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My HIFU & Z Wave Experience at ME Clinic (Results Included)

Bet you are wondering what’s with all the weird names on my blog post title, but trust me it’s something you would want to remember by the end of this entry so keep your eyes peeled all the way. I promise you that this would be interesting because after giving it a try myself, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I made sure to document the entire process so you could see it for yourself too in case you don’t trust my writing enough lol, I’m sure the pictures would speak for themselves. 

Skin looking so fine!!!

Not every day (or month) I could just waltz in and get myself pampered (though I need one badly) and if I recall properly, the last time I even got myself a facial was earlier this year before CNY. That’s life of a mom alright lol, this is just one of the many sacrifices we have to make but I told myself before my flight to Malaysia last Sept that I need to book a slot with my favourite aesthetic clinic like STAT! Some might wonder why don’t I just sign up for packages in Japan instead since it’s much more convenient that way, truth be told..i’m a creature of habit. I can’t bring myself to simply just hop around and change clinics whenever I feel like it or experiment around especially when something as important as my face is at stake here! And not especially when I’ve already found THE ONE that knows my skin inside out and have been satisfied with their services since 2017.

Remember guys, I wouldn’t recommend stuff unless I’ve tested it myself and have full confidence in sharing it to my friends, family and readers.

It’s been awhile since I last saw Dr David (the amazing Dr who did my DST, you guys can read about it here), and i was honestly ashamed at how I look next to him despite me being obviously younger (my IC doesn’t lie lol). Lack of self care, sleep & constant stress has definitely taken its toll on me that it starts appearing all over my face in form of fine lines, haggardness and overall dullness (especially my sunken & dark under eye circles). No amount of masking or skincare sessions I try to religiously squeeze in is going to erase all of these away. Like, I used to be confident without make up (before kids lol), good skin and all but now it just looks…how do I put it into words?


Yes, I am, both mentally & physically. Walking out the house without make up, makes me feel I have to constantly hide behind my specs & facemask or else people around me would ask if I’m sick or not. No Sh*t guys. Thanks for highlighting the obvious. I really wasn’t happy with how I look overall in the mirror, not just my face but my body as well. After a year of giving birth, you would assume that you’ll finally be able to get back in routine and shape but in reality that is nothing but a figment of your imagination lol. Mom pouch, muffin tops & cellulites are no joke, even those who don’t gain 20kg during pregnancy will be left with a little souvenir (except some petite moms with amazing skin elasticity, super envy them). It doesn’t make things any easier especially when I found out I have diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscle) so I couldn’t do my usual workout flat tummy workout routine which usually consists of sit ups, Russian twists and planks. Those would make my abdominal muscle wall widen even more.

After giving birth to 2 kids, I thought I was ready to come to terms with the fact that my body will never go back to the way it was before children. Most moms would say, I should be proud because this amazing body created a human being, etc. I’m ashamed with my face (which obviously needs more care) but definitely not my body, yes it’s amazing but doesn’t hurt wanting to get rid of the extra rolls & cellulites right? Lol. I love the rolls on my cake and sushi but not on my belly.

During consultation, Dr David suggested for my face it’s best to do HIFU, while for the cellulites on belly; ZWave treatment and when he mentioned no downtime or needles involved for both treatments, I was like SIGN ME UP ALREADY lol. I love treatments that has minimal to no downtime so that I can walk out of the clinic after and go around my day like normal and being a mom, mana ada rest time woi? You go facial 1-2 hours only, next thing you know your ph­­one ringing non stop because baby wants mama home ASAP (-_-).

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High-intensity focused ultrasound, not the same kind of ultrasound for pregnancy scan la haha. This is a revolutionary replacement for the traditional face lifts (old methods usually involves needles) as this is a non-invasive and close to painless method that penetrates through the skin layers causing the tissue to heat up rapidly and stimulate collagen production, similar to a “renewal” process of the cells. We all know at a certain age (late 20s onwards) our skin’s collagen production drastically decreases, combining with our life and environmental factors, so HIFU’s treatment gives it a NEEDED boost. The increase of collagen lessens the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines and providing overall firmer and supple skin. This treatment is considered a preventive measure for those in their late 20s or early 30s, as it maintains the skin’s elasticity. 
HIFU aesthetic benefits, includes:
  • · wrinkle reduction
  • · tightening sagging skin on the neck (sometimes called turkey neck)
  • · lifting the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • · enhancing jawline definition
  • · tightening of the décolletage
  • · smoothing the skin

How long does 1 session take & results

Roughly about 30 minutes including cleansing and prepping your skin for HIFU, a pretty quick session and the part everyone wants to know; THE RESULTS.

HIFU works long term, for some they might see & feel slight instant results like I did. Everything feels firmer, skin is glowing. The collagen production doesn’t happen overnight, customers will see the difference over the weeks and months like here is my comparison photo of before, a few days after and after 3 month +.

