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Wanderlust Things | Unicorn Brushes Craze

Everyone is going berserk over the recent release of Tarte's unicorn brushes that easily costs you an arm and a leg (for me at least la) but no denying that it looks so magical that you can't help but to want a set just to complete your make up hoarding addiction lol.
Impulsive buyers, aren't we all are at a certain point.

It does look somewhat like my hair ._.

Yep it does LOL.

To me it's one of those things that are too expensive so it allows me to make rational decisions instead of giving in to my impulsive urges because i know myself too well. Definitely one of those people who just likes to collect pretty things but never had the intention of using it which ends up as a waste as well lol. But if i do want to something, price also has to justify la.
I'm exactly like gudetama, i want something but 99% of the time i'll go "meh" and let my laziness do the job (a.k.a procrastinating) so by the time i actually muster up the will to on my PC and buy the stuff it would already be sold out (oh well) lol.

So for all you unicorn lovers out there who constantly have your head stuck in rainbow land while pooping cotton candy during your magical throne sessions, you are gonna love this post because what if i told you that you are able to get your very own unicorn brushes for less than RM100?
Many of you have also complimented on the pastel hues on my recent photos which i would like to thank each and everyone of you, and to answer your questions on what camera i am using, it's just my trusty EOSM10 (can't live without this fella).


These brushes are not only aesthetically pleasing and worthy for your instagram shots but their bristles are also really soft which i am rather surprised because since when has anything pretty are actually 100% functional? LOL.

There are 2 choices available one set if for the face which i have chose and it consists of 5 brushes meanwhile the other set is for eye make up. I hardly ever use eyeshadow so there's no point for me to get that but if i you are looking to get a complete make up brush set then i would advise you to purchase both sets and the most the total would be still costs less than the amount you are going to pay for those Tarte brushes (5pcs for RM170 😱) When you read my blog you should know by now how much of a cheapskate i am when it comes to materialistic stuff lol.
Also i prefer to label it as being a "wise shopper" 😜 why waste so much money when you can get something similar for a fraction of the cost.

Currently they are sitting on my make up table just looking pretty but i'll promise to do a tutorial featuring them when i have the time. 
For now head on over to Wanderlust Things to get your brushes before they are all sold out, It's selling like hot cakes and this is the last chance to order them because they won't be restocking after this. Wanderlust Things also have tons of other quirky stuff like food inspired bags (great for OOTDs), fashion accessories, basically all those stuff you have seen on pinterest and wish they are sold in Malaysia
Technically you can now get them here because Wanderlust Things is a Malaysian based website lol so happy shopping girls, and your welcome because i know i have been helpful (savings) yet unhelpful (tempting) at the same time.
Remember to subscribe to my blog for the latest updates, also i'll be more active on my blog instead of my other social platforms as i would like to shift my focus here as part of my 2017 resolutions.

Take advantage of their summer sale and get 10% off your purchase



  1. Love this post! Just like u, im also a sorta cheap skate beauty blogger who prefers going for a the dupes rather than spend my hard earned money on ridiculously priced items. Kudos to u for being real!

  2. Awww thank you dearie! I know, rather use the money saved up to either travel or invest on something more beneficial :)

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