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Nunature Malaysia Anti Hairfall & Complete hair care review

It feels like ages when it comes to reviewing products lol, it has indeed been awhile and most of you guys prefer to read my travel updates instead of beauty product reviews kan?:-P
But i'm still going to blog about it anyway because i'm so happy that my bald spot is no longer bald.

How did it all happen? Let's go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back to pregnancy, i went through 2 full term pregnancies over the past 4 years and during pregnancy stage, all the good stuff like luscious shiny hair, fast growth, etc but each time after delivering, post partum hairloss kicks in real hard to the point there are noticable bald patches around my head. Not kidding because the most visible spots are near my forehead, slightly above the temple spot. 

It's so bad that i feel so embarrased tying up my hair because it would expose such a big bald spot and it's BOTH sides too and i look seriously weird honestly. I have to purposely position my hair daily and to even some extreme measures, use make up (my darkest face countour shade) to cover up those hairless spots. Can't believe i've reached that level 😭

Washing and combing my hair became a dreaded session because i'm bound to see the entire floor filled with hair, only moms can relate to this post partum hair distress situation. It's apparently a "NORMAL" cycle for us to lose that much hair and it isn't fun. Imagine after how many kids, by that time not surprised if completely bald liao haha.. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration, but it really feels like it! And the constant toilet drain cover being clogged by massive wads of hair, enough to make a wig if we collect it everyday for a week. Ugh & Gross. 
And another factor that the universe fails to mention to us new mothers is that OUR CHILDREN will also contribute to the never ending hairloss cycle, hair pulling every.single.day. You try all sort of way from tieing up to cutting short, as long your children has hands, it's still going to be the first thing they'll pull. And they think it's funny no matter how many stern faces and voices you make while saying "NO". Welcome to motherhood indeed. 

So yes, that's my balding story to date 😂 

Have i bore you guys yet or you're going to tell me to quit the grandmother story and quickly share the solution la!
Okay i promised to keep my entry short and straight to the point this round but a little background story is needed or else it would be rather a pointless review because there is no relevance lol. 
So the whole story started is when i saw a friend of mine Chanwon shared her review on Nunature shampoo and even results on her baby hair growing out. That seriously caught my attention because it was like "BINGO!" exactly what i needed for my current problem now; It was a good thing i was back in KL last sept and i managed to grab a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from Watsons Pharmacy before heading back to Japan.

If you are not familiar with the brand, here is a little introduction:

Nunature is a brand passionate on the wellbeing of hair and body care, bringing both nature and science together to provide reliable, safe and effective solution for our everyday needs.
The brand also belives in preventing & reversing the ageing process of our scalp therefore their products are designed to retain the scalp's moisture while containing natural active ingredients that helps with cell regeneration; at the same time ensuring it's free from common irritants like paraban, SLS & SLES. 
The 3 Essentials:
  • Strengthen hair root
  • Prevent hair fall
  • Protection from everyday damage

Nunature Malaysia Anti Hairfall Shampoo & Hydration conditioner

Was so excited to use it back in Japan and as usual i know this kind of stuff takes time to show results because there is no such thing as overnight miracles, we ain't Jesus ya'll 😂

Little did i expect results grew (my hair too lol) over the duration of 4 weeks, 4 FREAKING WEEKS! I started noticing lots of baby hair on my bald spots (above the temple zone remember? I case i lost you with my ramblings above). Really couldn't believe my eyes because those spots has been hairless for months regardless of this "hair growth" serum i was previously using which caused my scalp to grow pimples and no signs of hair growth.
This round no special treatment or whatsoever, just using Nunature's Anti- hairfall shampoo and hydration conditioner for a month, that's all!

After 9 months of shedding non stop, the bald patch in front was the scariest 

More baby hairs growing steadily!

