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Introducing Momohime’s NEW UPSIZED Moisture Gel Cream & Insider news!

Long time Momohime fans, get ready to rejoice because Momohime Halal Japan has recently announced the release of their latest UPSIZED Moisture Gel- from 30g to 50g!

In conjunction of their 6th Anniversary last week on 3rd March (which too coincides with Hinamatsuri/ Girl’s Day in Japan) and heartfelt appreciation, the new 50g moisture gel price will remain the same at 2177yen (tax included).

Meaning for the same price, you’ll get extra 20g making it a real added value!


I totally understand that times are hard for many right now but instead of cutting back, Momohime gives us more, thank you so much Momohime team!

What is Momohime’s Peach Moisture Gel Cream?

The Peach Moisture Gel Cream like its namesake is a moisturizer in a mixture of gel-cream like texture, usually applied after toner and essence. And I know many skincare users often avoid “cream” moisturizers especially if they are living in hot/ humid countries as one might find it too heavy and potentially skin clogging (especially those with sensitive skin) but rest assured that Momohime’s gel-cream is light, non-tacky and semi translucent allowing it to quickly be absorbed by the skin leaving it supple and well hydrated throughout the day. Don’t be fooled by the name- gel cream because it feels mostly like gel (glides on the skin effortlessly) but it hydrates as well as cream moisturizers.

It’s in fact one of my to-go picks during summer!


Water, olive fruit oil, BG, diglycerin, glycerin, polyglyceryl stearate-10, methylgluces-10, phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xanthan gum, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Hydroxide K, EDTA-2Na, Fragrance, Na hyaluronate, Peach juice, Na ascorbyl phosphate, Arbutin, Mandarin orange peel extract, cherry blossom leaf extract, Peach leaf extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, perilla leaf extract, peach seed extract

True to their branding and pledge, just basic natural ingredients and parabens/alcohol free


Learn how to beat seasonal skin woes like a pro!

As a user of Momohime Halal Japan since 2017 (that’s almost 5 years omg!) and using their products diligently in my daily skincare routine, I can proudly call myself a sort of pairing ‘expert’ and here to share on how and when to use their products depending on the season. If you are curious to learn how to fully optimized your Momohime skincare collection, do read on!

These tips can be applied daily life or during your travels to a country that has four seasons.



Coldest and driest seasons of the year; it leaves your skin forever thirsty and as a result constant flaking and more obvious appearance of fine lines. I come from a country that’s summer all year round (Yes, Malaysia you!) and it wasn’t easy to adapt with the seasonal changes and my skin reacted quite badly to it. The normal basic skincare routine of toner & moisturizer we are familiar with back home isn’t enough to prep your skin before make up because in a few hours you’ll notice stray flaking skin appearing all over especially around your T-zone.

Best way to combat this issue to is to slowly increase your moisture intake (for skin, please don’t consume the skincare as tempting it may smell lol) starting from autumn onwards. Think of it as building a barrier and these things don’t just happen overnight.

Ever since Momohime introduced their Advanced Natural Beauty Cream last spring, it has been a god-sent product that I live and breathe with throughout autumn- winter period.  

As the beauty cream’s texture is slightly denser compared to their moisturizing gel cream, it retains more moisture and I would recommend using it after essence application.


Daytime routine:

Foaming Face Wash (optional) or just rinse with water -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> White Essence-> Advanced Natural Beauty Cream -> Sunblock (yes, even during winter UV rays still exists!)

Night-time routine:

Momohime Peach Clear Cleansing Gel -> Momohime Peach Foaming Face Wash -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> White Essence-> Advanced Natural Beauty Cream (thicker layer like a sleep in mask, your skin will be well hydrated the next morning and no more flaking issues- do this daily or alternate)

For Body:

Peach Premium Body Milk (everyday)


The reason why I do a double cleanse for night time routine is to remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen, sebum and dirt (accumulated over the day) and this is a crucial step to prevent potential clogging and inflammation, plus your skincare is able to absorb better too.  

And why I also recommend applying a thick layer before bed is because, after a long day or harsh cold and dry environment (be it indoor heaters or outdoors) your skin needs a ‘reset’. Letting the cream soak in overnight gives your thirsty skin a good drink allowing it to do necessary repairs while you snooze!

