri Essentials's Collection De Bouquet line and comes in only 1 shade but it blends well with any skin tone so you don't have to worry about it being too fair for your skin, etc. Inside this product there are other active ingredient like the Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, which has anti photo-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties.
This product seriously sounds like a skincare and make up merged together lol so this is what you get when a renown skincare company starts producing it's on line of cosmetics.

Benefits of Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner
  • Brightens skin
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Anti ageing properties

Twist the cap and squeeze it

Like it's name, it functions by erasing your fine lines and pores giving you a more smoother base to apply your make up on. As we get older, these pesky lines are inevitable and for some of us with annoying large pores we are always on a look out for a good primer that can fill it in.

Upon trying it, i have to say the texture is rather easy to blend on my combination skin giving it a surprisingly smooth and matte finishing which i am really satisfied with. My problem with most primers is either they are hard to blend as a result of make up being patchy or too runny so it doesn't cover any of my pores at all but for this it does the job well and smells really pleasant too!

Reminder: Make sure NOT to skip your usual skin care regime first before applying the base and make up.

I would give this product a  9/10 rating 
Price: RM110
Lasts 12 months upon opening 
Before and after applying the Pore refiner
Pores are visibly lesser

Was also told that their Petale CC Cover works well with their pore refiner so i decided to put them to the test as well and see if their claims were true. But do take note that some products might work for me might not work for others too, this depends on individual skin type. Mine has always been a sensitive combination so the most oiliest part of my face is definitely the T-zone, no matter what i do i can seem to do anything about it except just reduce the oil with finishing powder.

The CCc cushion prides itself for its' weightless and velvety finishing allowing women to achieve the "no make up" flawless look and it also has SPF50+PA+++ protecting the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause long term damage like skin pigmentation.


Made from multiple herb extracts (all Mon Cheri Essential stuff are by the way) which can also treat the wearer's acne thanks to it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (paraben free- everybody's favorite word), so it's safe to say that it doesn't cause any irritation for those of you with pimples or acne, it will not irritate your skin further. I did have a couple of pimples which i tested by applying the CC cushion on, it seems alright and nothing out of the ordinary there, size/ condition of pimple still the same and not flared up like it usually does with other cushions and foundations.

Available in 5 different shades that basically covers fair/tan skin tones: light pink, natural beige, brown beige, yellow beige & sand beige

Mine is in Natural Beige

Coverage wise i wouldn't say it's good enough (scale of 6/10) as i still needed some concealer to cover up my stubborn fresh pimples & terrible eyebags but however those old flat pimple scars can be easily covered with the cushion and it evens out my overall skin tone well. I do love it's velvety finishing, immediately after applying and blending it out you can see it setting to its powder-ish form on your skin, reminds me of KATE Tokyo's foundation that finishes in a similar way as well except this is a lighter and breathable version. You can just skip your face press powder at this point but to make it last longer on your skin translucent finishing powder is definitely needed.

It has decent lasting power that's for sure, used together with the primer it lasted more than 8 hours without any touch ups and there was still 70% of my make up still intact especially my cheek area, the only part that took the most damage was my T-zone and mouth (eat/ drink/ wipe).
Looks like i've found my new favorite cushion for this year, and hate to say this but in my opinion it's even better than Laniege's 3rd generation BB cushion.

Yes, this cushion can be removed and refill like other cushion brands in the market but for now they do not sell the refill yet and i do hope so soon (will update post if they do).

What makes their cushion design much more unique than the rest is that instead of usual sponge base, they use mesh which does a good job in holding the content in and at the same time releasing sufficient amount when you dab the puff sponge on it

I would give this product a  8/10 rating 
Price: RM135
Lasts 12 months upon opening 

No beauty filters, just the pore refiner, CC cover and some blusher
This is taken before and after 8 hours, it did melt no doubt but i would say the coverage is still 70% there which is decent enough for an almost full day out sweating and all. My T-zone is still slightly oily despite using the base and innisfree no-sebum finishing powder, but better than most days that's for sure . If there are finishing powders that can actually help oily T-zone, please do recommend to me! 

Not forgetting, part of their #SendingLove campaign; when you purchase RM120 at Mon Cheri Essential, you'll received a special hand drawn card by talented local artist Mogu for you to post to your loved ones just like the good old days when we send each other postcards and letters instead of emails and texts. Trust me, this would put a smile on their faces :)

Hope you guys found this review helpful and i do look forward to try more of  Mon Cheri Essentials products near future.


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