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Momohime BB cream & Cleansing Gel Review (New Arrivals)

Hey ya'll i'm back with another Momohime review and i'm so excited to share with you guys the full details about this product and how it performed on my recently extremely sensitive skin (due to hormones). My obsession with peach will never die, that's one thing for sure because the smell of it is just so calming and every time i feel like binging on candy by just having a single serving of peach keeps my sweet tooth in place. I call that peach magic lol.
Well, everyone of us have our favorite fruits mine just so happens to be peach and the main ingredient of this Japanese halal skincare that i've been using over the past 1 year.

Also think it's time for me to restock my skincare routine set from Momohime as my previous one just finished, and i made sure not to spare any wastage because it's that good.
Though i am not Muslim, that isn't any restriction for me to use this product because i somehow have more confidence in using products that doesn't have any animal derivatives in them. All plant base is the way to go.

Recently on their official Instagram account (@Momohime.halal.japan) they have just announced the arrival of 2 new products which is their make up remover cleansing gel and Bb cream, i was pretty excited because they have started exploring down the cosmetic line already! It's a huge milestone for Momohime and i'm proud that they are expanding rapidly.

When i received the products to try out last weekend, i took my time to give it proper test runs in various situations and see how well the product fared so that you guys are able to get a proper review on this product before purchasing, hope you'll find this entry helpful!

P/s: LOL it came just in time as i was out of my Waso cleanser wash (work as a make up remover as well) Talk about coincidence!

Before i dive into the review here is a brief summary about the brand and it's ingredients. 
Momohime is a Japanese halal skincare that was officially released in Malaysia last year, now available in selected AEON outlets. The purpose of this brand is to allow Muslim users to experience the goodness of Japanese skincare products without worrying about its ingredients as the founders of Momohime are Japanese Muslim themselves so they understood the challenges that came with it as most Japanese skincare brand contains alcohol as part of their key ingredient. 

Momohime uses peach as their main ingredient as this superfruit provides high levels of moisture for the skin and at the same time provides natural whitening without any bleaching agent. Usually whitening products in the market often dries up a user's skin on prolong usage (i too found out the hard way) but Momohime's products provides gradual skin whitening without dry skin side effects. Peaches also helps renew the skin from within by enhancing our skin's metabolism providing better skin elasticity that helps to slow down any signs of ageing.

In Malaysia, it's always a challenge to find the right kind of texture products that's suitable for our horrid humid weather that somehow miraculously makes everything melt within minutes *roll eyes*
And brands from western countries often tend to be too thick for our skin (they have harsh cold weather) so my only faith is in Asian brands. But that too i gotta go through tons of trials and errors before my holy grail appears, my skin isn't exactly the best but thanks to laser and facial sessions in ME Clinic it has improved tremendously. That is why i'm extra careful with reviewing whatever random brand skincare at the moment, sensitive skin yo!
Previous blogpost about Momohime's 4 step skincare can be read HERE

But over time my Momohime set has proven to be the most consistent in my daily skincare regime, it absorbs really quickly and my face oil doesn't pile up that much by the time i get off work at 6pm (this is without make up). So it does help with keeping my sebum in check, doesn't irritate random period pimples and most of all helps lighten the pimple scarring over time. 

I was really happy with it and now i'm sad because it's finished lol i'll need to get a new set soon!

Momohime Cleansing Gel (rinse off make up remover)

Retail Price: RM114

At first glance i initially thought it's another range of their facewash until i read the pamphlet that came with it, it's actually a rinse off make up remover! 
I personally LOVE these kind of removers because first of all, no cotton is needed and it's a very fast process too, suitable for those nights when you are too tired to sit down and patiently remove your make up. For me i would have rather slept with my make up point if i was that tired (don't do this, not very good lol) but with this all i need is a 50 cent coin size on my palm and massage it directly to my face in circular motion, rinse off with warm water and use my face wash for a double cleanse. 

Clear gel form

Rinse off make up remover is a holy grail every women needs in her toilet, after you have this you'll definitely be hesitant to go back to the traditional ways of removing make up (wiping) lol.
Welcome to the dark size of #lazypplhack :P 

  • Easy & quick to use
  • Doesn't irritate or dry up the skin
  • Removes make up throughout
  • Can be used for Oil free and water based make up
  • Eyelash extension friendly as well 
  • Free from silicon, paraben, mineral oil, oil based surfactant, alcohol & animal derivatives

 The scent is delicious like the rest of their products, so that's also one of the reasons why i love Momohime so much!
The cleansing gel is already selling on AEON wellness, you can refer below for the complete list of locations.

