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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Daiso Japan Haul

Not sure if i am the only one that seems rather fascinated with Daiso in Japan or in general all their their dollar stores because there's just so many stuff in each section that makes you want to spend on impulse though you told yourself you came in here for just ONE item (usually walk out with more lol). Instead of stressing myself to finish writing a review of what i did for the past year before the clock strikes midnight, i would rather write a simple entry sharing with you guys my recent haul from Japan.

I mean, it's just another year, not like the world is ending if i don't churn out my final post for 2017 right, it's part of my resolutions to take things easy and always get my priorities sorted out first. Because i lot of things has happened to me in 2017, enough to write a book actually but as usual everyone is lazy to read so long these days that i have to keep my blogpost short, straight to the point and add in more pictures instead.

Life is short, do things that makes you happy that's all i can say.
If it's shopping then find ways to allocate a mini budget to reward yourself monthly, i'm a real cheapo shopper so i don't usually have a problem there. That's why you'll always see me getting stuff from Daiso or a 2nd hand store (like Jalan Jalan Japan), because eventually things are meant to be disposed off due to wear and tear, the cheaper the items the easier it is to part with compared to an expensive item. I noticed that issue as i was clearing my house last week, sorting out stuff to be given away to charity and easily ended up with boxes of it because i had no emotional attachment to the things i bought unless i made it.

Got myself some "Magic" seasoning for meats & vegetables, they come with ziplock heads so it's easy to reseal again after each use, ramen and mini kewpie mayo!

Oh dear..went off topic again..what the....
Really need to stay focused la, if not i can go on writing about nonsense instead of my initial topic lol. So as i was saying i always go crazy whenever i am in Daiso Japan as they have 100 times more stuff than our local Daiso. Especially their food section it's like every single person's favorite section because all the instant stuff are there and bless they come in small sizes too (single portion).
If you are heading to Japan please do stop by their Daiso, trust me you won't come out empty handed, somehow there's always "something" you'll miraculously need lol.

I have to admit that i got overly excited upon seeing a small bottle of kewpie mayo being sold in Daiso, this is just perfect as i don't eat so much mayo and getting the big bottle it would probably expire first before i even use 20% of it. Living alone equals more food wastage to be honest.

Bless you Daiso!

The reason why i prefer to shop here is not only wider selection it's also cheaper compared to Malaysia, ever since they increased their price from RM5 to RM5.90, it actually affects us consumers who go there thinking that it's still cheap but that increase of 90 cents makes a significant difference on the total bill. Sobs, in Japan after currency convert it's still cheaper, that's why sometimes i rather buy things directly from Japan, if no choice only i'll get them here in Malaysia.

 Random cute stickers that i'm not sure if i'll even use.
I should start scrap booking again soon, bought all the materials just that i always give excuse not enough time, should start allocating 1 hour everyday to do something beneficial for my mental health.

I saw this particular Konjac sponge being sold in Daiso Malaysia, but i bought thus way before it arrived here. Since in Japan Konjac sponges are hyped as their beauty essential, might as well get a cheap on to try. No harm done because normal ones costs a bomb because of the brand name.

Quite often people do ask me where do i usually get my fashion accessories from, it's none other than Daiso. You'll be surprised the amount of nice accessories they have (in Daiso Malaysia as well). My hair pins/clips, hair bands, scrunchies,  earrings, necklaces and socks seen in the picture below, everything is from Daiso. 
Seriously the amount of promoting i do for Daiso they better start endorsing me lol (just joking), i just find them a great place to find small stuff without feeling too much of the pinch as some items are only worth that much yet in other places the prices are often jacked up.

These pair were bought in Japan during summer

When worn, it has fake hydrangea flowers on them, my 2nd favorite flower aside from blue roses.

This was like an emergency purchase because the weather was so hot and i couldn't stand my hair covering my neck, but im hoping my hair grows long again so it would look nicer when i tie my hair rather than a pathetic short ponytail sticking out lol

Cute hair clips, couldn't resist them!!

Surprising thing about Daiso is that their socks quality is actually pretty impressive and it looks pretty fashionable too, i have bought a few over the years and they last well too. 

More hair accessories that looks good for people with long hair *sobs* these are supposed to be "kanzashi" inspired, but made from artificial flowers instead of the usual traditional handmade method. Well for 5 bucks you can't complain about the accuracy lol.

The hairband was so wonder woman inspired, and it would look amazing against distress ringlets (need time to actually style my hair)  and a sea shell hairclip for summer, i know bought too in advance already. 

This post is a no brainer sharing post, just to answer everyone in general on where i usually do my shopping, if you ever do enter my house you'll be amaze to find like 50% of the household items are from Daiso as well. Sometimes we prefer to go after cute designs than quality haha, but remember even if you have to throw it away after 5 usage it still doesn't hurt as much as an expensive item dying even after a bajillion usages (take it from someone like me who sometime still keep broken stuff around the house due to attachment issues lel).

Happy New year everyone!


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