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My Journey with Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search..Chapter 3

Sorry for the late updates D: i'm suppose to update my "dairy" after every episode of cyber colors glamour girl search. Not so discipline to do so D: sorry!

Chapter 3

Full body shot challenge. They day i fell sick and felt crappy. bummer. But i will not use that as an excuse for my poor performance.
After winning the 1st challenge the amount of pressure on me for this challenge was too much to bear. I'm suppose to shock everyone who underestimated me again?  Answer: miracles only happens once lol
Yea..based on this challenge i was rather upset with myself for not being able to give my very best.

Day look was "Edgy"
I didn't really get the idea of edgy or even how to play with it. So this was the toughest challenge for me, and yes. I was quite plum during this whole show if you have noticed. I was told so as well, that made me very cautious about my looks , weight..to the clothes i wear. Basically my confidence went down to zero due to this weight issue. It affected me & my performance in many ways, but at least i was aware of my situation, and it made me realized that i needed to do something about it instead of brushing it off.

"Being a model is not easy" -quoted by Denise Tan
I second her quote!

okay..back to...the shoot :
For the Day Look, the gals were supposed to interpret the edgy grunge look. most of them struggled with it, 

as it's their exactly their usual daily look....

Wondering what grunge is? Well, most should be more familiar with it as a style of rock music that's 

popularized in the early 1990s. This style of music typically incorporates elements of punk rock and heavy 

metal, and is often marked by lyrics exhibiting nihilism, dissatisfaction, or apathy.

But if we're talking about fashion, the grunge look is characteristically untidy and un-coordinated, but still 

coming across as individualistic and edgy - info by Cyber Colors

Example : 

Complicated right?  you got to work that facial expression as well your body coordination
I was originally given a tube dress & cardigan to wear for this shoot, but was told by simon to remove the cardigan. In the end the photos weren't nice because of my flabby arms.fml. So i was sent away to change my clothes, that was the most embarrassing moment of my life, being told off by a top photographer in Malaysia.
My picture for "Edgy"
Pictures of the rest :https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?

And this challenge was no kidding, nearly 12 hours of photo shooting/ make-up / changing looks. Everyone of us was exhausted by the end of the day.

Ini jugak susah..for ordinary girls like us with no experience in all this type of concepts oRZ
But to pose with an awesome sports car and make sure we stand out more was another problem..well, for me at least :/
Was told to try out more different expressions (yes i should!) at least all these advises help me to improve myself for the future :)

gah....my weight oRZ
Pictures of the rest for the night shoot :https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.304216229591729.90682.228424767170876&type=1

Kudos to Yaya for winning this challenge! She really out done herself this time, her facial expression & body coordination was well synchronized :) Congrats babe!

Signing Off,

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