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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Virtual Hanami 2020 (Wallpapers included)

I know many of you guys have planned long and hard for your 2020 Japan trip just to see sakura this spring but unfortunately due to COVID-19 situation worsening, you were forced to make a heavy decision by canceling all your plans. Some of you don't even get a refund for your bookings which can be quite painful financially as you have saved solely for this travel dream. 
Most countries including Japan has sealed off its borders in hopes to contain this epidemic before it gets out of hand, and we are left with nothing but prayers and hopes. As you have read the news about Japan's current condition, you would know that the numbers are climbing steadily as they finally decided to run more tests after the annoucement of Olympics 2020 has been officially postponed to 2021. 

I'm not here to remind you guys about more bad news as the media is flooded with them for the past few weeks, but i'm here to share with you something that may lift your spirits in amidst of all this  ongoing chaos. In times like these, i realised i'm truly blessed and lucky to be living in Japan and being able to witness the beauty of mother nature every year and it might not be much on my end but it's the least i can do.  

You guys know that i'm a super duper realistic person, so you won't see me sharing "inspirational / positive vibe" quotes or ideas, as i like keeping things real because no point trying to live in denial. But just once in a blue moon like last week, i posted an Instagram story encouraging you guys to try out your own "#homehanami" as we are all practicing social distancing at the moment and stuck at home, might as well make the best of it. It might not be the same as being under an actual sakura tree but with a little imagination, anything is possible. 

So to complete your home hanami quest i've uploaded a few phone and laptop wall papers that you can save on your devices*

This is our version of home hanami we did last year because it was raining outside

Even if you end up not doing your own hanami at home (we all have lazy days lol), at least you can still carry a part of Japan with you to remind you of better and new beginnings ahead just like those sakura flowers.  

*These images are only for personal usage, no printing, promoting or selling it without my permission.

To download just right click on the picture and save to computer

For PC

For phone:

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! 

I know you guys heard this a billion times before, remember to wash your hands frequently, stay safe and avoid going outdoors unless necessary and most importantly please please do not do any social gatherings right now because these are how COVID-19 clusters usually start. Let's do our part to beat this virus as soon as possible so that we can all go back to work and traveling like normal again. 
Times are seriously hard for everyone of us, it's upsetting to know alot of my jobs got cancelled so that means i'll have to survive without pay till god knows when, but i know sacrifices needs to be made for the greater good. So i have to pray to kami-sama once this outbreak is over, jobs will come pouring in again😭

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Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 💖 

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