Momohime BB Cream*

Retail Price: RM135

This is the most exciting part of the review for me because i love make up very much except lately it takes me more effort to apply them on than usual (feeling sluggish lately) lol or i'm trying to go our bare faced more :P
It's nice to have make up that smells of peaches (really obsessed) and the natural fragrance isn't the overwhelming type so your nose won't be triggered by it. After using it for a week i can officially give my thoughts on it.

 I love the fact that it provides enough overall coverage for me but i still do need concealer for those pesky dark acne spots, i would recommend to use a sponge to blend it it (dabbing motion) rather than brush or those silicon puff. 
Sponge helps it to spread evenly all over your face, if you feel it's abit wee too fair don't worry because once it sets and melts, it will adjust according to your skin tone. Too bad that it is only available in 1 kind of shade right now which is medium fair, but with demand i'm sure they'll start coming out with more shades. 

My main concern with all BB/ CC cream/ foundations is usually the oil control part as i have a combination skin type so only my T zone will secrete excessive amount of oil over time.and that area is the first part to like literally melt away *roll eyes*

So far with Momohime's BB cream it didn't get as oily as i expected, which is good! 
I would highly suggest to set the BB cream with loose powder/ sebum control powder/ press powder for a longer lasting coverage due to our weather, i used my acmedica compact powder.

Morning after application

More than 8 hours later at night

It lasts for a good 8 hours under heavy amount of sweating/ humidity without any touch ups needed except 1 time blotting at my T-zone area, overall i'm very impressed that they got their formula almost on point on first try. Maybe abit more tweaks and it would be perfect!
It removes easily with Momohime's latest cleansing gel, and so far i don't have any breakouts so that means my face is cleansed thoroughly! 

*Currently unavailable in Malaysia just yet, but heard it will be released very soon! Will keep you guys in check on that.

  • BB cream with SPF50 PA+++ in it (Checked!)
  • Decent overall coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Decent oil control
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Works as a skincare, sunscreen, base and foundation
  • Prevents pigmentation and wrinkles

Going for the natural look is always the best, BB cream, blusher, light eyeshadow and some mascara

Momohime products are available in selected AEON Wellness pharmacies throughout Malaysia. Their entire skincare set, cleansing gel are currently selling on the shelves except for the BB cream but don't worry as it will be available very soon!

Also for the month of March these 2 new arrivals is having a special 10% discount.
  • Mid Valley
  • AEON Taman Maluri
  • AEON Shah Alam
  • AEON Kota Bahru
  • Alamanda Putrajaya
  • AEON Tebrau City
  • AEON Bukit Indah
  • Queensbay Mall (Penang)
  • AEON Bdr Puchong
  • AEON Bandaraya Melaka

Facebook: www.facebook.com/momohime.halal.japan
Website: www.momohime.info

*All Momohime products are certified Halal under Japan Islamic Trust.



  1. 1st time I heard about this product. Macam best jer. I like the packaging. So cute. And your skin. Sangat cantik.

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  3. Babe I am loving the natural look on you :) I have yet to hear of the brand but the range certainly looks very promising. Also love the pictures as well <3 Will certainly try and give them a go and see how they work on me as well :)

  4. arissa, your skin is flawless :)
    u are beautiful.
    haven't heard about this product before.
    packaging is nice. simple. cute.
    its halal. spf50. great!

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  9. Never heard about this brand before. But i was attracted to know that the founder is japanese muslim and these products are paraben and alcohol free. Im sure the peach smell are great.

  10. im loving BB Cream right now. the ones that I own is almost finished. might check this one out since it looks good on your skin

  11. I kind of fall in love with the packaging. But the texture and the BB cream result is so amazing.

  12. wow you look super fab and your skin looks flawless too after applying the BB cream.. the packaging remind me of Japan caused of the sakura... well you said its really good for traveller I guess maybe because of the size... thanks for sharing with us ! ;)

  13. It's my first time coming across this brand, the BB cream looks really lightweight and comfortable, can't wait to.try this out, will get myself a bottle at Aeon stores.

  14. susah nak cari BB cream yang tahan lama macam ni. Normally lepas beberapa jam dah start berminyak dan bertompok-tompok. Nak try jugak la sebab i selalu juga travel.

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  17. Saya sangat suka product kosmetik dari korea dan jepun. Kualiti bagus dan sesuai dengan kulit orang asia. Btw love all your picture. Looks lovely

  18. Nice packaging and it feel like a Sakura theme. I can grab the Makeup remover since mine is finishing soon. I will take a look at Aeon Wellness One Utama later. I wish they have big bottle for the makeup remover.

  19. This Momohime brand is new to me but their BB Cream finishing looks promising. I like the smooth and flawless with a hint of peach blush after application. I would check out their product soon, thanks for the recommendations.


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