The danna started using my shampoo around the same time and i noticed our toilet drain cover doesn't clog up as frequently as it used to (both of us have long hair lol), usually every week we have to clean it out but now we only clean it once very 2 weeks which is a good sign that our hairfall is under control though I'm the main culprit lol :-P

We've gone through so freaking many types of shampoo brands from Japan's drug stores since 2018 and i can confidently tell you that we hardly have any repeats because none of them appeals to us, also that's why you never see me recommending anything till this lol. The performance was so-so, and it felt like a never ending search for our household :-/
But with Nunature's, the danna finally gave his seal of approval with is a huge sigh of relief for me because i love that it's effective yet affordably priced too.
Usually these kinds of special hair care range would easily cost RM100+ & above because "for targetted problems, etc".
So if you are experiencing hairloss problems and looking for a solution that doesn't break your bank account, please do give Nunature brand a try first!

My only problem with Nunature is probably the shampoo & conditioner's original head design, because it's harder for the product to come out (needs some shaking especially the conditioner because thicker consistency) the pump series is limited edition design by the way. I do hope their newer bottles are all pump next time 😝

Hair Masque & Serum  

Moving on to their other new products which a friend help me bring over to Kyoto (thank you so much!). She even picked out the right one for my hair type! The Argan Oil deep repairing hair masque & Argan Oil Repairing Hair Serum.
Makes me wonder how did she know my current hair condition haha, i know i'm not exactly blessed with the tamest manes around and things can get kinda wild especially mornings and now that it's winter over here static is everywhere so my hair gets even more wilder lol.

You guys saw me posted up an short demo on my IG stories using Nunature's Argan Oil hair serum, the before & after blew my mind too and the best part despite it's name "argan oil" the serum isn't oily at all and you all know how much i dislike oily products 😂 feels so icky to me lah!!
But this serum is very light (almost like gel texture), doesn't weigh the hair down and make it so shiny like you haven't washed your hair in days like most argan oil products i've used.
It "tames" your frizz without losing your hair's natural volume and giving it a healthy shine without going overboard, just the right amount.

Sorry for the low quality photo, taken from IG stories, hence the dog filter too lol

It's a good heat free alternative for me to tame my hair because frequently exposing my locks to the iron can cause severe damages like burns & breaking off easily. And i also consider it my to-go serum for days when i'm in a rush and don't have time to style my hair properly haha.

For the hair masque, i've finally used it for the first time this week and it's another amazing discovery. Really worth the hype because it actually works!
Most hair masque i've used usually weighs the hair down making it looks sibeh flat (ugh) and lifeless, that's why i don't really like using it. But after using Nunature's hair masque for 3 mins (instruction says 3-5 mins) and rinsing off, my hair felt so freaking smooth like i've went for salon treatment or something O_O is that even possible?

Before the masque

After masque, no ironing done

Right now as i'm typing this blogpost, i can't help but to take few seconds break to run my fingers through my new silky smooth hair that doesn't look flat. The volume retains, and the locks are smooth, tangle free which is usually an impossible feat because my hair tangles quite easily (god knows how😭). Even my bleached ends which are usually frizzy and plastic looking became matte and smooth.

I've honestly have not seen my hair so well behaved in such a long time (unless go hair salon do treatment lah, that one too expensive to do every week/month haha).
Words can't describe how happy i am with Nunature products, thank you Chanwon for sharing this and thank you to my friends for bringing more products to Japan for me to use!
Next visit to KL soon, i'll need to buy back like a year worth of supply and ship it back HAHA.
People always tell me that Japan products are good just because "Japan" but after living here for 2 years, i think that's not always the case, it's really tons of hits & misses. See, even a Malaysian brand like Nunature can produce such a high quality product, don't underestimate local brands :P

Nunature have a couple of other range for differen't hair & scalp problems, so if the ones i'm using isn't something what you need, you can check out their product list on their website: https://www.nunature.com.my/products/

You can easily get their products from various pharmacies, supermarkets & retailer stores: https://www.nunature.com.my/where-to-buy/ (I got mine from Watsons Pharmacy!)

For latest updates, you can follow them on Instagram too: @nunature_malaysia

Yours Truly,

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