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Calbee | Best Japanese Cereal

Okay, this might sound like a crazy lady post because why would i be blogging about cereal right?

Just putting this out for those who constantly ask me where i get my cereal since i am also pretty sure you have seen this on Cheesie's #10pmcurse snacking sessions lol, no doubt it's a delicious snack to have around the house at night or else the guilt damage could be far worse than just a bowl of cereal.

I usually get my stocks whenever i fly to Japan for work, inside my luggage is another foldable duffle bag brought specifically to shop for Japanese food (mostly snacks) to bring back to Malaysia.
Sounds really wtf when i think about it but i can't help it as the prices there are so much cheaper compared to when it's imported and sold here. 
Calbee regular size is about 700g-800g costs usually about 500-600yen only and some stores even have promotions selling at 450 yen (if you are lucky!) It's so famous that they even have signs beside the price limiting 2 units per customer!

This cereal is so versatile that you can eat it on its own, with cold/ warm milk, with yogurt, make parfait, make cookies, and i'll leave the rest to your creativity!
Probably you might want to ask Miss Bento for tips on this lol.

 My favorite classic way of enjoying my cereal, in cold fresh milk.
Personal favorite is the strawberry & raisins as i love it to be abit sweet from the fruits

 I won't exactly vouch for it to be the "MOST HEALTHIEST" because as we all know, everything that is processed isn't exactly 100% healthy lol. So do consider eating it in moderation regardless how delicious it is. When i told my bf that i like this brand of cereal very much, he was shocked because it's not exactly the kind of food a health conscious person like me would eat (hey, i've been slacking. ALOT) in general to him as a Japanese, this food isn't healthy but he still gets me some (similar brand) when he visits Malaysia lol. I'm so pampered, that's why gaining weight (nooooooooooooooo!)

Again, it's just processed carbs, mixed in with sugar just like all cereals out there so if you want a 100% clean cereal then make your own muesli mix with roasted rolled oats, dried fruits and honey.

To me this is a food of convenience lol, not joking because i'm actually quite lazy to leave my house and on weekends when i don't have any appointments i would be in front of my laptop from the time i wake up till i go to bed (explains why my eyes are dying) and going out to eat is dreadful because it's expensive and the heat is killing me. So i stay home, do my work and eat cereal while i'm at it, sounds like college student life pulak lol.

You must try this at least once, then only you can understand they hype, it's not your average coco crunch or honey stars, this is a mixture between your typical unhealthy kid's cereal mixed with adult's hamster food and trust me you'll feel kinda conflicted after eating this.

This also make a good souvenir for friends, since there are smaller bags 250g available.

If you love nuts, then this is for you. It's my least favorite because i found it too nutty.
Has persimmons, black beans, soy beans and pecans in it.

Low fat version, taste healthy because you can barely taste the sweetness. It's really a placebo effect for me because whenever i eat this suddenly i feel less guilty and slimmer HAHA!

Chocolate and Banana
Taste normal, barely any chocolate taste in it as the banana taste is quite overwhelming

In Japan

Calbee cereals are available in few flavors and from time to time do do release so limited edition ones specially for specific seasons, so make sure to look out for it at your nearest Don Quijote, drug stores or snack stores in Japan.

In Malaysia

If you are dying to try some but don't have plans to travel to Japan you may also buy them from your nearest Shojikiya store, priced at RM56 (If i'm not mistaken) for the 700g and RM30+ for the 250g. Abit on the pricey side but at least you don't have to travel so far for it.


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