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The Tokyo Restaurant, KL

If it wasn’t for Jean (if you are looking for mandarin reviews, go subscribe to her blog) who suggested this place I would have probably just walked past and ignored because of the long queue (I’m very lazy to line up especially when I’m very hungry lol). Because just a weekend ago I was in ISETAN THE JAPAN STORE for the Okinawa healthy food fair when I came up to the 6th floor to use the washroom and noticed a long queue.

This cheesecake is amazing, worth the price!

Guess it’s always good to have a food blogger as a friend because they can decide which place is good to dine at and I don’t have to crack my head deciding what to eat lol, sorry if it sounds like im using you Jean Yong lol, it’s called being a good friend haha!
She highly recommends this place was because of their awesome no bake cheesecake, but of course they serve also other dishes and even alcohols here as it is a restaurant and bar concept dining place. It’s usually quite packed during lunch hour and weekends, so if you are coming in a big group, best to call in and make reservations.

They serve fusion Japanese food here, so prepare your taste buds for a unique combination of flavors.

Took us a while to decide on what to eat for lunch and I have to warn you guys that if you are small portion eaters like Jean and I then best to order and set and share or else you’ll be wasting a lot of yummy food away and you’ll most definitely would want to save some space for their desserts as well. The other stomach space for desserts doesn’t apply as you age lol.

Soup came with the lunch set

I found their service here quite good, staffs were quite tentative to our needs and the food took the usual average waiting time to arrive despite it being peak hour (lunch). I ordered a Japanese beef curry set that came with a bowl of delicious soup and added on omelette on top of the curry rice. 

As you can see the beef meat is rather little and small

I know Japanese curry tends to be on the sweeter side compared to our usual Malaysian spicy curries but this tasted somewhat different? Sweeter than usual and the curry was slightly watered down instead of it’s thick texture, not sure it’s their signature style of cooking but it’s definitely too sweet for me. Nonetheless once you gone pass the sweetness it’s actually decent, rice portion is big but the amount of beef cubes is rather little to be honest.

Jean ordered a karaage like dish that was huge, they are VERY generous with the chicken meat, that I had to help Jean clear off some before both of us admit defeat lol, next time I might probably order this dish instead of the curry. 

Moving on to the desserts, this has got to be the 2nd best cheesecake I had in my life next to my grandmother’s! Remember my rule of not eating any other cheesecake aside from my grandma’s? For Japane it’s always exceptional lol, it’s smooth and it’s the perfect balance of cream and cheese mixed together, you won’t feel that the taste is too overwhelming to the point of “jelak”. And they also recently added on a new dessert, it’s the matcha roll! 

The grainy photo gets to me lol, i do apologize for the bad lighting photos.

Paired with a dollop of perfectly boiled azuki (not too mushy), the cake alone is really soft and spongy. It has the matcha’s distinctive taste that doesn’t drown from the layer of cream in between. Jean seems to be enjoying this cake lot lol, both of them has it’s own unique taste depending on individual preferences, but I would highly vote the cheesecake first.
They have a solid 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor!

4F Lot 10 Shopping Center 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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