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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Blanc Eyelash Salon

Ever since i discovered about Eyelash extensions (got my first one done at Daisuke salon), i think i'm hooked on to it because it makes morning preps so much easier especially during travels. Being a girl isn't easy because we gotta wake up extra early to put on make up and style my hair before going out or else i'll look like a horrible mess. "I woke up like this" is a lie girls, unless you are born drop dead gorgeous if not extra effort is needed daily. Well, can't complain because grooming is essential for a woman especially one who is already working and you'll be surprised how many girls have no idea how to put on make up or dress properly at all and they are like a decade older than i am today.

But thanks to beauty salons offering a large array of services, one can just walk in and get everything done walking like a million bucks. WITH ZERO EFFORT.
I believe in Jenn's rule OF zero effort but maximum results lol because we want to look good without wasting too much time everyday in front of the mirror.
The quote goes that "eyes are the windows to the soul" is actually true because when you meet a person the first thing you do is lock eye contact before a handshake. So it's very important to have well groom eyebrows and eyelash extensions to make you look as if you are wearing make up but actually not and you'll be surprised how much these 2 small changes can enhance your looks overall.

I've made it my mission to try out as many Japanese beauty products and services so that i can compile a list here on my blog, just i do apologize for the slow updates due to heavy workload since i came back from Japan (i still owe a shirakawa-go blogpost for it).
When i decided to make an appointment at Blanc Eyelash Extension Salon, Pavilion i heard mixed feedbacks from some friends, and you know me that i'm actually a paranoid person and think the worst of things like all my lashes falling off or something (worst nightmare) lol but Blanc Eyelash Extension Salon has assured me otherwise.
Upon arrival i was greeted warmly by their staffs and one of the was assigned to brief me on what kind of lashes i would like to do. They have a chart example for you to browse through, depending on preference you can go from natural looking to dramatic which the amount of lash strands and type of curl.

I tried 2 different types of curls on 2 separate occasions, one was 2 weeks before my Japan trip (natural curl) and 2nd was a touch up before my flight which i opt for a more dramatic look.
So for details like how long did they last for me, what's the comfort level, maintenance, etc please do continue reading.

Very comfortable, private & spacious rooms available.
Trust me the minute the sofa reclines you'll doze off (maybe it's just me lol). 

Talking about the shop's interior design it does give out a lavish atmosphere (you'll feel like tai tai) which it's befitting of their location in Pavilion (atas place lol), coming here was a breeze for me because the MRT from PJ stops directly outside of Pavilion, so if you are staying in PJ, skip the expensive parking and massive jam by taking the MRT.
So reluctant to move house now because of the train, during weekends i can go into town without much hassle lol.

For those wearing contact lens, you'll need to remove them before they start the application procedure but don't worry as they have contact lens solution and casing provided in the make up room which you can use to do your touch ups after the session.

Duration: 2 hours + (for eyelash extensions)

Range of designs: healthy amount offered, can be customized according to customer's preference. refer to the menu below

Service offered: 

  • Top & bottom eyelash extensions (yes!! they do bottom too!)
  • Touch up lashes
  • Lash treatment
  • Eye mask
  • Hand mask
  • Lash removal
Price range: RM120 onwards

C curl (13-14mm), mix


  1. To remove make up (especially eyeliner) use a cotton bud dip in make up remover
  2. Don't bath is too hot water or sauna (girls love doing this lol) for a long period of time as the steam will weaken the glue adhesive faster.
  3. Use water/ milk based make up removers only, no oil
  4. Always comb your lashes upwards to maintain it's curled shape

Follow these 4 steps and your lashes will last you up to a month! :)
In Japan i spent alot of time in onsen (lol) and sauna because it was very cold so it kinda shed faster than normal, learned it the hard way *sobs*.

Side view
It lasts an average of 2.5weeks with proper and gentle care, you can go back for touch ups (with a fee), it's very comfortable and soft that it did not irritate my eyes. I'll definitely come back again to re-do near future. So far i never had any problems of my original eyelashes being weak after the extensions, it sheds normally (1-2 strands occasionally).

 My make up artist was also impress with the lashes because it looks so natural yet make the eyes stand out.

Blanc Eyelash Salon

Lot 6.16.00 Pavilion  (level 6)
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

603-2110 5859 

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