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Review | My Thoughts on VEET Sensitive Touch

For the longest period of time i was scared of shavers (like the ones men used to save their beards) despite brands coming out with "women version" which looks exactly like the men's except it was in pink both product and packaging so i would usually opt to either wax or use those Hair Removal Depilatory Creams but they were always from VEET.
One of the most trusted hair removal brands i've been using since i started grooming myself back in 2011 and even once joined their Veet It Off challenge in 2012 and emerged as the winner, totally didn't see that coming but yea it was a great experience nonetheless!

So you can see that i have been a faithful Veet user for about 6 years and still counting, whenever i need a quick fix before an event and i don't have time to fix an appointment at the waxing shop, i'll just usually do it at home and all it needs like 5 minutes of my time to achieve smooth, sexy legs. I see hair removal as a form of hygiene grooming and not just for beauty purposes so one of my hugest pet peeves is people who don't clean their legs up before wearing their micro mini skirts or shorts. The sight of unruly hair is truly terrifying ._.
Sorry to be so brutally honest, i mean don't you girls feel like it's just weird to have really long leg hair paired with your short bottoms or maybe some of you are just too comfortable with it to bother but yea when i see these on the train or in the mall the urge to throw a tube of veet at them is so strong.

I understand that some of you practice being comfortable with your natural body hair but when you are outside, it's just manners la.
Also this shows people the kind of person you are when you do not practice simple self hygiene and grooming. Many refuse to remove their body hair as they are not educated about it thoroughly except through assumptions that's been dated waaaay back to dinosaur era. 
When asked to shave their body hair the first thing that comes to their mind is "hair will grow back uglier and thicker", maybe back then when razors were first introduced it wasn't as effective as the shavers introduced recently but from my personal experience with shavers the growth of my hair looks the same as before it was shaved, so no diff there. 

But there are many other ways to remove those pesky hair like i mentioned briefly earlier in this post that there are 2 other options like waxing and Depilatory Creams , those remove hair really effectively as well and the results are somewhat more desirable and longer compared to shavers.

Shavers has always been labled as the "bad guy" among all hair removal products because it causes ingrown hair, dry skin (you are also removing a layer of skin as you shave), and very fast hair growth however this method is one of the FASTEST solution as well, in less than 60 seconds you can have hair free skin. So everything has it's pros and cons of shaving but over the years Veet has been working to combat these problems caused by shavers so that women can now have faster and worry free solution when they are on the go (anywhere, anytime).

Hair Free Info: creams and wax are more suitable if you are in a toilet of your own home because it can get kinda messy.    

When they first released this sensitive touch shaver, my first impression on it was that it's just another marketing gimmick toy that i don't need since i would rather wax these days (it lasts a month on average) but my problem is how often am i able to schedule my next wax appointment with my busy schedule so i thought why not just give this shaver a try and if anything goes wrong my hair can always grow back lol, totally nothing to loose in that area.
Being a person who travels for work, packing depilatory products just wastes space though i could have get it done before i fly but at times when you are just so occupied these kind of things kinds slips your mind until you have to put on a skirt to only realized that your legs are so fuzzy!
My usual hack is having a black pantyhose at hand lol.

Or worst case is forgetting to bring your eyebrow tweezers or shaving blade, oh forgot to mention that bushy messy eyebrows are totally unacceptable to me because it really defines your overall features. Heck even businessmen in Japan have better groomed eyebrows than me that it really makes me as a woman feel so ashamed of myself lol. Also you wouldn't want people to remember you for your unkempt brows during your first meet.

Works with an AA battery

So having the sensitive touch device seems like a good investment to have at hand in these kind of scenarios that one can easily face every single time when they have a prawn head memory such as myself (proud). The interchangeable head is really a genius design making it suitable for hair removal on different areas of your body, there's a small blade for eyebrows and a large head for bigger areas like your bikini line, legs and underarms.   

 Senstive Touch claims that it's quick and gentle with no risk of getting cuts and at the same time high precision, sounds rather abit too good to be true la.
But after sacrificing some parts of my body hair to test this electric trimmer out, i did find it rather easy to use but not exactly "high precision", not sure is it because my hair is too fine that it can't seem to grip and cut it all the way or it's meant to be like that or i am not using it correctly lol. There's usually about probably abit of my hair left behind but it isn't too noticeable unless i put it directly to my face la but in that aspect was kinda a wee bit disappointed.
But what i noticed is that the area that's been shaved on my leg using the trimmer has not even grown back since last week, that's rather surprising as from my experience with shavers the most it would last is maybe 3 days before some stubs become visible on the surface of the skin, so for that i am really happy that the results are long lasting!

You can still see abit of short hairs left behind

However the eyebrow trimmer head, it feels rather abit too big and intimidating for a newbie to even dare put it close to their brows in fear of accidentally shaving it off entirely or even their eyelashes!
Probably if the head was abit more slimmer like our average eyebrow blades then it's easier for us to control it.
It does a decent job trimming up the stray eyebrow hairs but not completely as i can still see abit of the hair left behind exactly like the same when i use it to trim my leg hair.
But what can i say, it's not exactly meant to do precise work like the professionals but it's definitely good for a quick temporary fix during your outings or travels.

Hope you girls (and guys) find this tool something useful to have in your travel toiletry bags :)
More details can be found on their Facebook: Veet Malaysia

You can get them at our local major pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian. Original priced is RM119 however you can save abit by purchasing online; Watsons online is selling them for RM112.50 and Guardian online is selling them for only RM99.

It also has a tiny brush to clean the blade once you are done 



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