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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Beauty blender Malaysia & Benefit Cosmetics Workshop

At one point of every beauty enthusiast's life they would have probably heard or come across beauty blender brand before tons of similar versions popping up everywhere with a more attractive price point compared to the original but little does everyone know what makes the Original beauty blender more special compared to the rest and why you should skim on it if you can afford the real thing.

Thanks to Beauty Blender Malaysia and Benefits Cosmetic collaborating together to conduct this informative workshop last december which totally enlightened me, now my perspective of beauty blenders has changed 360 degrees.
Benefits Cosmetic thought us how to create a fresh look with minimal products and using beauty blender to apply it on.

When my older sister first caught the beauty blender trend wave a couple of years back before the sudden "boom" and you see every single tom, dick and harry selling this egg shaped sponge for a fraction of the original cost, she told me that every beauty blogger in the states are raving about it and how much she wanted to save up and get one. While my response was just "meh" expensive sponge, abuden you are talking to a high school student who have no use for make up and even if i did put on make up for cosplay it was always using my fingers or those cheapo blending sponge from Daiso.
Sounds rather gross and unhygienic i know lol, look how far i have come with make up knowledge now.

Okay if you are totally lost on this topic here is a quick brief introduction of what i'm talking about.
A beauty blending sponge, like its name it is used to blend in your foundation, concealer or cream contours to give you a natural, EVEN and flawless finishing which is often hard to obtain if you are using your fingers or a foundation brush (don't worry, the brushes these days also upgraded already).

The sponge is based on preference wise, like some people rather use a sponge during traveling as they don't need to bring a whole make up brush set since beauty blender is multi functional or some likes a light coverage and a beauty blender can easily help to achieve that.
And the list goes on, for me i prefer to use a beauty blender during my travels and if i am in a rush (mornings especially), because everything is just dabbed on, no need to switch from one brush to another.

A proper beauty blender doesn't soak up your foundation, in fact it helps you save more of your foundation by using minimal amount and spreading it around your face evenly.
During the workshop when demonstrated the difference between the blending consistency of the original beauty blender vs a random blender is very obvious!

Also 2 samples were cut open for inspection you can see that the random one soaked in most of the foundation while beauty blender keeps it only on the surface area. You are investing in a proper blending sponge so you don't have to waste money to constantly buy new foundation.

Tip: Always soak it under running water before using, wash it with their sponge cleaners and leave it out to dry for a couple of hours (it will shrink back to its original size) before storing. Keep it away from humid places as bacteria tends to thrive in those kind of environment.

I'm currently using the default pink colored beauty blender and i love it alot!
It's available in black and Pink in Malaysia for the normal sized ones, black is suitable for contours as the stains are not visible on darker surfaces however both colors works the same.
Mini ones are used to blend more defined areas like contouring your nose bridge or strobing (highlights).

Also recently Beauty blender has introduced a few new products that is now available in Sephora, you can take a look below! I've yet to try them out myself but have hear numerous of good feedbacks from my other fellow blogger friends so i'll probably try them out on my next trip!


It's basically a gentle scrubbing pad for your make up brushes and beauty blenders


Reusable version of our normal paper blotters, environmental friendly and it helps to re-texturized make up (some times our make up tends to cake due to excessive oil secretion) to even it out giving you a fresh looking face all day!


It might look like a guitar pick by this small and smartly designed ruler helps you to contour, apply mascara, draw eyeliner all on a fleek. A handy tool to have at hand during your travels.

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