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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Kose has always been known as one of the pioneers in Japanese beauty industry with many sub brands under their mother brand, Esprique is one of them.
If you have been to Japan's drugstores you probably find like 50% of the brands in there are by Kose, just that it has a different brand name on the cover. The purpose of having sub brands are to target different age groups, considering factors like style trends and costs.

Esprique is no stranger to me as i've tested their lipstick 2 years ago and i love it to bits because it's super pigmented and moisturizing. But compared to Japan, only a few products are brought into Malaysia sold at Kose counters, i do hope there are more of it in the future!

If you have not been keeping up to date with the latest Japanese beauty trends then probably you are not aware that powdered eyeshadows are so yesterday lol, now everyone is using liquid eyeshadows as it lasts longer and its glitter doesn't drop below your eyes. 
Esprique has recently released a new collection of "Glow Eye Veil" which works as both eyeshadow and highlighters

Retailed at RM48 each

Overall i think it's one of the best things ever, especially for humid countries like Malaysia having powdered eyeshadow often just "vaporize" (seriously i always wondered how it disappears) if you don't prep them properly with a eyeshadow base. 
However with liquid ones, it lasts perfectly from day to night, it might get a little dewy but nothing some light blotting can't help for those with extremely oily eyelids. For me i never had the need for them so far especially using them here (Malaysia).

Last year, when Canmake first released their liquid eyeshadows, i was abit stunned because i had no idea how to use it and it came in a tube form (not really user friendly). But for Esprique's eye glow veil it has a wand, so you can control it's intensity based on your preference.


It's no rocket science, or any special tool needed for application or blending as it comes with a wand inside.
Though not all would agree with liquid eyeshadows, as it takes some practice to master controlling and blending it in order to create the look you want using only just your fingers.
At first i found it troublesome and after a couple of time, and i personally think this is designed specially for a fast and fresh look before heading out. 

Blending one to two colors, brightens your eyes immediately without much effort and everything done with the tip of your pinky finger.

I've made a simple tutorial for Chinese New year that's subtle enough to be used daily as well, so feel free to try it out!

Products used:

Esprique Glow Eye Veil
  • BE330
  • BE331
  • BR333

Esprique Select Eye color
  • BR315
  • BE314

Using BE330 as highlighter

There are a few ways to play with it which you may refer to my photos below on how i mixed and matched 2-3 shades to create a look.
The key is to dab in unto your lids gently until it dries up.

Apply with wand

Use finger to dab it in gently

Use Esprique select eye color to enhance the color further 
For this look i'm using BR315

Apply generously on crease

Use BE314 to highlight the inner corners towards the tearduct, this helps to give you a "doe eyed" look

Final outcome is an earthy, natural shine on my lids that goes very well with a stronger lip color

Complete look!


Comparing it to normal eyeshadows and brushes, definitely you get more accuracy during application and you can do more dramatic looks with it but when when it comes to Japanese beauty trends, hardly you'll see cut crease (we Asians are mostly monolids unless you got them fixed like me) tutorials, it's mostly how to enhance your eyes to make them look bigger or less tired.

Esprique's eye glow veil is definitely my "go to" make up during travels or work, don't need to pack brushes along as those usually take up space in my cosmetic bag.

However combining both liquid eyeshadow and powdered ones brings out another kind of  "sheer" intensity, not sure if it makes any sense, but i'll let the photos do the explaining.

Esprique Select eye color available in 5 elegant and sparkling shades at RM35 each

First time using purple shade for normal look instead of my Elsa make up lol
Using PU730 as base, not a very intimidating shade or purple in fact it's just perfect daily usage.
I often shy away from bolder colors because i'm not sure how to pull them off but when it's in liquid form, the finishing is soft.

Hope you guys found this post useful, and be more convinced now to try out more new Japanese cosmetics that's available in Malaysia.
Head over to your nearest Kose counter to swatch them out today and find your perfect shade.

Full list of Esprique Products | www.kose.com.my/brands/esprique/
Website| www.kose.com.my/

My double eyelids are done using the DST technique at ME Clinic, more details you can visit my previous post HERE


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