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Introducing Momohime Advance Natural Beauty Cream | Review

Where do I start with this? Trying to articulate my thoughts into sentences seems difficult because I’m literally mind blown with this new beauty cream by Momohime!

For those who have been following me for a while would know by now that I swear by this skincare brand and have been a faithful user for 3 years (turning 4th soon!), you can find multiple entries about their products on my blog too. From a beauty blogger who used to test out different skincare brands (drug store level to premium ones) every month to tossing everything else out overnight after using Momohime because I knew I’ve found my one and only HOLY GRAIL.

I’m not the kind of person who easily sing praises to every new product thrown at me to review because I believe in sharing my honest experience and opinions which may (hopefully) assist someone out there looking to purchase it.

 Momohime may be considered a niche skincare brand in Japan in comparison to the other hundreds easily available in drugstores but none of them can beat the amount of effort and research that goes into producing their products. From a consumer’s standpoint, you’ll know how to spot a keeper when you don’t find them releasing new product or chasing fleeting beauty trends (In the name of “limited edition” lol) every few months. A good brand focuses on their existing range and in perfecting their craft before releasing a new one into the market.

Got an inside scoop about Momohime’s Advance Natural Beauty Cream earlier this year and have been patiently waiting for it, almost couldn’t contain my excitement when the official announcement came out on their Instagram page (go follow them if you have not- @momohime.halal.japan)

So after getting my hands on it last week, I’ve decided to put in to a 2 weeks’ test (my standard time frame to see results) and so far I’m loving it to bits. My favourite has always been the essence as it is rich enough for my super dry skin (especially during winter) but now I think I’m hooked unto their beauty cream as well lol.


Momohime’s Advance Natural Beauty Cream is actually an anti- aging care cream meant to restore and retain your skin’s elasticity because science has proven that our face’s collagen and elastin production decreases with age and I’m also sad to admit that I’m way passed my carefree 20s years because hello 30s is just around the corner lol :’) It’s a wakeup call I needed because I’m no longer young and I’ll need to step up on my skincare regime if I still want to look youthful even after 30 or 50! Okay, maybe looking young in my 50s is kinda farfetched for now but we’ll definitely revisit this post when the time comes XD

 I had many bad experiences with anti-aging creams in the past that sort of steered me away from it, most of them were too rich for my skin; felt like those foot cream for your cracked heels except you are putting it on your face, so imagine how gross it feels. Not to mention majority of it ended up clogging up my pores and gave me severe acne problems for weeks. Am glad that despite the name “cream” on Momohime’s anti-aging product, it’s actually more of a thick gel-like texture making it easy to be absorbed by the skin.

For seasoned Momohime users (like myself), would definitely find the anti-aging cream slightly denser in comparison to their white essence and moisture gel cream but it’s not much of a big deal because haven’t experienced any case of clogged pores so far which is a good thing especially coming from an anti-aging product! Though the texture is thick, I don’t find it too unbearably sticky nor oily after its completely absorbed and in fact I find it actually gives my skin a natural healthy shine like those trending Korean dewy skin effect except I don’t need to do like 10 steps for it lol.

Raw photo of my skin, fine lines (especially near my dimples) smoothen abit  and pimple scars healing steadily 

Though for best results Momohime recommend using it as part of your night routine, it can also be used for mornings when your skin is feeling extra “tight and dry” because us women are constantly plagued with irregular skin textures, contributed by our yo-yo hormones.

You know that feeling of some days when your make up suddenly doesn’t sit well on your skin, it’s definitely not your make up problem and likely that your hormones is being SUS (signs of menstrual week is coming up lol). I know a lot of people who actually use different types of skincare combination just to “control” this issue, so it’s like every week there is a special concoction of skincare to use lol. As for me previously it didn’t bother me all that much but as I get older I noticed my hormonal breakouts can be quite serious a week before my period lasting all the way till after so that’s about 2 weeks of nonstop breakouts.

Even my usual Momohime skincare regime was suddenly no match for my aging raging hormonal skin so it was a constant vicious cycle of having well behaved skin for only 1 week out of a whole month lol (2 weeks-pimples, 1 week-healing, 1 week- clear skin).

Vitamin E capsules in the cream
We all know the basic fundamental of having good skin is HYDRATION, without it our skin may excrete excessive oil or get too dry that healing can’t take place (which is my current case). Momohime’s Advance Natural Beauty Cream is infused with ingredients like white Vitamin E capsules which melts and penetrates deep into the skin improving elasticity and significantly reducing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Its function is not only limited as a moisturizer but also as nourishment for the skin.

Reclaim and retain youthful skin 

Being nearly 30, my skin is telling me that i needed EXTRA hydration assistance like STAT! And true enough after using the Advance Natural Beauty Cream my pimples healed faster and even those pesky fine lines (accentuated by dryness) blurred out giving me a suppler looking skin. Can really feel and see the difference; it also reminds me of #lilpenguin ‘s mochi cheeks except a firmer version haha.

This tub packs a punch with various fruit extracts ranging from Peach, Apple, Melon, Raspberry & Yuzu. It also contains sakura extract (yes, you read that right!), Na Hyaluronic Acid, Soluble Marine Collagen & Proteoglycan and Pearl Extract.

Smells heavenly too!

Soluble Marine Collagen & Proteoglycan works by hydrating from deep within, it also contains firming properties that improves the epidermal structure and elasticity of the skin, thus correcting expression lines and fine wrinkles. This is just the tip of the iceberg of its long list of benefits!

Pearl Extract has been long known and used in various beauty products for over hundreds of years, it has amino acids that stimulate collagen production and promote cell repairs while at the same time providing hydration as well.

 Like all products, this is not a miracle overnight solution to whatever skin problems but with consistency you’ll definitely see results. My mission to age gracefully begins now and if anyone wants to join the club, go forth and get a tub today and let us age gracefully together XD

What I’m most thankful for is how affordable Momohime’s price point is for an effective product, most notable anti-aging brands I know out there *cough* often costs double or triple, forcing one to spend thousands on their face every month which even with an average earning wage, I find it ridiculous to be honest, it’s like telling society only the rich can look young or something :-/

Time to ditch those and go for something we can afford within our means.

Their Essence bottle got a recent makeover! 
Loving the glass bottle, gives a "luxury" touch to it

 Momohime’s product ingredients is very straightforward- majority are natural extracts from plants and fruits. And because they are a Halal skincare brand, you won’t find common ingredients such as Alcohol and animal derivatives used in any of their products. They also don’t conduct animal testing, so you can confidently use it knowing no animals were harmed.

And to answer the questions I’ve always been getting- Yes, you don’t need to be a Muslim to use halal products, in fact I find it even better to omit alcohol and animal derivatives from skincare because it’s clear that we can achieve similar results without it and no, I’m not vegan either so it has nothing to do with my choices lol. I’m just doing my part as a conscious consumer in general.

Momohime is currently having an ongoing Ramadan promotion till the end of May 2021!
Enjoy 20% off your order by using the code: MOMO21 (during checkout) at https://momohime.shop/ (free local Japan shipping for orders 5000yen & above).

For those in Malaysia you can purchase it from their official Shopee store (releasing soon).

Last but not least, am glad to also announce that Momohime is now officially available on "Air Asia Beauty" by AirAsia.

Make sure to follow their Instagram accounts for the latest updates:

Yours Truly,

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