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DST - Double Suture & Twist Technique

The day I said good bye to double eyelid stickers, hopefully forever lol. Before everyone loses their head and say I went for plastic surgery, chill and get some hot chocolate prepared because you’ll definitely be interested to read this post from the start till the end.

Not much big difference, just improved version of my new double eyelids :)

It’s more than just going through some aesthetic modification for the sake of beauty, as we all know everyone is entitled to their own opinions so mentioning about going through a procedure is definitely going to raise some disapproving eyebrows. But it’s alright, I’m here to be honest with my readers with what I did and hope that you guys can also be accepting of the changes I did even though it’s barely noticeable unless mentioned (which I am now doing on my blog so millions are gonna read about it anyway lol).


We grow up in a world where a certain beauty standard is often emphasised among women, like how you need to have a higher and sharper nose in order to be deemed beautiful, or chin that’s so sharp that it can cut through butter effortlessly, don’t laugh because what may sound ridiculous to you are actually being practiced in other parts of the world. There’s only one general beauty rule (golden ratio of a human’s facial structure) and the rest are just OPINIONS. I do not condone plastic surgery because it isn’t necessarily something bad/ evil (we remove those who are addicted out of this equation ok) as it can some time used to correct certain problems we humans suffer from like skin grafting for burnt victims,

I always believe in taking responsibility in whatever decisions we decided to do as there are often unforeseen undesirable consequences (choi touchwood) so best to be prepared or to avoid these kinds of things, RESEARCH. Do it a billion times over if you need to just to feel confident in your decision like what I did. It wasn’t something I decided overnight to be honest, you guys had no idea how long I’ve been meaning to actually do this and there’s so many things that ran through my mind like what will my parents, friends and readers would think “has Arisa actually finally succumbed into the millennial whole plastic world fad like Xiaxue?” 

Last photo of my monolids

We are constantly being judged, let’s face the fact when I first became a mom out of wedlock, people gave me dirty stares and spite a lot of hurtful things behind my back, after her passing this year things got from bad to worst. Death threats and all. This is the internet world, everyone plays God behind the keyboard because they are brought up with the mentality that it’s alright to post those words because it’s JUST WORDS after all. But from there I did learn to ignore haters and go on with my life, appreciating those who stood by me all these years (Thank you). 

My eyelids have mood swings of their own 😤

My close friends and family members would know how often I complain about my eyelids, it’s never balanced unless I’ve either cried the whole night or I didn’t sleep at all (basically puffy).

So today I’m finally sharing with you guys about the whole entire double eyelid procedure I did (cheh, make it sound like some major surgery or something, drama queen) from consultation, deciding factors, degree of pain, post recovery and end result.

For those of you who are considering of getting double eyelid procedure done there are actually none invasive options unlike a few years ago where it’s necessary to cut and stitch in order to create a crease. But do take note that for this procedure results may vary according to the person, some may be suitable for it, while some isn’t so it’s do arrange for a consultation session with ME Clinic’s doctor first.

Like mine I wasn’t too sure if it’s even possible as the last time I went for a consultation at other aesthetic clinics they told me that the sutures method will not work for my kind of hooded monolids (damn Asian genes). So it’s best to cut and stitch. In my head I was trying to imagine how I would look like those “lala mui, freelance models” as most of them did similar procedures to get bigger looking eyes. And scary enough they all look kinda similar with those kind of exaggerated eyelid crease. Nope I wanted to fix a problem, not modify my looks 100% because at the end of the day I always believe these kind of procedures are created to enhance one’s look or fix certain problems but not modify until you are not even recognizable by your own parents. At the end of the day I don’t people to ask why my kid don’t look like me or the father one lol. 

Consultation with Dr.David, mention my name to get a free consultation!

Also before I scheduled to do this procedure, I spoke to a friend of mine who also believed in a similar beauty rule and she even suggested might as well get the procedure done in Japan (yes everything Japan for us, you’ll know who it is already lol) as they are well known for doing things au natural- Most aesthetic clinics in Japan are practicing the DST method by founder Dr Akihiro Minami .

Not to say there are no results, because results can definitely be seen except you’ll look like a better version of yourself just minus the exaggeration. But to do procedure there you’ll need someone to help you translate (basic Japanese won’t help you that much in this case because of all the big words) the whole entire discussion. And not to mention you’ll need to purposely fly there to do it, check up, unless you are living in Japan then all those isn’t an issue but if you are mostly stuck here in Malaysia like me you can actually opt to do the same procedure here in Malaysia (cue in the hallelujah choir pls) as I found out that ME Clinic offers this procedure too, so I don’t have to go so far!

About DST (Double Suture & Twist Technique)

A brief explanation about DST, back then stitch method was common but all of them were single suture so it was easy for them to become undone (I’ve seen some of my friends experienced this before), that’s why most doctors would recommend the cut and stitch method over this. Until renown plastic surgeon in Japan, Dr Akihiro Minami discovered a more effective method which is now known as DST (Double Suture & Twist Technique) or the Minami Technique.

It uses a specific twisting technique using 2 sutures passing through 3 small punctured holes on your lids a few times. Imagine like you are sewing 2 pieces of cloth together, a single hand stitch is easy to come undone that’s why sewing machines are made to do double stitch (front and back). You can check your clothing seams and you’ll get the gist of it lol. Probably fashion students or tailors would understand this reference.