And no, you won’t get a mess on your pillow case or ‘chou chou’* lol. But bear in mind your chou chou needs occasional washes too as the dirt/ dead skin accumulated over the years may cause nose and skin irritation without you realizing.

*favourite smelly pillow 

For morning face wash I would usually just rinse well with cold water (without any cleansers) as I don’t want to strip away the beauty cream’s overnight magic. It seriously leaves your skin feeling so soft like a baby’s bottom. If you have naturally oily skin and can’t stand the idea of not using facewash in the morning, then a small amount of cleanser will do. It’s more of a personal preference.

Body lotion is a MUST especially after bath time, because showering in hot water during cold months not only dries out the skin but also damages the surface layer causing it to break and bleed easily. When that happens, it will take longer than usual to heal because your epidermis layer is desperately lacking of moisture to help with cell regeneration. Not deterring you guys away from a hot bath especially when it’s 0 degree outside (I’m not that crazy lol), just saying that it is NECESSARY to replace any moisture stripped during bath and prevent potential skin injury. I’ve personally encountered this problem 2 years ago, you can check out my previous entry HERE.

The pain was constant and excruciating!

Spring & Autumn

The temperature during this 2 seasons may feel mild but don’t be fooled into thinking that the conditions are perfect to skip night masking sessions because you will still need it but instead of daily, you can gradually decrease to twice a week.  

Daytime routine:

Foaming Face Wash -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> White Essence -> Moisture Gel Cream -> Sunblock

Night time routine:

Cleansing Gel -> Foaming Face Wash -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> White Essence -> Advanced Natural Beauty Cream



Dry and humid at the same time, am I making sense here? Certain periods are dry like opening a freshly used oven kind of heat in your face whenever you step out of the house and the latter feels so heavy because of the intense humidity, leaving you feeling all sweaty and gross. As for me living in Japan, I can assure that Malaysia’s humidity is no match for Kyoto’s lol.

Nonetheless, despite having high amounts of moisture in the air during this season it doesn’t mean your skin will do just fine. I feel that my pores get clogged easier during summer compared to other seasons because I sweat more and when it dries on the skin, hello acne and pimples! And wearing face mask now doesn’t help with the situation either (constant Maskne* issues).

Daytime routine:

Foaming Face Wash -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> Moisture Gel Cream -> Sunblock

Night time routine:

Cleansing Gel -> Foaming Face Wash -> Moisture Lotion (toner) -> White Essence -> Moisture Gel Cream or Advanced Natural Beauty Cream (when your skin needs an extra boost)

I use a small amount of cleanser every morning during summer as I’m sweating throughout the night so my face feels tends to greasier than usual; this helps to keep my skin feeling light and refreshed again.

You’ll need sunblock every day to keep those pesky sunspots and premature aging lines at bay!

I emphasize a lot on sunblock usage because we are out almost every day and with direct contact to harsh sunlight especially during summer, so it is essential to have a layer of protection for your skin and nobody likes a nasty sunburn, that hurts a 100 times more.   

Most days I would only use Moisture Gel Cream for both day and night because the gel texture feels really cooling on the skin and it absorbs quicker too. On days when it feels drier than usual, I’ll use the beauty cream before bed instead.

Back in Malaysia I follow the summer routine.


Useful Tip:

For hot days when I need an extra quick fixer upper, I’ll use the moisture lotion (toner) as a mask by soaking a compressed sheet mask (you can get this sheets from daiso/ muji, they look like tablets). After 5 minutes of masking, you’ll feel really refreshed!

**Practice exfoliating your skin with gentle exfoliators like AHA (suitable for sensitive skin type) or BHA (this may be slightly stronger than AHA) once or twice a week and avoid using exfoliators containing microbeads as it’s harsh to both the skin and environment

Last but not least before I end this post, I would like to share a little insider news with ya’ll. A little birdie told me that Momohime is currently working on a new product but the release date has yet to be determined. And I’ll give you a hint, it’s UV protection related.

Will definitely update more once the full details are out. Pretty excited for it!    

To purchase Momohime Halal Japan products, check out their official website: https://momohime.shop/ (free local shipping for orders 5000yen & above).

For Malaysia it’s available on Shopee , as for Singapore do check out their official retail partner- TheMinList 

Make sure to also follow their Instagram accounts for the latest updates:

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