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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tokuya Arcoris Mont' Kiara

Think everyone's aunty mode would have been activated to know that another Japanese dollar store has popped up here in KL but has slight more premium variety compared to the others that are available here like Daiso, 100yen shop, etc.
Tokuya carries slightly more different priced items than just dollar priced products so that customer can have more access to higher quality products but still within the affordable range category. Located in the heart of KL's Japan area (Mont Kiara), you'll soon find this place crowded with both Malaysians and Japanese working and living nearby.

If my memory serves me correctly Japan has tons of these kinds of shop all over Japan, and it goes by many different names but still sell similar household  products which is suitable for people like me who prefers to change their utensils on a yearly basis (or when moving) without feeling the pinch.
In fact i can also easily get party items here because they definitely have the basic essentials like paper plates, cups, forks and knifes, sometimes in bigger stores will carry some party decorations as well.

And 80% of Tokuya items are priced only at RM5.90 while the remaining 20% ranges above.
You can find some Muji (minimalist tableware) inspired items here for a fraction of the cost, no kidding and it sells out pretty fast too, just on the opening day alone someone swiped everything off the shelf within the 1st hour :( 

Was rather disappointed with such inconsiderate Malaysian behavior of hoarding. I mean if the person wants it for business purposes should have at least discussed with Tokuya to specially allocated some quantity for them during next shipment instead of disrupt the shop's opening sales leaving tons of disappointed buyers who wanted 1-2pcs for their own home use.  

Lots of decorative tableware that is great for those who would love for their house to look like it's pinterest or instagram worthy. Bloggers would most probably come here to get their photography props as it looks more nicer than the ones we usually get from Daiso lol.

You can also find basic stationary like funky designed notebooks, pens, pencils, shelf organizers and storage tins which will keep your work desk mess free!

Traditional Japanese designs for tableware.

This was the plate that sold out within the hour itself, in Muji it's sold like for RM80 and above while in Tokuya it's lesser than RM50.

Having a hard time deciding on what to buy because everything seems so tempting to get! Too bad i'm not staying in a permanent place so it's not too ideal for me to have too many stuff lying around. But deep down i do want matching tableware sets in pairs (again living alone so i don't need a pair lol). The dilemma is real guys, so proceed to shop in Tokuya with caution!

If you are into bento making , cooking or baking in general, Tokuya has quite alot of bento making items, like character face cutters, stamps and bento boxes for you to create an ultimate Japanese bento for your kids or yourself. Japanese dish serving sets are also abundant over here, can replicate and make your own Japanese meal at home liao.

2 aunties (lol) went shopping with a budget of RM100 each but still managed to snagged quite a few items!

The word house hold items can mean many things, you can find cleaners for plates, floors, tables with starting price of RM5.90, basically Tokuya has you covered if you are new to your housewife role or staying alone status lol, go crazy shopping and gotta warn you guys abit that it's really addictive to just continuously add in items into your basket as you browse around the whole shop so don't be surprise if you bills goes over RM100! 
Also since it's located in a new building getting there and parking can be a hassle so i would recommend to take a taxi there or park nearby in 1 Mont Kiara (walking distance 5 mins).

Payment terms: They accept both cash & card payments.

Plastic bags are provided but best to be eco friendly and bring your own recyclable bags, if you don't have any, you can buy some cute recyclable bags for only RM5.90!

Arcoris Mont' Kiara
Jalan Kiara Road, Mont Kiara, 5
0480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


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