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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Discover a Mindful & Healthy Lifestyle through Edobio Herb Tea

How are you guys holding up so far? Hope wherever you are reading this are well and safe in your homes, I know it hasn’t been easy for everyone and we all just want this to be over with so we can go back to the lives we once had. But can we actually go back to how it once was?

This current ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has given us a lot of time to think and reflect back on our lives, what matters the most and how we had taken it for granted so far. Things like relationships; be it family, partners or friends, our freedom, lifestyle (habits) and most importantly our health.

Like most people, this was an opportunity for me to come to terms with our current situation and try to think of ways to overcome it step by step; to be honest it can be quite overwhelming on some days, feels like you have hit a dead end. It’s still a work in progress but better than none for now lol. Waking up and starting the day with a fresh cup of my current favourite herbal brew from Edobio, this little morning ritual allows me to calm myself and gather my thoughts for the day.

One of it was taking my health more seriously now, I know I wasn’t always the healthiest lot in my family (had the most viral infections throughout my childhood and often hospitalized) and now that I have a kid to take care of, I have to think about her as well. If I were to fall sick, "who’s going to take care of her? Heck, who’s going to even take care of me? The whole house will fall apart without me around" *every mom’s worst nightmare*.

I’m definitely not going to burden the danna further as he has enough on his plate already, so the least I can do for our family is stay healthy and be present right now.

Apart from practicing the usual social distancing, I’ve also started taking more supplements to help boost my immunity system overall such as drinking bird’s nest drinks, taking vitamins and last but not least, drinking herbal teas. It might not be a magical solution to our world’s current situation but it’s definitely a holistic approach to overall wellbeing. We know the mind and soul needs to be tended to as well because what good is a healthy body when our mental state is deteriorating in the shadows.

And of course we all know that drinking tea is part of a healTEA lifestyle practice
Sorry but not sorry lol, couldn’t resist adding in that pun there. Been waiting so long to use it and now I have the excuse to 😂

Okay back to being serious, tea drinking has a long history dating back over 5000 years and since then there has been many types of tea introduced all over the world today. We are spoilt for varieties and each tea blend has its own unique properties, hence not all teas are made equal. Even when you drink green tea, there are so many species and grades available, they might look the same but they definitely have its own distinctive tastes.

And only tea lovers will know that it’s normal to have their own stash of tea assortments for specific usages/ occasions, no such thing as 1 type of tea only lol. I love having options because every time I open my tea cupboard I wonder what kind of tea should I brew for the day; it’s usually based on my mood lol. It’s super important to keep my tea cupboard well stocked especially since we could be under state emergency anytime right now, that’s a tea person’s priority alright XD

My Morning & Night Tea Routine with Edobio

Since last month I’ve started replacing my morning coffee intake with Edobio’s Green Slim Blended Herb Tea and before I sleep I drink a cup of Relax Flow Blended Herb Tea, also from Edobio.

You guys remember that I wrote about them before, my favourite face soap rebranded themselves last year to “Edobio” and they have recently released their very own unique blend of herbal teas. For those who don’t know, Edobio is a Japanese brand that pays homage to their heritage, in each product designed and released has part of Japan’s culture incorporated in to it. 

As we all know wellness starts from within, so to get that glow going we need to cleanse our system first or else that expensive skincare we have isn’t going to do much either lol.
Tea drinking has been embedded into Japanese culture since the 9th century, it’s the first thing they drink in the morning and throughout the day as it’s known for its various health benefits. It’s also a sign of hospitality as guests are served a cup of tea instead of water.

And a disclaimer it’s not one of those slimming teas that makes you purge your guts out, not even close; in fact, this herbal tea is designed for health conscious people, it’s always good to know what you are putting into your body. Yes, occasional treats are still allowed and needed or else the body goes into shock mode, the key to it is always be balanced; never deprive your body from what it craves, there’s usually a reason behind it- Like me and chocolate before shark week lol.

