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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Kornna Malaysia Opens at MyTown Shopping Center

So many malls popping up around Klang Valley that i am really unaware of and MyTown Shopping Center was one of it lol if it wasn't for Kornna's shop launch i don't think i would have go to that part of Cheras as well and also found out that it's a mall attached to Ikea Cheras!
When you are from the other side of town like me with plenty of malls surrounding the area as well, you wouldn't bother even stepping out to explore malls that are more than 20km radius because petrol can be rather pricey these days (the prices fluctuates every week!).

But i am glad i learned something new over the weekend, discovering a new shoe brand from Hong Kong recently open an outlet in shopping mall at Cheras (MyTown) and i also got myself a new pair of sandals to replace my old broken one after complementing for almost an hour because there were just too many designs to choose from!
So many "new" in one sentence lol.

How many of you are a fan of crocs here?
I wasn't much of a fan because i found their design rather ugly to be honest but no doubt the wide front design is suitable for people who have some bone deformities like mine (i have a bunion) as it isn't too tight unlike normal shoe designs that's supposed to fit like a glove (so painful for me).
But no doubt their material is great especially for tropical weather like Malaysia you can never wear suede or other types of fabric shoes without the risk of it being drenched in muddy rain water/ gross.

When i was introduced to this trendy shoe collection from Hong Kong, i was totally blow away by the variety of colors and designs available with an affordable price tag too. And naturally i was somewhat attracted to the pastel pink pair (love at first sight kinda feeling) as you can see me trying on in the photo, i can't explain why i am so attracted to pink but it's not my favorite color as my all time favorite is turquoise/ aquamarine lol i started looking at pink stuff ever since i had that bubblegum hair done back during december 2015 at Daisuke salon

And having just to pick one pair took forever, i always joke that when it comes to shopping i am one of the worst person on earth to go out with as i can never decide which item to get and will end up debating like it's an ongoing school national debate showdown lol. So thank you Cheryl for tolerating me haha.
Surprisingly comfortable and its made from light EVA compound that feels abit like foam rubber making alol their shoes shock absorbent, lightweight  and waterproof as well.

Kornna aims to release more exciting designs and colors monthly to their current collection, so you'll definitely will have a hard time keeping to just one pair. Don't be afraid to mix and match your shoes as well to create a playful outcome that suits your personality, if they can wear mismatched socks, i don't see the reason why not for shoes as well. 

Kornna can be found even in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and soon every part of the world!
For more information, you may log on: www.kornna.com and follow their official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kornnamalaysia


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