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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Journey with Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search..Chapter 5

The night before our stylist Silas Liew (http://www.odetoliberty.com/unorthodox)
came over the CCGG (Cyber Colors Glamour Girl) house to see which clothes fitted us best, We definitely didn't suspect our next challenge was gonna be so crazy. I'm serious! LOL
and what is the relevance of white tops & skinny jeans? So that caught us by surprise.
Silas Liew, an amazing Malaysian Fashion Designer

This is the word that will forever haunt me no matter what. Everyone would ask "Why"?
People would wonder, "you are a model, why are you scared of catwalks?" Heh..
Episode 5 of Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search will tell you the reason why..

It all started when we were called to the hall by Elaine that morning. To our surprise the challenge of the day was catwalk.hmm..i didnt exactly have any experience or professional training for it..the only thing that was going through my head would be "Shit!" this challenge is going to be another slap in my face >.<

Our surprise guest was Tinie
Who wouldn't know Tini? she is one of Malaysia's uprising models. And boy she is tall! 
believe it or not she became a model after she having 2 KIDS! ehehe..who says you can't be a model if you are mom. She is rocking the runways internationally with her killer catwalks.
Her kids, 1 boy & 1 girl both inherited her lanky body & height..i think they are just slightly younger than me lols..i'm seriously amazed.

The day started off with Tini trying to teach us how to balance first. If you can't balance how are you suppose to walk straight? That is something i'm lacking off apparently D:

After the training, we were brought to the next surprise..damn..this competition is full of surprises :D lol!
Guess what?
We were brought to The Curve, Damansara. We were puzzled at 1st..how are we suppose to imply our training in The Curve?O.o 
Not like it has a runway or something. Well slap us for being blur LOLS
Carmen, our chaperon for CCGG briefed us about what we were suppose to do for this challenge. Catwalk  at "The Walk" -from the Curve to e@Curve (the whole stretch)  omg..think that stretch was like 200m++?with everyone around us watching?

Yea.. definitely crazy haha, after that challenge i swore never to show my face at the curve for a few months, damn malu wei ><
having lunch @Subway :)
Heh! we are glamour girls babeh!!

hair & make up was done at SASA e@curve lol

chilling at the balcony after a tiring day

After this challenge, the following day of the evaluation i definitely knew what was my result.
Elaine called me forward..with my legs trembling and face down..just waiting for Tini to say those words >,<
"What kind of walk is this? Its not even a Catwalk" 
Phow..ouch..a real slap wei..i have to admit..it WAS HORRIBLE.
At least i've learnt how to improve my walk & modelling skills after this whole program :)

Amirah & Fafa really deserved to win the Best catwalk title, This duo really conquered the walk!
Congratz Babes!

Thank you Tini for being so patient with me throughout the whole training & trained me again during the finale :)
At least now i know how to catwalk :P

stay tuned for Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Finale episode this Sunday on 8tv @10.30pm!

Signing Off,

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