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Momohime Halal Japan Premium Body Milk review [New arrival!]

You guys have no idea how excited I am to be finally reviewing this! Being a long time loyal fan of Momohime Halal Japan brand since 2017 (3 years already!), this gentle halal skincare brand has worked wonders for my skin over the years and when I first heard from the brand owners that they are working hard on releasing a new product, I was stoked!

After years of research and tests, their new baby is finally ready to greet the world.

Just in time for our current season too (it’s autumn in Japan now), as the air gets colder and drier every day, we can see our skin slowly flaking all over uncontrollably and I think I’ve made my dry skin problems pretty obvious on my insta-stories lol. IT’S SUPER PAINFUL!! 
I can't even use my fingerprint to unlock my phone because the constant flaking caused my all fingerprints to be almost non-existant lol, it's that bad. 

My skin kept splitting because it was too dry. Couldn't wash nor type without squirming in pain each time, this went on for quite some time by the way

I come from a tropical country, so my skin is more suited for humidity and when they say your skin will “eventually” learn how to adapt after 2 years of living in a country with 4 seasons; sorry to burst your bubble but it’s going to be my 3rd year in Japan soon and sad to report that my skin hasn’t evolved one bit lol (stubborn like me).
So yes, dry skin has always been my no.1 enemy and there’s just no way to get rid of it completely and I’ve also noticed that it just gets worst every year (why??). It also doesn’t help that we constantly have to use alcohol sanitizers as well (no thanks to Covid-19).

Oddly enough my face has no flaking issues this round despite the change of seasons, that must be Momohime’s award winning skincare range working its magic retaining my skin’s moisture levels!

Smooth legs! 
Prior to this to looks like a fish's skin, you can actually see the scaly epidermis layer; looks cool yet freaky at the same time. And when the itch comes, you can literally see a white "dust-like" layer flying everywhere before settling on the floor, that's all my dead skin yo.
So my goal for this year’s cold period is to keep my flaky skin problems in check and hope the insane itch doesn’t plague me more than it should. Not sure if it’s just me, have you ever experienced dry skin with random itches all over that’s so bad to the point you scratch yourself until it bleeds? I’m not talking about eczema or anything, just general dry skin from the cold weather. And even if you don’t scratch, your skin just somewhat “shrinks?” resulting it to just split on its own.

Yep, story of my life whenever the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

I’ve been constantly told to "drink more water" and put all sorts of heavy creams, petroleum jelly, even steroid types to manage them so I don’t scratch myself to death. Tried many kinds of brands off the shelf (that's where all of my $$ went *sobs*), only a handful worked providing temporary relief and the rest being tossed out for being useless and honestly most of those “recommended” cold season lotions I’ve used makes me feel as if I’ve just rubbed butter all over my body. You imagine how disgusting that feels walking around all day feeling like a greased giant butter cookie underneath your sweater. I like eating butter cookies but not too fond of being one myself and It’s 2020; can we just have moisturizing lotions that absorbs well and not just sit on the surface of the skin making us feel all icky.

My greased phone screen is proof of it all lol. Who else feels me?

Guess my prayers has been answered when I’ve finally received Momohime’s Premium Body Milk in the mail last week, was so excited that I started using it almost immediately! 

And Momohime Premium Body Milk brings self-caring to a whole new level, thanks to its therapeutic natural peach fragrance (peach aldehyde), you can generously massage all over your body after coming out from a long warm bath soak. Make sure to also light some candles, prepare some warm milk and cookies with a good music while you are at it, this would help you enjoy your self-care session to the fullest! Don’t need to diffuse any EO because you are already deliciously scented ;)

Seriously, if there’s one kind of fragrance I have to use for the rest of my life it’s none other than peach scent. I still find it hard to believe how nature has blessed us with this sweet and deliciously fragrant fruit. Also I’m abit bummed because peach season is already over and I have to wait till next summer to eat it again *sobs* 

This well researched, 100% made in Japan product is compliant with Japan’s strict inspection and regulation laws and made in the same factory as their other current existing halal products, so users can use it with utmost confidence. 

It is suitable for those with sensitive skin (like me) so even expecting mothers and their little ones (with no existing skin complications) can use it. I’m glad that finally there is a product the whole family can use, usually we have to buy separate types as most adult products contains harsh chemicals that are not suited for children’s delicate skin and a big bonus that we don’t have to pack so many lotions especially during our upcoming trip around Tohoku too! 

Lil penguin wanted to try some after seeing me using it (the sweet scent must have attracted her lol), it was so cute to see her rub it all over her body despite not knowing what it’s for; haha! 


A pump goes a long way

This light-weight and quick absorbing lotion is made out of all natural ingredients such as Geranium Robertianum Extract, Peony Root Extract, Passiflora Edulis Fruit Extract, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seeds Oil & Olive Fruit Oil, Peach Leaves/Fruit/Seeds Extracts, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Vitamin E, Perilla Leaves Extracts, Cherry blossom Extracts & Sugar Squalane. 

As you can see their ingredient list is pretty straightforward with no fancy chemical names to confuse users and you definitely don’t need to be a chemist to be able to read and understand the label. And keeping true to their brand’s roots, all of Momohime’s products does not contain alcohol

Despite it being called “body milk” the texture leans more towards gel-like (feels almost like their face serum!) hence it spreads easily on the skin. Cleopatra can keep her milk and honey baths; I’ll just stick with this instead lol. And I’m proud to announce that I have not experienced any greasy phone screens or keyboards after I switched over to this lotion and my dry skin problem is improving every day. As you can see in the photos below my cracked feet and flaky finger tips are almost good as new after using it diligently twice a day (morning and before bed) for a week+. 

Almost good as new, just 4 days ago it was still raw and bleeding.

No more flaky skin problems!

Pardon the scary photo 😅
It also works well for cracked heels, before applying the lotion i filed off as much dead skin (never pull them even though it's tempting to because they'll end up like hangnails and usually bleeds!) before applying Momohime Premium Body Milk and wear socks before bed, after a few days you can see the improvements. Truly an all in 1 body lotion!

Shall put this product under my #Arisacertified list on Instagram!

200ml (normal) & 50ml (travel size friendly) 

Momohime Premium Body Milk is available in 2 sizes- 200ml (normal) & 50ml (travel size friendly) priced at 2780 yen & 980 yen respectively. Those residing in Japan, you can directly purchase it from their official website: https://momohime.shop/ (free local shipping for orders 5000yen & above).

For those in Malaysia you can purchase it from their official Shopee store (releasing end of this month).

Make sure to follow their Instagram accounts for the latest updates: 
Stay well and safe everyone, we are at the last leg of 2020!

Yours Truly,

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