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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Journey With Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search..Chapter 2

Sorry for the long hiatus guys :( been very busy with work & college assignments. These guys are never ending..Now im down with a flu+ Fever (the cause of trying to be hero la) sacrificed my sleep for more than 24hours continuously for almost a month trying to get everything done.

I just realized one thing. I do things to please others but not myself. Seriously, i do not know what is wrong with me lately..maybe its just the exhaustion that is getting to me.

Okay..enough of my present life..now back to my diary of Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search, Chapter 2

Makeover at Min & Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio to be honest, upon arriving at the studio i didnt know what to expect from a make-over..in my mind it was like "nah.....its won't be too drastic kot, just cut here & there a little" to my uttermost horror is when the lead hair stylist, Min (owner/partner of Min & Shunji Matsuo Hair studio) suggested to me a heavily layered hairstyle with straight fringe.

FRINGE. this word is a NIGHTMARE to me, i've experimented with straight fringe before and trust me..it didn't look too good on as as i have a quite an angular short face (square) so with fringe it makes my face look even more box-like. lols

The before & after results look quite good and yea... it wasn't too bad i guess..well, he is a professional hairstylist so he should know what he is doing:)
what was the hardest thing in maintaining this hairstyle was i need to blow-dry after every wash (won't that kill your hair?O_O?) another reason why i must do so is because my hair is wavy and this hairstyle only looks good on straight hair.
Overall..my say for this hairstyle is "i look so cina" lol well..i am cina after all am i not? lols

The following day was the 1st challenge of this competition. Head shot challenge. omg...throughout this program it was like never ending surprises. We arrived in front of Blu.Inc Office was greeted by our host, Elaine & Seema(Head editor of Female Magazine) an told we were given 80 frames(tries) to find our best angle.

I always somewhat knew the only best features i ever had was my prominent jawline, if it weren't for cosplay  I wouldn't have found out about it as well lols, my never ending gratitude towards my close closplay photographer friends who taught me how to pose :)

Managed to complete the challenge within 40 frames max..*jumps with joy* :D
The following day was when they had the evaluation. My god..i swear the moment me & hana were asked to step forward, i was about to cry XD no doubt if you were to compare me with her, i'm just an ordinary looking person. She IS indeed a beautiful girl:)
So being selected as the winner for this challenge was indeed unexpected

In my opinion everyone did great in finding their best angle that day.kudos to all of us :) A lesson & memory that we will never forget..

Here are the photos of the girls :

That's all for today  :)

Signing off,

Stay tuned for COACH 70TH ANNIVERSARY !

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