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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Gaston Luga- My Most trusted travel companion

Probably you would have spotted on most of my Instagram photos from my recent Japan trip, unlike most fashion bloggers you won’t see me changing my bag as often as I change my clothes because it’s one of the things I find annoying to constantly transfer my stuff in and out off, makes me question how do girls do that?

This took me awhile to pen down my thoughts and review as i wanted it to be well tested in various travel environment before saying "it's 100% awesome". 

Or maybe I just have too much stuff packed in my bag that’s why you hardly see me carrying a bag smaller than 15 inch (unless it’s a short event/ outing) and even in Japan I am still abit cautious about snatch theft/ robbery, ever since I lost my passport back in October. 

To be honest I actually have a bad habit of leaving my bag open after taking out stuff so it makes me an easy target to grab my stuff especially in a crowded area like train stations this usually happens with handbags but with bag pack the risk is minimized because you’ll actually need to remove the buckles and untie the knot before getting things in and out. Sounds tad rather tedious but beats losing stuff no?

After that last experience, no more wei..gotta be extra careful with my stuff that’s why I decided to stick with my durable Gaston Luga bag, it’s something worth the investment because not only it looks effortlessly chic (coordinates well with 90% of my OOTDs), theft proof (no small pockets here and there) and best part of all the straps doesn’t eat into my shoulder blades despite it being heavy (girls, we always carry tons of stuff for “just in case”). 

My bag followed me all over Japan!

A little History about the brand

The story of Gaston Luga and the minimalistic backpacks took its start during a trip to a new continent, where our founder Carl Sundqvist met an interesting Frenchman with an elegant and casual style. Gaston told Carl he believed a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. Since he was a person keen of his style, he had put time and effort into finding something different from the regular school style.

Finally he found himself an elegant Louis Vuitton, to which he had several modifications made. Making it more personal, functional and unique. Inspired after the meeting, Carl decided a few months later to create his own backpack brand with classic elegant style and practical details. Hopefully these would get to travel the world, just like Gaston.

My precious Gaston Luga Bag Pack freshly unpacked from the box!
The design is PRÅPER (Olive & Black)- RM899

Probably it’s the color I've selected, as I was really having a hard time deciding between olive green or black haha, but either colors are fine as dirt isn’t visible on them. Not every bag design is this versatile, that’s what I usually go for, before getting anything I always consider both factors fashionable & versatility, normal people wouldn’t care about the design as long it works well but for me it’s always important for it to look good as well :P

Works well with dresses

Maybe I vain la, can’t blame me because I love fashion a lot lol if not why would I even graduate from fashion school kan?

The only concern I had was keeping it dry from the rain during downpours as it isn’t exactly waterproof, the fabric is made from high quality durable canvas. Fabric (natural fibres) always lasts longer than other systematic materials, it ages gracefully giving it a nice distress look over time.
So far it's been through scorching heat, rains and snow, and it still looks perfect to me!
Probably a bit rugged but that adds on to its original texture, making it look like a perfectly aged wine if i might say so myself.

  • Versatile Design
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Investment worthy
  • Expandable hook closure
  • Adjustable wide shoulder straps
  • Has Inner compartments (can fit 15" laptop and passport section)
  • Anti klutz design (deep enough that your things don't drop out even though forgot to close)

The design is something that took me awhile to appreciate and get used to because the mouth opening is actually smaller than the base and I did struggle abit thinking it’s rather difficult to take and put things inside unless I release the entire drawstring. But this is actually a safety precaution design, so people can’t just randomly unbuckle and take stuff from your bag pack. They gotta untie and open the drawstring which by then you would actually notice the unusual movements behind your back lol.

Initially i thought i hated the bag for having such an unusual small head opening until i realized what was it's main purpose! To prevent clumsy people like me from losing stuff! I'm such a silly girl! *facepalm* 

During my first trip to Shirakawa-Go

And even if you do forget to tie the string back (like me lel) buckling it alone can prevent your items from falling out, it secures the bag very well! Not everyone would agree to the idea of a bag being on the minimal side for the outside compartments because where are you going to put your wallet and other small stuff like keys and tissue, right..when you travel those are the first targeted parts of the bags that WILL get slashed and that’s how your lose your stuff. But it does have a small slot for your cards at the back, I usually dump my loose shilling change, Train card or namecard there so I can get to them easily.

Sometimes i put my pocketWifi in there too, so that i can keep a look out on its battery life without having to dig my entire bag pack for it lol, i carry way too many stuff sometimes.

My trust Travel Recommends PocketWifi

You wouldn’t believe what I fit inside my bag on a daily basis while I was in Japan, there’s actually a tripod in there, along with a jacket, make up bag, power bank and wires, umbrella along with other random stuff like water bottle and some food.

On my recent trip to Singapore, tons of stuff in my bag but it still looks normal size

On certain occasions when i do have 1-2 day trips, it actually fits all my clothing including my laptop, toiletries and electrical hair thongs. Reminds me of marry poppins's magical bag right now lol
because for normal bag packs that would be impossible without looking bulky AF, my Gaston Luga bag still maintains its slender silhouette despite all the junk i have stuffed in there.
The design was definitely well taught off and i wouldn't mind getting other colors at this point because i love it so much.

If you think that styling it with your clothing is going to be an issue because it looks too "unisex" or not exactly "fashionable (you guys meant unpractical bag designs by this)" that's where you are wrong because i've experimented with a couple looks and it went well regardless i was wearing pants, skirt or dresses the bag somehow seems to compliment everything i wore!
I really dislike having to pack numerous bags during a trip just to take a couple of OOTD worthy shots as it's honestly such a nuisance, i really admire these "fashion instagrammers" wei. 

" To me get one PERFECT bag that suits everything and stick with it while focusing your mind on better things like actually enjoying your trip instead of what you wear!" 
Fashion should be "effortless"

It's definitely my best and most trusted travel companion.
Next on my wishlist is this beautiful CLASSY bag in Black & Pink!

With every Gaston Luga bag purchased now you can redeem your free PLANKAN Leather Card holder worth RM215 for FREE!

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  1. Cantiknya design beg ni,ada 2 warna pilihan dan saya akan pilih warna hitam walaupun saya suka warna pink,hehehe... Cantik! Design dia pun lawaaaa dan memudahkan si pemakai :D


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