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Best PocketWiFi for Japan -Travel Recommends

Lately tons of friends and readers has been asking me which pocketwifi is reliable and affordable for Japan, as it's sakura season and probably half the people on my newsfeed is heading to Japan themselves to see those beautiful dainty flowers before they are all gone!

Just in time for this post to be up as well, so if you have yet to book your pocketwifi hope by the end of this post you guys would be convinced to use their services.

It's funny that people get the impression that i'm in Japan 80% of the time, it's more like 50% of the time spent working in Malaysia while 10% of it in Japan and 40% consists of throwback photos lol.

Creating content is never easy, it's not like an idea can hit us on the head the minute we sit in front of our laptops, though the title of this entry might sound like an typical cliche sponsored ad, but trust me it's not because based on own personal experience on using it during my Japan trip in November and comparing it to paying roaming fees on my mobile provider for my Kobe trip (January) and Singapore (March) there are so many pros and cons to list out for this post.

Can't include my Thailand trip because i used a local sim card for that, the only hassle was having to remove my nano size sim card and make sure i don't loose it.

Why Roaming Sucks

It was my first time using roaming because it was so last minute and the trip was short so i thought, no harm using roaming just this once and guess what happened just 2 days into the trip my line got barred with an exceeding amount of RM200+ bill.  I am not sure how in the world it went that high especially when they mentioned RM36 per day charges for Japan roaming. Tried logging in and downloading the bill to check but the system wouldn't allow me to open the file unless on laptop. Such con job man..so i had no choice but to pay it off first or else i couldn't use my roaming for the rest of the day (which i was already billed for). 

All i can say this was the worst decision i've ever made in my life because all this while i've been using pocketWifi, just this once when i've decided to try something new, it came with a hefty sum.


My total damage for 5 days trip was about RM300+  (you do maths, if rent pocketwifi for the same amount of days also only costs half the price!)
What on earth wei...really disappointed with it and the connection wasn't even stable enough though it was connected to their local roaming partner DOCOMO.
It was 20% usable and the other 80% was just wasted on loading. 

So here comes my Singapore experience using roaming (last minute weekend trip), the roaming price wasn't too bad RM10 a day so we spent like 2 days there and paid only RM20 for 2 people (his phone was tethered to mine). The connection sucks as well...it's really poor to the point that even free WiFi works better than paid roaming. Wtf.

So conclusion, it was an EXPENSIVE lesson learnt and i'll be sticking to pocketwifis from now on.

PocketWiFi is a billion times Better!

Not exaggerating because it's A FACT, all the days my data roaming had failed me but never once did my faithful Travel Recommends pocket wifi died halfway except i gotta monitor my battery usage carefully. This is where i would highly suggest for you to either bring an extra powerbank specially for the Pocketwifi or you can rent it as part of extra accessories

I'm a single person usage and the amount of internet i rely on while i am in Japan, mostly google maps and streaming live insta stories/ posts that clean easily eat 50% of my battery in less than 5 hours. So i learned my lesson, bring not 1 but 2 powerbanks because your phone battery isn't gonna last throughout the day as well.

Forest, Mountain, Countryside or City, You are covered

I have no complaints about the connection, though in Japan i spent most of my time either hiking up mountains or in the middle of the forest, don't ask me what the hell i was doing there, just say that i prefer places with lesser human interaction ;)
Though i am in the middle of the city swarming with tourists, one might get worried about internet connection interferences because everyone walking on the street is probably using internet but from my experience that was never a problem as well.

Unless there are some natural storm ongoing that might mess with the connection towers but other than that think you have nothing to worry about.

And i traveled almost all over Hokuriku region last year which is was mostly rural village areas and mountainsides, but that didn't stopped me from updating actively on Instagram!
So that's a proof that Travel recommends's coverage is more than just "decent", i'm really honestly impressed by it because from my past experiences with other brands we usually have slight connection problems in secluded areas.

Attractive Rates

I too couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the recent rates has been reduced to like almost 40% off!
It's a definite steal price and if you are still "surveying around" for cheaper alternatives, i would slap you guys on the head and say "just buy it la!".
You are never gonna find RM18 per day rates for Japan with any other pocketwifi brands available here in Malaysian market.

Not sure till when, but best to grab it while it's these rates.
Click HERE to Purchase

During non promotional days, Travel Recommends's rates are RM30 a day (imagine if split between 2 ppl, that's like RM15 a day only) compared to other brand rates which are usually RM35-38 per day for Japan.
And it's UNLIMITED WIFI, so you can surf all you want and like i mentioned earlier probably the only thing that's gonna "potong steam" on you guys is forgetting about the battery lifespan lol.

Pick Up and Drop Off

If you are flying from either KLIA or KLIA2 they, have pick up and drop off points those 2 airport locations. Make sure to check your flight properly to know which airport you'll be traveling from or landing at to avoid confusion.

Hope this review helps!
My quest doesn't end here, i'll try out more different pocketwifi brands to do a comparison in the future, for now Travel Recommends is on the top of my list.

Website | https://www.travelrecommends.com?rc=UXXTLR
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  1. Uissshhhh okay sangatlah harga tu kan....Pernah guna Travel Recommend ni masa ke Bandung haritu, sumpah best gila ! Internet berdesup laju...So soon, i'll be choose this product for travelling. Thanks for sharing dear.


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