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Beauty | The Kissing Test [KOSE Lip Gel Magic Review]

Probably the last to review this product by heck la, at least can is say i did test it out myself!
Been seeing so many ads of it all over social media (am i the only one seeing it?) and when i went to Japan it was all over the cosmetic shelves as well. But i do have a question for the rest of you who have used it first, "How do you actually use it?" Don't worry i finally got that figured out after 4 attempts lol.
The first time i have tried using it there was still some (minimal) lipstick transfer on the tissues and lil parasite's cheeks lol , i tested it out on her because you know how we are always seeing those cute commercials of babies with lip prints all over their faces from kisses? Wanted to try and see if it works or not, if it doesn't then yay i got a cute baby with kiss marks on her chubby cheeks still a win la.

This product was deemed transfer proof to even to your biggest wardrobe nightmare- white clothes, it sounded really promising indeed since i was always kissing Mariko it's hard to wear lipsticks or lip glosses anymore so when this product was sent to me i thought "hallelujah" the long awaited solution has finally arrived. Sadly by the time i found out how to properly use this lip gel, i'm unable to kiss my daughter's cheeks anymore with my stain proof lips. *sigh*

Being a beauty blogger doesn't mean i have the entire knowledge and solution (more knowledge than average people but not to a pro level) to every beauty product sent to me, it's more for experimental / testing purposes so at least we can share a variety of our thoughts/ opinions about the product for people to read up on whenever they are considering of purchasing it.

It took me a couple of attempts before i successfully applied it on, so if you are wondering why it doesn't work for you after a few tries then please read on.

I used it together with Esprique (it's under KOSE as well) lipstick in shade OR290 which is a nice scarlet shade.

First Attempt (fail)
It came out too runny, maybe i didn't shake hard enough as instructed so the texture was clear-ish and oily looking. The lipstick i was using also a KOSE brand since it was recommended to get better results use their own range of lipsticks along with the lip gel, however the gel smudged my lipstick out of my lips so had to wipe it all off.

Second Attempt (fail)
I shook it even more harder this time and applied a 5 cent amount with a layer of lipstick but it was still unsuccessful. Still too much lip gel.

Third Attempt (fail)
Blotted my lipstick first before applying the gel, still transfers about 20% even after letting it set for 2 minutes prior to testing.

Fourth Attempt (success)
Just applied my lipstick like normal (1 layer), shook the lip gel for about 15 seconds and apply a pea size amount (it looks cloudy now) to rub all over my lips evenly. The creamy lipstick will start to become somewhat like a matte balm on your lips. Let it dry for 5 seconds and your lipstick is now transfer proof!
You can test with a tissue and at the same time blot any excess lip gel.

The color of the lipstick applied on does changes from being the super "wet" to matte almost instantly

Even every beauty blogger has her fair amount of failures just like everyone else before succeeding lol. But i am glad that i finally got it figured out, right now it's like my must have lip product whenever i wear lipstick so that i don't have to worry about it smudging clothes when i hug someone or having to constantly touch up after every drink/ meal.
Conclusion of this product it does works as promised so it's worth getting to try and you won't regret purchasing it.
Surprisingly it's easy to remove by wiping off with tissue at the end of the day, my lips isn't stained with any remaining color like the ones i usually get from using lip tints or liquid lipsticks *shudders*.

Can finally eat a sandwich without staining it lol
But if you don't coat your lips properly on the outer part, you'll get minimal stains like this which isn't too bad compared to seeing bright red lip outline on the bread.

While i was in Japan, could easily find this product on the shelves since KOSE practically is one of the largest beauty corporation with many prominent children brands under their umbrella. Don't believe me, next time when you are in Japan walk into any drug store and pick up a make up/ skincare product and look at the label. You'll see the word "KOSE" on it lol.

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