I do love both coffee and tea equally, however I’m also aware of the caffeine content in coffee is obviously higher, and having a few cups of it in a day isn’t exactly ideal (makes me easily agitated) compared to switching it to tea instead. I prefer drinking tea lately because it because it calms me down and also I noticed tea has always helped me in many ways such as my weak digestion. Me getting a heartburn, reflux or massive bloating is a normal ordeal for me especially after every meal, for that I drink tea to ease the discomfort.

Edobio’s Green Slim Blended Herb Tea is a blend of 7 type of herbs known to expel excess water retention and helps the body to detox naturally- Nettle leaf, juniper berry, chicory root, and lemon grass. The herbs are also blended with the leaves of“Kunisato Number 35,” a type of blueberry plant produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, and green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture.

We already know how green tea is filled with antioxidants and did you know that Miyazaki blueberry leaves are filled with them too? Edobio Herb tea is primarily made with Miyazaki blueberry leaves and Japanese studies prove that the blueberry leaf tea not only help your body combat against free radicals (including influenza), it also works by boosting your immune systems.

While their Relax Flow Blended Herb Tea consists of nine types of relaxing herbs, including lemon verbena, chamomile, calendula, elder flower, and rooibos have been blended with Miyazaki Prefecture’s“Kunisato Number 35”blueberry leaves and Fukuoka Prefecture’s genmai, or brown rice.

Also before you go “tea keeps me awake at night because it has caffeine too”, Genmai-cha (roasted brown rice tea) is known to have very low levels of caffeine in it and often you can find them non-caffeinate versions on the market, just like Edobio’s.

At night right before I head to bed after a long tiring day (yes, being a stay at home mom is more stressful than being in the office), I’ll usually spend an hour or two to unwind with a cup of tea & Netflix. It’s important for me to get some “me time” to myself, that includes ignoring the danna lol because after being so overwhelmed the whole day trying to deal with endless tantrums and a super hyper active toddler, I could use that quiet space. I’m pretty sure moms out there gets me on this.

Edobio Relax Flow Blended Herb Tea’s blend helps to relieve stress built up over the day, easing the mind’s burden for a better sleep quality. Getting enough rest is essential for the body to repair itself and that is crucial for our immune system too, we need it now more than ever with our current ongoing situation.

It might be unusual to see Japanese teas being mixed with other herbs (usually enjoyed on its own), this is because Edobio’s goal is to create something that suits the lifestyle and taste buds of modern day people, I would prefer to call them artisanal teas instead😆
Definitely a fancier way to enjoy your Japanese tea 💕

Also their teas have a one of a kind taste, which is refreshing from the usual cup of tea you find on the market shelves. Upon your first sip, bold flavours starts to flood your taste buds followed by a subtle hint of sweet aftertaste which leaves (pun intended lol) you wanting for more. The aroma from the tea leaves itself is quite enticing, and it enhances more when being brewed in hot water, just make sure not to brew it too long (max 5-7 mins) or else like every tea, the end outcome of it would be too bitter to palate.

It’s not too late to always pick up healthy habits, start yours today by replacing multiple cups of coffee with tea instead and it’s also a great way to keep your hydration levels in check without getting overloaded with caffeine. To learn more about Edobio or purchase, do head over to their website: https://edobio.com/Herbtea

And last but not least a special surprise for you guys, Edobio is hosting a giveaway on their Instagram and you can win yourselves a set of Edobio’s herbal teas worth $30. Head over to join today!

Edobio Herb Tea Duo Giveaway . Giving the gift of good health, we would like to spread some positivity by hosting a giveaway for our @edobio.japan immunity boosting tea set! . To join the giveaway, please follow @edobio.japan & leave a like and comment on this picture! It's that simple. Winners will be picked by 30th April 2020. Last day to enter is April 29 2020. Only entries from Singapore, USA & Japan are allowed. We are not allowed to ship to other countries. . Terms & conditions. This giveaway is hosted by GE Wellness Co., Ltd. and is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook. Winners will be picked by April 30 2020. Gift will be shipped by Edobio to addresses in Japan, USA or Singapore. We are not allowed to ship to other countries. Min age of entry is 16 . . . . . #edobio #edobiogiveaway #looseleaftea #giveaway #teaislife #teaofinstagram #greentealover #loosetea #teaenthusiast #teaislove #teaddict #tealicious
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