3rd day vs 3 months

The result is quite obvious, I can feel and see that my skin became much supple over the weeks. If I were to say that 1 session of HIFU actually managed to take 5-6 years away from my face that would sound like a huge exaggeration but it definitely does make my skin feel like how it was in my early 20s again. Make up now (post 1 month+) does look smoother as my pores are looking smaller including the ones around my nose, previously those were quite deep no thanks to my itchy hands during my pre-adolescent years. They say the peak of HIFU’s effectiveness is post 3 months, so I can’t wait to see how it’s like by then. 

How much pain did I feel overall? 

Don’t worry too much about the pain, the most you would feel is a pinch or ant bite kind of discomfort especially around the cheekbones and jawline where the ultrasound waves penetrates through. The “pinch” feeling kinda reminds me of my permanent underarm laser hair removal sessions except this round it’s on my face instead of the pits. The parts with more meat like the centre of my cheeks, I didn’t feel a single thing.

I’m a person who is seriously scared of pain and you have no idea how much I wanted to die when giving birth without epidural, you can ask the danna how many times I recited “I want to die” while in labour lol. But for HIFU, I went in and out like a champ :P

Recovery Period

I did say there is no downtime because I was back to hustling around after walking out of ME clinic but there is a slight recovery period you’ll need to be wary of. Remember I mentioned there was a “pinch” feeling on my cheekbones & jawline”? There will be a slight soreness after 2-3 days, nothing too painful; just think of it as you went for a Thai massage or gym session and the after soreness that comes with it lol. Those 2 bone areas of my face was sore for about 1.5 weeks before it suddenly disappeared and during the sore period nothing else was affected, no swelling or skin bruising was recorded post treatment so It’s good. I still could wear make up like normal, smile, talk, eat, etc. It’s really a small price to pay to see such effective results in my opinion, and I didn’t have to poke or cut my face up.

Overall I would say this is a good alternative for those who want to start looking into anti-ageing treatments but scared of needle as much as I do. Best part is I don’t have to do it every month, and my current stage (late 20s) I only need to do it once every 1-2 years as follow up.

With minimal make up 

Moving back to the belly roll topic! Now would be about Z wave treatment which I did also on the same day itself after my HIFU, total time spent at MEclinic was less than 1.5 hours.

What is Z Wave?

Z wave treatment is actually targeted for cellulite, stretch marks and generally loose skin problems. It uses Radial Pulse Therapy that transmits direct, high precision radial pulses into the tissue triggering tissue reaction. It’s supposed to help fade scarring by improving individual’s skin collagen production (collagen plays an important role in tissue regeneration) and elasticity. It’s way different from weight loss treatments such as coolsculpting. 

Ignore my flabs lol
Before you guys go berserk and say I must be insane because I look “slim”, let me put a picture here of my body before 2 pregnancies & after. I don’t really have obvious stretch marks (thankfully) but I definitely do have some cellulite (I too was in denial about this initially lol) and loose skin especially from waist down onwards. It’s constantly hidden underneath my baggy clothes and I don’t usually tell the whole world about it lol. Cellulite isn’t something you can diminish or get rid entirely with just healthy diet and exercise alone. 

The difference before kids and after 

This is after 2nd kid
Even the discoloration from the slight stretch marks around my "pooch" became less visible when my skin tighten up and my waist became more defined.

“Also did you know women are more prone to getting CELLULITES compared to men? It’s because of the way our connective tissue is built, and fats goes through more easily”

What to Expect During & After Z wave?

When it comes to treatments like these especially stubborn areas, I didn’t expect to see “obvious” results, more like after maybe 2-3 sessions? I only went for 1 session and it’s another “miracle” moment for me because I seriously didn’t expect my loose skin around the belly lifted significantly.

Mind you, no specific exercises or diet was done during this period because i'm lazy and tired lol

I started seeing the results over the course of 4 weeks, everything seems firmer especially my front pouch and love handles. Seriously before this my waist looks almost non existent

Wasn’t doing any particular exercises except just watching my food intake (making healthier choices) & going about my mom duties (that’s enough workout already), I did notice my weight dropped a little from 49-50kg to 47-48kg. According to ME clinic, they told me that some people might experience it as a “side effect” like how other reported feeling slightly thirstier a few days after treatment (I didn’t experience this). But it’s not really much big of a deal.

The treatment session wasn’t painful at all, it just felt as if I’m going through a 30 min+ session of belly “massage” in away lol. Like please roll all those loose skin upwards yo~

How long does it last?

Currently mine has just passed slightly over 3 months (photo comparison was taken after 30 days), still looks firm for now.

Follow ups is definitely needed in order to maintain the results long term, because as I mentioned earlier in this post our ageing affects our collagen production so eventually everything is going to sag the way gravity intended unless we do something to intervene. I mean I wouldn’t mind the sagging (eventually at some point) but I want to do it in a graceful manner haha!

Can’t wait to do my follow ups during CNY!

Hope you guys found this entry informative especially if you are looking for non-invasive treatments! For those interested but unsure if it’s suitable for you or not, you can head over to ME clinic for a free consultation when you mention my name (Arisa). Thanks for reading till the end as always my dearies~


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