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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Evangelion Invasion in Kyoto!

Not sure how many EVA fans on my blog but heck it i'm still going to post this up anyway because this amazing attraction deserves a spot on my blog which i've somewhat neglected since early April this year after annoucing that i'll be focusing more on my private blog. I mean, i will still keep this blog going and update it from time to time but for more insider perks i'll definitely recommend checking out my KO-FI page :)

I've previously shared about Eigamura a few years ago, you can check out my old entry HERE

And towards the end of last year, this themepark/ shooting set launched a special collaboration attraction (likely in conjunction of the new movie that was released as well in 2020) featuring a LIVE size  EVA-01 unit, though it's only half of the robot's body, but this half still towers us over 12 feet tall. Can't imagine if full body, that would easily be more than 24 feet liao which is as tall a freaking building haha. Unfortunately with Kyoto's height restriction law in place, nothing is supposed to stick out except Kyoto tower being the only exception lol. 

I know there are many EVA fans out there looking forward to visit this attraction after it was annouced back in 2019 and none of us expected the pandemic to last this long with Japan banning international tourist entry (except *cougholympicscough*). But i do hope they'll extend this project till maybe end of 2022/23 instead of end early 2022 so that foreign tourists may also enjoy it before its taken down. Heck it they should just make it permanent because EVA is a freaking classic! Lol. 
This themepark may be targetted for younger audiences thanks to collabs with anime like Kimetsu no Yaiba but we adults are the ones with the spending power yo, put EVA there and you'll see tons of adults flocking the scene haha.

In the meantime, here is a little tour video and some photos i've taken during my visit earlier this year (special thanks to a friend who works there!). 

The EVA attraction itself is just a small part of the park, so if your main goal is just to see Unit-01 then it wouldn't take the whole day but i would highly recommend spending at least half a day here to check out other parts of the park and grab a bite from one of their themed restaurants. And i'm pretty sure by now most of you would have realised that themepark foods in Japan is actually quite yummy and it's worth every yen spent on it lol. It's not your usual overpriced and mediacore tasting food.

Welcome to 3rd New Kyoto 

Aside from taking photos with Unit-01, you can actually go up and test your "piloting" skills (i failed pretty badly, not surprising lol) but this part of the attraction took awhile to get to because you have to climb up a couple flight of stairs and wait in line for your turn; they limit how many are allowed on board for each session throughout the day. 

Though this piloting session only took less than 5 minutes to complete (but 30 mins+ waiting time), it was still worth the experience because EVA nerds like me can finally test out a "real life" (sorta) pilot stimulation that we always see in the anime XD

Stopped a couple of times on the way up to take pictures with my waifu Asuka XD

This is proof that i'm not cut out to be an EVA pilot lol

The view from on top of Unit-01

#Lilpenguin having fun with Angels lol

The souvenier stores are pretty neat because the items sold here are special and limited edition pieces which can't be found elsewhere in Japan, and there's a plural in "stores" because there are 2 in this park you should take note of, one is next to the Unit-01 while the other is located inside the main souvenier store as you are exiting the park. Items carried in both stores are slightly different but the one inside the park definitely carries more variety. 

The cafe/ souvenir shop next to EVA-01 unit

Inside the cafe/ souvenir shop

The small EVA corner inside the main souvenir shop

Asuka's replica prop sword on display 

We also had 2 lunches (yes we ate lunch TWICE!) here as we didn't realised the restaurant that serves EVA- themed food was just next to the park's main entrance and there wasn't even a line which was suprising because inside the park most restaurants usually have a long waiting line. We thought we were being smart by skipping the queue and eating inside the cafeteria (which is great with small kids) but turns out the jokes on us and extra money wasted lol. But it's alright, at least both lunches were good and i would highly recommend getting the 2nd impact ramen!

The ramen restaurant was next to this train

Seriously thought this place was just a building prop of an Edo ramen store because there was nobody crowding around it lol

The tiny small sign that caught our attention as we were exiting the park

2nd Impact Ramen very "syiok"! May look spicy but it isn't, the freshly fried karaage was good too.

Got this cool colour changing drink (it's just blue pea water + lemon lol) from the cafe and we get to bring home the cup too! With each EVA themed food/ drink bought, it comes with a random collectable coaster; so far we got Rei and Mari design lol

You can now eat your waifu too! 
Lol sounded so wrong when it's said that way but no really, your favourite waifu printed on cookies sold in a novelty box, makes a great souvenir to bring back home.

Asuka shaped water bottle lol

This visit to EVA park brought back so much of feels, like walking down memory lane and it somewhat reignited my dream to one day cosplay Asuka's plugsuit (haha i can't even zip up my pants, yet wanna dream of wearing a plugsuit lol). I remember back then in the early 2000s where costuming material resources were limited and to make a plugsuit out of PVC seems almost entirely impossible especially if it's not a 4-way stretch material and don't get me started on the costs to make one. The era before taobao haha, that shows how old i am in the cosplay scene back then it was Ebay?

Overall though it's a small attraction, i truly did enjoy the day spent here!
And i'll probably come back for another visit before they take everything down :)


And i also almost forgot to add that they have a special stamp rally quest with the local randen line, the stamp forms can be found in Eigamura along with the first stamp while the other 2 more in Arashiyama and the last at Shijo Omiya station. 
Ideally, you can spend the first half of the day at the park and after lunch, head down the randen line to collect your stamps while exploring Arashiyama and back to base (Shijo Omiya) for the final stamp and collect your commemorative pin badge* from the station counter! 

*this pin badge is limited 1 per customer and while stocks lasts

Always love walking around Eigamura's set because does feel like you've just been transported back to Edo Jidai (period). Normally you'll find costumed staffs wandering around giving an authethic touch to the atmosphere but with the ongoing pandemic, things have been eerily quiet on most days.

Fun Fact: Since Rurouni Kenshin is currently the hype of the year after releasing the final installment of its live-action adaption movie, some of the scenes in previous movies were actually shot here in Eigamura lol. You get to walk where Kenshin did yo!! XD

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