All it takes is 30-40 mins, and you’ll walk out with a pair of brand new natural looking double eyelids.

My doctor from ME Clinic who did the procedure for me is a certified Aesthetic Physician-Dr David Low whom is personally trained by the founder of DST technique, means he learned this from Dr Akhiro Minami himself!! 

Benefits of DST
  1. Based on research, this non-invasive double eyelid procedure can lasts up to 10 years (depending on individual’s skin elasticity) 
  2. Very natural looking and adjustable according to patient’s preference during follow up consultation. After I did mine, people couldn’t tell I got them done. But it kept them wondering how did I get such perfect balanced lids with “double eyelid stickers” lol. 
  3. Minimal downtime, I drove myself home at night after the procedure without any vision problems and I could even wear my contact lens again after 24 hours. Though it’s more comfortable to not wear lens for at least 3-4 days (for me) 
  4. A very quick procedure, takes about 30- 40 mins lying there and before you know it everything is done. 
  5. Best of all this procedure is adjustable and reversible, just in case it isn’t the result you were expecting this procedure can be easily undone, for invasive ones that’s permanent lol one mistake and you’ll be stuck with it for life. That’s the reason why I was initially hesitant to get my double eyelids done until I found this option. 

Mentality Preparing Myself

The idea of getting needles poking through your eyelids doesn’t sound so inviting, especially when you are scared of needles and have low tolerance for pain like me. But I gotta thank birthing for increasing my pain tolerance to like god-like level already. But I still do not like blood regardless, so thank goodness that this doesn’t have any mess expect minimal bruising on one lid. 

I honestly thought I was going to be the jumpy type throughout the whole procedure but surprising enough under the skilled hands of Dr David, he kept me distracted by talking to me (of course the local anaesthesia did most of the job numbing my lids lol). All I felt was some tugging here and there, but the only part that pinched most like a fire ant bite was then he injected in the local anaesthesia, after that everything felt like a breeze.

If I did this procedure a couple years back even with local anaesthesia, I would still somehow “feel” the pain actually it’s my mind “creating the illusion of pain” due to fear but now I can give myself a pat on the back for being so calm and chill lol!

Isn’t half as scary as I expected it to be, and once it was done all I looked like was someone who either had a terrible break up or a uni student during thesis period (geddit??? Lol!). 

DST Aftercare

After 1 day I could wear my make up again and eyeliner except I had to avoid eyeshadows to reduce the risk of infection until the puncture wounds are healed within 1 week. I had to be extra gentle whenever I’m removing my eyeliner (tip: use a cotton bud, this method works well if you did eyelash extensions too!) because my lids still felt a bit heavy and sore. Same goes to washing my face, avoid rubbing eyes too hard (try blinking or normal eye drops) or you might injure your lids.

ME clinic has prescribed some antibiotics (have to finish) and painkillers in case the pain was causing discomfort but I never ate them because it wasn’t painful at all. See if someone who has low pain tolerance can tahan this, then it shouldn’t be a problem for normal people lol.

The lids will feel abit heavy during the recovery period, but it’s normal, just prepare some cold compress for the first 72 hours.

Best to avoid any strenuous activity (best reason to skip gym & pool lol).

Within 5 days, from a squinting looking person the swelling lessened tremendously and the “tugging” feeling on the lids became almost non-existent. I was using eyeshadow again after 7 days, you guys can see that my make up looks normal for my Elsa photoshoot. After 2 weeks everything looks perfectly normal without make up, bruising that caused a minor discoloration on my lids faded away nicely and I look normal minus the daily morning struggle of applying on double eyelid stickers. 

I'm a super duper happy customer!

DST End result

Every morning I wake up now staring at the mirror, happy because I decided to do this procedure. It made my life a little more easier, I can now apply on any eyeshadows I want without the annoying sticker being visible!! And this feels normal because I’ve been using stickers all my life for like (15 years give or take) so everyone including myself is used to Arisa being a girl with double eyelids. And costs of double eyelid stickers I’ve invested in for so long is actually rather expensive than getting a double eyelid procedure done. That was also one of my deciding factors, cost vs time/ effort invested lol.

So if you are looking to get it done like me, I would highly recommend Dr. David from ME Clinic. Professional and trusted, everything is hassle free and I love the fact that they are not so pushy to make you do other procedures you do not want unlike some clinics (aggressive and annoying sales consultants). You can come to them with what you want and during the consultation they’ll advise you accordingly to see whether the requested procedure is suitable, if not another alternative for you to consider.

They have 3 branches in total, 2 in KL & 1 in Johor which Dr David alternates in between (also based on appointment basis) for the DST procedure. And if you are from Singapore you can arrange for an appointment at their JB branch.

Phew, this is a really long post but I had to share all my thoughts on it. This was one of the biggest decisions I’ve made for myself in 2017 :)

Mention my name (ARISA) and get a FREE consultation at ME Clinic worth RM80!

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Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and i'll try my best to answer them :)



  1. Yayy to no more double eyelids tape! I like how it turns out babe :)

  2. Thanks Anis :) Yes, after a decade of considering, i'm glad i did it!


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