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Comicfiesta 2009~

So many has change since 2010 stepped in.LOL! i didnt even bother to post here anymore >.> reasons?- only 4 words -Lazy Beyond all reasons.

Not that i wish to grow any older well what the heck- we are gonna die someday >> its a matter of late or early.

sigh...i wonder why do ppl update blogs?o.O its not like everyone is gonna read crap you update everyday.lol.except idiots without LIFE XD

where should i start?o.o Comicfiesta 2009? that was the suckist CF my entire life- havent slept 3 days straight oTL just because aster havent finish her costume oTL i swear i wont do this again =.=

Pics by Valho- (awsome!)
Blood +

and i hate posting photos here.it sucks or it just me who is lousy in handling this blog (yea, i think its just me >> damn.)
more if i remember >



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