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Random Moments are Random

Tuesdays are the days i love most (if you see my timetable for Tuesdays you would scream WTF lols)
Raven & Sugee had a short photo shoot for Raven's assignment so yea..I'm yet to see the final product o this short shoot. Raven's theme was : Drunk Hooker HAHAHA we will never let that day, sorry raven =p

With Nesha & Sugee :) Thanks for the photos sugee!

Went to the cheap borong after class guess what we found? Lampu hats, so we jadi lampu hantu  :D

Love this ski mask! Was really tempted to get it and wear it to Mr.Raja's class 

A candid Photo taken by sugee (none of us even realized she took a photo) 3 of us look like hentai jiji wei..lol



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